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@thegoldenavenger and I agreed to do a Tony art swap a while back, and I just got around to making mine! It was a nice change of pace from drawing Buckys. The golds on the original of this are actually metallic–it doesn’t scan very well. I haven’t done watercolor in many many years, but I had fun trying it out.

I wanted to do a knight!Tony, but when I started drawing his weaponry I was really taken with the idea of Tony as a blacksmith who uses his hammer both as a tool and a weapon. I think if he did have a sword, it’d be this enormous, battered hunk of Stark steel, all war-worn and handed down for generations. His armor’s his own, though, some cutting-edge alloy he cooked up himself. 

Anyways, I hope you like it!


It turns out Bucky’s torn joint was more severe than we previously thought.
Natasha has asked Stephen to provide a more thorough medical examination.
Even though his area of expertise does not apply to metal Soviet prosthetics, he’s not going to argue with her.

There are so many people in this fandom debating about ships and theories and stuff and I’m just over here like: GIVE BLUE BACK TO LANCE, ALLURA FITS RED BETTER, LET HER PILOT THE RED LION AND GIVE BLUE BACK TO LANCE

Jealousy - Hoseok Scenario

Title; Jealousy

Genre; Smut

Type; Scenario

Group/Member; BTS – J-Hope (Hoseok/Hobi)

Summary; You are a member of a girl group and Jung Hoseoks girlfriend, you have to do a sexy solo dance with a male backup dancer during the middle of your groups set. Hoseok gets jealous and smut ensues. Big smut ending.

Request; ok 1st of all, your yoongi scenario was really good. Can you please do a Hobi one where you are in a girl group and you have to do a sexy dance with a male back up dancer and he gets jealous. Can you please add in a little smut (if you’re ok w. it)


Words; 2405 😊

{Warnings; just daddy kink}

Authors Notes; Thank you so much, that means a lot ^_^ Thank you for your request, hope you like it!! 😊

Sweat rolled down your neck as you and your group finalised the moves for your next concert, you choreographer stood to the side nodding along to the heavy beat of the music. He began clapping with a smile when the music finally ended and you let out a long breath moving to the benches at the side of the room and grabbing your water bottle. Taking a huge gulp of the water in your hand you watched as the choreographer reset the music back to the beginning again. It seemed this day was never going to end.

You groaned as you got up, your muscles now becoming stiff. You heard the door of the practice room open and watched as four, very toned, very handsome backup dancers walked in.

“Okay girls, when you go on tonight you’ll obviously be dancing with one backup dancer each but when it gets to the end of your set” the choreographer paused and looked directly at you “you’ll break off and do your solo dance with your backup dancer”

You and the other girls nodded, fully understanding the set. The four guys came over and introduced themselves, their polite attitude a nice change from all the previous backup dancers you’d had before. Your choreographer started the music up and everyone took their places, ready to go over the dance for the fiftieth time that day.

By the time the day had ended almost everyone had left except for you and your backup dancer who still needed to go over some moves. His hands were situated on your hips as he moved his body with yours along to the music. You pulled your arms up to wrap around his neck whilst still facing the mirror, jutting your hip out to the right and your head going in the opposite direction.

You pulled away from each other breathing heavily. “You did really well. You’re definitely a fast learner” You said with a smile on your face

“Thanks, I’ve been training for a long time so it’s good to see the hard work pay off” your backup dancer, who’s name you’d learnt was Junho, said, grinning widely.

You laughed, knowing exactly what that felt like, “Tell me about it”

You and Junho had been sat on the floor of the practice room for about half an hour swapping training stories and choreography horror tales. You were laughing at a story he was telling you about a choreographer from hell when the practice room door opened, your boyfriend Hoseok entering the room with a small smile on his lips.

“Oppa! What are you doing here?” You exclaimed, getting up from your spot to greet him

His smile faltered for a moment when he saw the backup dancer sat on the floor where you’d previously been too, he blinked for a second before looking at you with a smile once more.

“You hadn’t come home yet so I figured you’d still be here. I brought you some snacks” Hoseok listed up a small plastic bag to illustrate his words.

Your face lit up at the mention of food and you grabbed Hoseoks hand pulling him towards where you and Junho sat. You smiled at Junho who smiled back and bowed lightly to Hoseok.

“Hoseok-oppa, this is Junho my backup dancer for our next set. Junho, this is Hoseok-oppa” You explained to them each with a giggle.

Hoseok bowed back politely and Junho began to get up “I really should go home now, you two enjoy your snacks. It was nice to meet you Hoseok-ssi”

Hoseok didn’t even look up, muttering “You too”, to which you scowled at, nudging him. When he looked up you nodded slightly to Junho raising your eyebrows.

He rolled his eyes and looked towards Junho who was zipping up his dance bag.

“Uhm…Junho, why don’t you…. Join us for some snacks?” He offered, receiving a happy smile from you and a surprised look from Junho.

“Sure…That sounds great thanks” He chuckled, sitting back down.

Eventually you and Junho got to talking about past trainee stories again, him telling you one that had you wiping tears from your eyes at one point. Hoseok sat there with a small frown on his face. He was here to see you; your attention should be all on him. He crossed his arms huffing quietly, Junho wasn’t even that funny anyway.

