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12th house. Beneath the hollow black 12th house hole awaits a matrix of power, a fortress of divine wisdom, and God’s cradling arms. This is the spirit that supports is in the blackest times, the times we feel the shards of our broken souls cut us from the inside. And the secret is that only we know the secret of the twelfth house, because it can only be accessed when we are alone. There is the trauma of cutting ties with the unity we delighted in through the eleventh house and ascending into another dimension of collectiveness, transporting through the frequencies of the oversoul, but we have lost our body and seemingly all of our defenses. However this is the sort of emptying out, the piercing the veil, the susceptibility that opens up the twelfth house treasure box, this is incandescent glory, this is reuniting with the star that birthed us, the support network that has guided us since the very beginning. 

Its wisdom transcends all time and space and speaks through symbolism, vision, and emotion. It is something that flows like a fountain of oceanic bliss, comfort, and knowing when the tap has been turned on through divine love and homecoming


Protective Snakes (Hanzo x Pregnant! Reader)

Protective Snakes (Hanzo x Pregnant! Reader)

Waiting was the worst, especially with the condition you were in; pregnant. You were about five months along, your middle having grown out and were now starting to feel the kicks of the life you were staring with Hanzo.  Even though the archer was stoic and rather unemotional to anyone else, you knew he had a gentle heart in there and you managed to find it. The man had pierced your heart long before you got his after working with him getting to know him, and even saving each other a few times since the Recall was out into affect. With each other’s hearts, you managed to convince him to start a family, hoping this would help him forgive himself and give him the life he deserved with lots of love. Now only if your own heart wasn’t aching at the moment as he was out a mission, worrying that he would make it back save to you, to your child. Knowing he would be back sometime today, you were waiting in the main lounge of the reused headquarters, cozy on the couch as you pined for your love to come home safely.  Unknown to you though, the father of your child was looking for you, having looked in your shared room and else where, his feet silent as he soon spotted his love. With slow, quiet steps, he walked over to surprise you of his arrival.

“You seem to be doing well,” Hanzo mumbled,  the archer placing his hand on your shoulder.

“I wasn’t until you showed up,” surprised, you looked behind your shoulder to see that face you missed so much, “How are you?”

“I could say the same,” he pressed your forehead against yours, the closest he got to public displays of affection usually but since the beginning of your pregnancy, he had been doing a bit more but only when he was sure you two were alone. This was the case at the moment as he moved around the couch, taking a seat as he placed a hand on your bulge and rubbing it gently.

“Ha-anzo, what are yo-ou doing?” you asked him, a little embarrassed as your cheeks flustered deep red at the potential of someone seeing you two.

“I would like to say hello to our child,” Hanzo mumbled as he was going to lean in to kiss your belly but noticed a familiar blue glow coming from his arm. His two spirit dragons, currently in noodle form had manifested, curling up around your middle and starting to nip at Hanzo, who had currently jerked away. “What the-”

“I’m sorry, they seem to be protective of me,” you chuckled, the two protecting you like crazy since you first told Hanzo you were pregnant, “Much like their master.”

“They should learn to respect him as well,” Hanzo grumbled as he shot the two dragons a dirty look but he couldn’t be that mad. He was actually rather proud of them as he sat back in his seat, sighing to himself. “Yet Soba and Udon tend to follow their own path.”

The noodle dragons were curled up around your belly, rather warm and light and were occasionally moved out of place by a well placed kick from the fetus. Hanzo tried a few more time to touch his child for father-child bonding but the spirits were as protective as ever and the archer gave up after a while. At least he had you, wrapping his hand around yours and rubbing your fingers gently while your other was petting one of the noodles, Soba, you think.

With the jungle of spurs starting to get louder and louder, Hanzo let of your hand, much to your dismay, and crossed his arms as Jesse walked in, looking over your way with a smile on his face. “Well howdy, dar- oh, I see yer back,” his smile turned into a frown, noticing your man right there as he shrugged but walked closer.

“You’re surprised?” Hanzo asked him, rather defensive of you from him and from the look on the dragons’ faces, they would be too.

“I’ve ben hopin’ to visit yer lil’ varmint,” Jesse mumbled, trying to have a little fun with the idea of being an uncle, “An uncle’s gotta say howdy.”

“Only if it’s okay with you,” you sighed, knowing Jesse was a decent friend but Hanzo was your love and with the two not liking each other, tolerance was all up to Hanzo.

Hanzo paused for a moment, thinking as he looked at you, Jesse, and then at the dragons. A small smirk soon started to grow on his face as he actually nodded in agreement. “By all means.”

