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jsyk my au has a ton of alternate ends cause i like a lot of ships and this is how weiss and blakey would look in the monochromey end

imagine lito and daniela hanging out on a rare day off from filming, just goofing around at home while hernando is out doing, uh, whatever it is that he does, making a mess in the kitchen when they attempt what daniela swears will be the culinary equivalent of the mona lisa, watching lito’s favorite movies, when daniela accidentally does something that would have made joaquin furious and she freaks out. lito doesnt know what to do and being as emotional and empathetic as he is daniela being upset makes him upset so when hernando comes home theyre both just like clutching each other, crying on the floor but hernando knows exactly what to do and draws a warm bubble bath for daniela to soak in while he and lito sit next to the tub and hernando wraps lito in his arms and tells them funny stories from his childhood until daniela starts to giggle. once daniela is laughing a smile starts to creep onto lito’s face as her mood infects him and they spend the rest of the evening reassuring each other that they are loved and safe and nothing will ever hurt them in their home, their sacred space.

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Hi! Can you please do a headcanon for the guys and a modified s/o if you haven't already? Like full sleeve tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, etc. Thanks so much!

No problem, and, of course! 💓

Noctis: He likes his s/o’s tattoos that run up and down their arms, and likes hearing the stories about them, especially because they all intertwine into one larger story. Noct thought about getting a tattoo once himself, but, the thought of the pain scared him off of the idea.

Prompto: He’s fascinated by his s/o’s brightly coloured hair. “You’re like an anime character!” he’d say, running his hands through their hair. Of course, he could never dye his own hair; he’s too attached to the colour.

Gladio: Seeing his s/o with a few piercings, in his opinion, is a bit of a turn on. Plus, compared with his tats, they look like a proper badass couple. Gladio wanted to get a piercing himself, but, Ignis warned him against it — considering he’s in battle a lot of the time, it’s likely the piercing will rip out if he isn’t careful.

Ignis: After seeing his s/o after getting their tongue split, he’s rather confused. He wonders how someone can live with a split tongue, but, his s/o tells him that they can manage. Of course, whenever Ignis sees this tongue, it gives him the chills.

“Hey! You knew my dad when he was younger! Did he really train you? What was he like?” She stares at the lady, arm lowering as she crossed them. “What about mom?” She’d only heard stories but, asking someone who had basically ended up apart of the family would surely have results! 

She then leans forward, her true nature quickly showing as she then asks. “But I’m really here cause someone told me you learned how to go super saiyan, and since you’re the only girl… well… how did you do it!? Grandpa says I’m not ready yet! But Uncle Goten was younger than me when he did!”

Pan - DB GT (no blog or anythin’ I just think she’s neat)

*meeting one direction*
  • one direction: hey do u want a pi-
  • me: *grows 3 more arms* *grabs all 5 of them by the collar* WHAT THE FUCK WAS STORY OF MY LIFE ABOUT

i want to see a comic of bokuto giving akaashi a high five and akaashi is just SCREAMING IN PAIN bc BOKUTO WHY THE FUCK IS YOUR HIGH FIVE SO STRONG ARE YOU TRYING TO RIP MY HAND OFF and bokuto is all like “??????? this is my regular high five??????”. akaashi is crying

But imagine this: 50 years from now Harry Styles is retired and living in the country. His grandchildren come over every Sunday to hear stories about ‘granddad’s tattoos’(he insists they call him this). One Sunday they gather around and he gets to the ship on his left arm, smiles and tells them the story of the girl with the blonde hair that went with him to get the ship tattooed late at night and the whirl wind romance that followed.