Half way through Junho’s story Hoseok stood up and pulled you up with him much to your confusion.

“Well, it’s getting quite late and we really should be going now” He said, pulling you along by the wrist.

“Hey! Hoseok let go!” You hit his arm lightly but he didn’t let go of your wrist

You turned to Junho quickly “I’ll see you tomorrow Junho! Keep working on your hip movements!” You said with a laugh just as you were pulled out of the room by your demanding boyfriend.

Hoseok dragged you by your wrist all the way to the car, pushing you into the passenger seat before rounding the car and getting in himself. The entire drive home he was silent despite your best efforts to start a conversation. By the time you had arrived home you had concluded two possible reasons for his mood. Either he was jealous, or horny. Or both. Probably both considering the two seemed to coincide most of the time.

Hoseok left the car and went straight into the house with an unreadable expression on his face. You followed closely behind him and jumped slightly when he reached behind you and slammed the door. You swallowed a little looking at your boyfriend who seemed to be mid thought when he caught you staring at him.

“I don’t think you should do your solo dance with him jagiya” He grumbled “I don’t trust him.”

You laughed “You don’t trust him? What do you mean? All we’re doing is dancing, it’ll be fine” You said with an eyebrow raised

“Well change partners, ” Hoseok said crossing his arms “Swap with the girls”

You scoffed lightly “Hoseok I can’t just swap…Our performance is tomorrow

He was silent for a moment, his eyes avoiding yours. Conclusions swam around in your mind for a while before you laughed a little too loudly making Hoseok jump.

“Oh my god…” You giggled “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

Hoseok blushed slightly and scoffed “What? No. What are you talking about?”

You laughed again “Well I think you are. Maybe when we do the performance I’ll let him touch me more than he’s supposed to” you giggled, moving to sit on the sofa.

Within an instan, Hoseok was beside you, his thin fingers around your throat and his lips at your ear.

“You will do no such thing babygirl” He growled “Don’t forget who owns you”

His other hand made its way into your shorts and straight into your pants, his fingertips brushing against your clit. Hoseok smirked as you let out a little whimper, begging for more. You could feel his teeth grazing your earlobe and the hand around your throat pressed a little harder as three of his fingers slipped inside you. You moan slightly biting your lip, hard.

Hoseok hummed in your ear “You can barely take three fingers…why don’t we try four babygirl?” He muttered, slipping a fourth finger inside of you.

“Hoseok please…” You whimpered

“Uh-uh, that’s not what you call me when we’re playing is it kitten??” Your boyfriend whispered, his hand tightening yet again.

You moaned moving your hips a little, needing more friction “Please…. Daddy, I need more” You whined.

Hoseok began to curl his fingers slowly causing you to let out small moans. Your hips bucked up a little, needing his fingers to be faster.

“No, no kitten, you don’t set the pace. Daddy does, now behave unless you want me to bruise your pretty little ass with my belt” He growled in your ear.

You moaned at his words, soft gasps leaving your lips as his pace increased slightly stroking against your walls making you clench your fists as his other hand left your throat and began slowly circling your clit. You bite your lip as Hoseok slowly but surely brings you to your peak. You begin to pant as your orgasm approaches. Just as you’re about to cum Hoseok’s fingers leave you and he stands up moving to the bedroom, a smirk on his lips. You slump against the sofa, a frown on your face. Eventually you stand up and stop sulking, formulating a revenge plan in your head as you make your way into the bedroom you share with Hoseok, slipping into pyjamas and then into bed.

By the time the morning had come, you had thought of just how to get back at your boyfriend for yesterday and you needed Junho for the plan to work. Hoseok had already left when you got up so taking a quick shower you got dressed and texted the girls to pick you up. About an hour and a half later you and your group, along with the backup dancers were performing on stage, your fans thrusting light sticks into the air as their chants grew louder. You spotted Hoseok backstage watching the set.

Finally, the performance was almost at an end and it was time for your solo. The girls and other backup dancers broke away as Junho’s hands found their way onto your hips. Your hands were all over Junho as you danced and his were all over you. Mid way through the dance you grabbed his hands and pulled them to slide over your bare stomach and let one move up to your neck. By the end of the solo dance as the lights went down both you and Junho were all hot and bothered. Hugging him tightly and kissing him on the check you laughed.

“Thank you such much Junho, you did so well out there!” You exclaimed.

Junho’s face was flushed and you could see a small blush creeping up his cheeks “Y-Yeah, you too! Hey, you wanna go and get drink maybe later?”

Before you could answer a strong hand gripped your upper arm and a rough voice sounded from behind you both.

“Sorry, but kitten is occupied later. Thanks for the invite though.” Hoseok growled and pulled you off stage ignoring your quiet protests.

Déjá vu signalled in your mind as Hoseok pulled you to the car and sped home, practically kicking the door open upon arriving. He pulled you to the bedroom and threw you on the bed and began stripping before you and then pulling you to the floor whilst you tried and failed to wriggle from his grip.