Jesse smirked as he was gonna be the best uncle before the kid was born, hoping to get a kick to them.

“Don’t mind if I- OWW!” Jesse had tried to move close but he didn’t even lay a hand on you as Soba nipped at his finger. Udon proceeded to hiss at Jesse, biting his other hand. It was only when Jesse got up and shook the pair off that the dragons let go, hissing and growling at they returned to their previous spots on and around their master’s child.

“Why I outta- control yer snakes!” Jesse grumbled as he rubbed his fingers, looking at the little bite marks on his hands and fingers. The glare he shot Hanzo could’ve probably killed him but he was relaxed the entire time.

“They do this by their own accord,” he stated, cool, calm, and collective on the outside but the light upward curve of the corners of his mouth stated he was proud of his spirit dragons, “You just have to respect them.”

“Maybe I’ll visit when the kid is born,” Jesse sighed, knowing he would have another option later when those serpents where under control or exterminated but much later than he wanted. With mumbled and grumbled under his breath, he left the room to have the bites checked by Angela and he wouldn’t die by such rascals.

You sighed, looking at all of them before you pinched your brow out of disgrace. “You’re too protective, all of you.”

The dragons whined, thinking they were doing the right thing as they tried to lick your hands and face to make it up to you. Meanwhile their master furrowed his brow, not liking to be chided like this but he nodded. “… but in a good way?”

“Of course,” you replied, knowing you couldn’t be mad your child’s father, kissing his cheek in return before asking one more thing out of all of them, “… but maybe back down a bit?”

Hanzo looked at the noodles, almost as if understanding each other in the silence as Hanzo replied for all of them with a cocky smile on his face.

“We can make no promises.”

~The next morning~

Jesse was not going to die, according to Angela, but he thought he would as he had gotten up in the morning, bites all wrapped and grouchy over it. “Might need a second opinion ‘bout these bites,” he mumbled as he was currently getting dressed, “Don’t want no rabies.”

When Jesse was finally getting his boots on, he had too much on his mind to notice his boot seemed a little too heavy and it was too late as he noticed a sharp pain to his toe. “DA-AMN!”

“What was that?” you hummed, hearing a loud and a bit of an effeminate scream echoing down the hall as Hanzo and you were currently eating breakfast with the rest of the Overwatch agents.  

“Seems he woke up to a surprise,” Hanzo mused, sipping at his tea nonchalantly, “Not of my doing, of course.”

His choice of words made you curious, then angry as you furrowed your brow at him. “What did you do?”

Hanzo only took another sip of tea while a small, wiggly blue glow crawling up his sleeve, retreating to it’s home before the archer answered you.

“In his wording, you could say he found a snake in his boot.”

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you write your characters so well, in all your stories they're the same yet different, its honestly amazing! but out of curiosity how would they react to each other? say familiar au bill meets raised spirits bill? or spirits dipper meets familiar dipper? or each bill meeting the others dipper? would it be a pretty noticeable change or would things be about the same?

If the Dippers met, Spirits Dipper would be thrilled about magic, immensely, and Familiar Dipper would be embarrassed, kinda rub at the back of his neck - but proud to show off what he can do!

Spirits Bill meeting Familiar Dipper would be faced with someone who knows tons of magical theory and isn’t afraid of anything. Meanwhile, Spirits Dipper meeting Familiar Bill would not have a good time. 

Both those scenarios probably have Bad End.

Familiar AU Bill meeting Raised Spirits Bill would mock him mercilessly for being stuck in a house, who even does that?

Then he’d get clocked upside the head with a table.

@windythegreat sent in : “ Prompt Witches that specialise in plants. Vines on her walls succulents hanging by window. Thank you so much for wonderful writing”

It starts with the poinsettia Carol hands to Sydney after Christmas. The leaves are bright red and green, the plant is healthy, but there’s something sour about the pot. She thinks it might be the wetness of the soil or the way the plastic wrapped around the pot is holding water on the bottom.

“Maybe you can use it,” Carol tells her, flapping a hand at the door. “For, you know, your…thing.”

My craft, Sydney corrects mentally. She smiles at Carol, understanding that her friend is being considerate in her own way, and climbs into her car. She’s not a big talker and she’s fortunate that she has friends who understand that. She can deal with her practice being relegated to “thing.”

Sydney takes the poinsettia home, takes the plastic off, and watches the water drain down the kitchen sink. She sniffs the soil and is oddly pleased. Less sour and more earthy.

She takes the plant with her to the bedroom, situating it in her bedroom window. She falls asleep admiring the red leaves.


After the poinsettia is the spider plant. This one is born out of necessity rather than happenstance, an intentional addition to her new home.

There’s a story behind this.

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Found (Part Two of Lost)

Part One~ Lost

Found- Harry Hook x Reader

Written by: mouseymagines

Request: Can you write an imagine about harry hook where a reader who used to be On mal’s crew but she wasn’t picked to go to auradon with them and is angry so after that she bumps into uma and she takes her back where harry and Gil are, and Harry takes a liking to her so he flirts with her. (Sorry if it’s too detailed)

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: I’m bad at flirting or at least I think I am so this may be very poorly written xD Yes thats a warning.

Originally posted by butterflywingednight

Once you and Uma entered her mom’s business eyes were instantly on you. You couldn’t help but feel so small and helpless. Usually in these situations you had your friends and now you had nobody. For some reason you felt tricked into something that something was going to happen.

“Come on, have a seat” Uma spoke up, guiding you over to the long front table, basically the bar of the room. Following after the girl with the teal colored hair, you grabbed a seat at one of the wooden stools, looking around. You look forward seeing Gil. His eyes were on you, the look of confusion evident in his eyes. “Gil, you know Y/N”.

“Y-Yeah” Gil mutters, looking from Uma to you then back to Uma. “Why?” he questions.

“Well with the others gone, they forgot her” she explains, looking to you with a small smile. “Right?” Uma’s question aimed at you.

“Yeah” you mumble, looking down. You sigh, bringing your gaze back up to her and nodding. “Can i get the salmon?” you request.

“You get the chips” She tells you, walking off into the kitchen.

‘Okay’ you mouth to yourself, looking up to the TV which was turned off. Soon after sitting there kinda zoned out of it, the doors had opened and you heard the voice of Harry, Uma’s right hand man. His heavy footsteps started coming in your direction. You looked to the pirate as he climbed over the table and onto the other side. Once he turned around his gaze met yours.

“Well well” he said in a sing-song kind of voice. “What might you be doing here?” he inquired of you.

“Came for food”. Your voice meant to sound confident, strong, but ended up coming out quiet and had a hint of fear to it. You knew he sensed it, evidence being the smirk that grew across his face.

“Did ya now?” he sounded intrigued by the news. Why exactly, you didn’t know. He never seemed interested before or at least you couldn’t recall it.  

“Yeah, what about you, Hook?” you asked, tilting your head slightly and leaning your body more to the table to try and help build yourself up. He noticed this and a small chuckle left his lips.

“I mean, you would know, aren’t I always here?”

“Well matter of fact, I wouldn’t know considering this isn’t usually my scene” you shot back. A slight smile playing at your lips.

“Maybe it should be” he told you. It honestly caught you off guard at first. This is what you told yourself exactly not to get into. Getting asked to join Uma’s crew.

“Yeah I don’t think so” you reply, attitude evident in your voice.

“Aww, what a pity, would’ve been a nice addition”

“Well that decision isn’t up to you, now is it?” you retort

“You’re a very snippy girl” he remarked, blinking at you. The same smirk on his face from before. “It’s a fire I can’t help but like”. You roll your eyes at this. Soon enough Uma comes out, dropping two trays, one of your chips and the other with whatever Harry usually got. You looked to her.

“Help me”

“Yeah I can’t help with this” she tells you, motioning at Harry. You knew it wasn’t that she couldn’t cause she really could but it was more that she didn’t want to. She walked off to another table, helping some other people with their orders.

“Don’t ya think she’d make a good addition to the crew?” You heard Harry ask. You looked to him, the look on your face reading pure anger. “Well that’s a very inviting look”.

“Maybe” Uma replied to the pirate.

“What- no, no I would not” you told her.

“Why not? You’re one of the more feared people in this place, your schedule just conveniently got pretty free, what else you gonna do?”. The way she asked this made it click in your head that they were most likely expecting this. You felt cornered. That if you said no they may just kick you out on the spot but at the same time you felt like saying yes.

“We don’t bite, Y/N” Harry chimed in. You looked to him. “The protection you’ll have, the power you could have over anyone-” you cut him off at that one.

“Harry, I have all the power i need, I simply tell people their souls are mine and that’s that”

“Yes, but having back up to that? It’s a good deal, Y/N” Uma told you, heading back into the kitchen.

“Frankly, I’d like to see more of those heart stopping glares of yours”. You looked to the pirate in slight annoyance. “There one is” he remarked, smiling once again. There was a silence between the two of you. You were thinking on the proposition. It really wasn’t a bad idea. Deep down you thought it was the perfect revenge on your friends for leaving you but you also thought it was a chance for something new.

“Fine…” you answered, crossing your arms.

“That’s the spirit, beautiful”

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This has been bugging me for a while. I understand why Zuko took that lightning for Katara. But why did Azula shoot it at her? She was very calculating and had no way to know that Zuko could redirect it. She could have ended him then and there but she changed her mind last second. So why did she shoot it at katara as she called a filthy peasant? What would she have gained from it if it did hit her?

Azula did know that Zuko could redirect lightning–Ozai would have told her about the technique after the Day of Black Sun, when Zuko redirected it toward his father. Azula knew that Zuko could have fought her to a stalemate, and maybe even won, at this point in the Agni Kai. She’d been knocked off her feet and was breathing hard, the sign of a person losing a firebending battle (think Zuko at the beginning of his Agni Kai with Zhao). She needed a weakness that Zuko had that she didn’t, in order to exploit it.

Azula pinpointed Katara as being the weakness that would cause Zuko to lose the fight. She knew that if she shot lightning at Katara, Zuko would dive in front of it, leaving himself vulnerable. So the question remains: how could she know how much Katara meant to Zuko?

First of all, she knew that Zuko and Katara had been imprisoned together for a long time in Ba Sing Se–she was the one who put them there!–and that they had had a heart-to-heart of some kind.  There were no signs of a physical struggle between them after they were freed, and during the four-way fight between Zuko, Azula, Aang, and Katara, the latter yells out for all to hear:

“I thought you had changed!”

Then, after Azula strikes the Avatar with lightning, he mysteriously survives. She doesn’t know how, but it’s safe to say waterbending healing would occur to her as a possibility, especially since Katara was the one holding Aang in her arms and spiriting him to safety. What she DOES know, is that Zuko lied to her about it even after supposedly choosing Ozai’s side over Iroh’s, even after dating a person sanctioned by Azula and under her thumb. All signs point to Katara being an obstruction on Azula’s path to domination over Zuko.

Now, here comes the interesting part. After Zuko joins the Avatar, he breaks up with Mai. And then, sometime between the Day of Black Sun and the Ember Island Players, a popular play arises from an acclaimed playwright and that is a hit in the high-end theaters. We know from “The Headband” that the Fire Nation has a tightly controlled state-run media, and it’s possible that play had to be approved at the highest levels prior to seeing production. In that play, Katara thinks of Aang “like a brother” and shares a romantic moment in the Crystal Catacombs with Zuko. It’s highly likely Azula knew about, even watched the play in order to glean information.

Then, just before Azula is crowned Firelord, her brother shows up on the Avatar’s bison with none other than Katara herself.

It wouldn’t take a strategic genius to connect those dots in a way that banks on Zuko loving Katara enough to take substantial risks for her. But just in case it wasn’t CRYSTAL CLEAR, Zuko actually says in front of Azula, “And this way, no one else has to get hurt” (meaning Katara). Whether or not Azula heard her, the Fire Princess had more than enough evidence at this point to direct her attack at Katara with reasonable confidence that Zuko would at the very least break his stance and leave himself vulnerable in order to deflect the attack. And if he failed and the lightning actually hit Katara, Azula knew enough of her brother’s emotions to be certain he would be too distraught to effectively continue the fight.

a whisper

kirigakure hotaru x mc (unnamed)

a/n: ok so this little ninja made off with my heart, so when @bakers97 asked for a fic with him i jumped at the chance. he’s like. the cutest thing. i love him. this is prompt 70 from this list - “do you trust me?”

His life has always been painfully quiet. Almost from the moment he learned to speak, his gift manifested—he hears the soul of languages began its life when he did—and he was always told to remain silent around his fellow Iga ninja.

The place he regards as his home is, in a way, a prison. His regular escapes to Kai offer him the opportunity to exist as he never has before, not freely, but close. As close as he imagines he will ever come. When the days spent away from his Haven (and her, especially her) pile up, he feels an inexplicable weight in his chest—the only solution is to run it off by running to Ueda.

In Ueda, they welcome him with open arms, they see past his unfortunate gift and actively refuse to see anything but the good in him. He can see why his brother chose to live there.

And Ueda is where she is, which is the best part of all.

Thoughts of Kai, of her, make his journey go by much quicker—or perhaps they simply quicken his pace, he cannot tell.

He arrives at the castle as the sun is setting, and something is—is off.

Normally, there would be noise coming from the Main Hall, some sort of energy, but he can’t feel anything. The quiet and the stillness both make him feel uneasy, but quick on his feet.

He can sense that his brother is not around. That thought is even more frightening.

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