“On your knees slut, stay where I put you” He growled for the second time that night

You watched from the floor as he took his cock in his hand and began slowly stroking it, his hand gripping tighter each time it moved. He moved towards you and raised an eyebrow. You opened your mouth a little, knowing exactly what he meant.

“Open your mouth. Wider.” Hoseok said from above you and you followed his words knowing if you didn’t he’d would just make you.

You took his cock into your mouth and started moving, your cheeks hollowing and your tongue swirling around his length.

Hoseok let out a small groan and moved his hands to your head, signalling that he wanted to fuck your throat. As his hips began to move faster and faster, his tip hit the back of your throat repeatedly and tears began to form in the corners of your eyes. Hoseok was wrapped up in his own pleasure as a range of sounds came from his throat ranging from loud groans to viper like hisses. You kept your eyes on him as he pushed his cock so far down your throat you choked a little, tears now freely falling down your cheeks. You felt it as he released his hot cum down your throat with a loud moan, his eyes shut tight whilst he bit his lip.

Pulling his cock from your mouth he made you open wide to check you had swallow all he had to give you.

“Good girl, now for the real fun. You are going to get on that bed, face down ass up and Daddy, is going to fuck you until his name is the only one you remember. Got it?” Hoseok whispered, his hand under your chin.

“Yes Daddy” You whimpered as her stroked your cheek

“Fuck, you look so beautiful when you cry.” Hoseok groaned and pushed you towards the bed.

You positioned yourself how he asked and lay your head on your pillow waiting for further command. You could feel the bed dip as your boyfriend knelt behind you. A loud crack sounded as his hand came down on your ass. You let out a small cry, pushing your ass up more, putting yourself even further on display for him.

Hoseok chuckled at your reaction and slammed his cock into your pussy without warning, watching as you gasped loudly, pushing your face deeper into the pillow beneath you.

“You’re going to take all of me, I don’t care if it’s too much.” He rasped before beginning to pound into you at a bruising speed, his hips slamming into yours. “You like that kitten? Hmm? You like it when Daddy fucks your little pussy like this babygirl?”

“Ye-Yes Daddy” You moaned in response, hands gripping the sheets of your bed

He began moving even faster, his cock hitting your g-spot hard. “I bet Junho wouldn’t be able to fuck you like this would he kitten? Hmm?”

A torrent of moans fell from your lips “No Daddy, only you.” You cried out, your orgasm beginning to approach as the knot in your stomach tightened

Hoseoks thrusts grew sloppier as he reached his high, but continued to ride yours out, leaving you a sweaty and moaning mess pressing your face into the pillows.

He soon pulled out of you and rolled to lie next to you as you simply rolled onto your side, the breath completely knocked out of you. Your boyfriend wrapped his arms around your waist as he peppered kissed up your neck.

“Maybe I should make you jealous again huh?” you whispered breathily.

Hoseok chuckled “We’ll see how fun that idea seems when I spank your ass purple kitten…..”

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things i love: positive overwatch disability content

  • sombra trying to alter reaper’s nanites to decrease his pain issues
  • soldier: 76 and the never-ending blind jokes
  • symmetra infodumping and whoever she’s talking to listening with interest and symmetra getting really happy and flappy about it
  • “hey roadie, guess what?” “what.” “i’m all right!” “…you swapped arms with symmetra.” “I SWAPPED ARMS WITH SYMMETRA!”
  • “eh i’m not much of a dancer. got two left feet.” “boss, did you swap legs with hanzo?” “YEAH!”
  • emily and winston helping tracer through dissociative episodes
  • ana doing the “i see no ships” thing with her eyepatch and someone pointing out that it doesn’t work because she has a bionic eye
  • reinhardt doing the “i see no ships” thing and nobody being able to retort, ana is dying of laughter in the background
  • hanzo trying to understand his brother’s altered body and trying to help him with issues relating to it, bc this is kind of his fault and he wants to be supportive if he can
  • there’s a “can’t sleep due to trauma nightmares so let’s get drunk and talk about our problems” club, it meets at 1am at least three times a week
  • zenyatta the magical robot therapist
  • winston, torbjorn and some others trying to work out how to get ganymede registered as an actual emotional support animal to help bastion out
  • “can someone give me a hand?” “sure thing, partner!” “jesse mccree if you throw your arm at me i swear to god i’ll - ” THWACK
  • morrison and reyes supporting each other with the less beneficial side-effects of the enhancement program
  • someone in talon suggests trying to hijack the various artificial limbs that members of overwatch have and sombra just gives them the angriest “are you fucking kidding me” look imaginable
  • everyone supporting each other through panic attacks, flashbacks, meltdowns, etc
  • the amputee characters try to one-up each other with stories of how they lost their limbs
  • “whenever i see a cute girl i feel like i stop existing for a second” “…tracer you’re chronally dissociated you don’t exist at all anyway” “EXACTLY”
  • everyone is very quiet when mccree has a migraine, they see what they can do to help, do it, and then leave him alone
  • junkrat is always 100000% prepared for when roadhog has asthma attacks and knows exactly how to help him and get him through it

took this this morning but forgot to post it so hey! happy first day of christmas break! finished all my errands, bought all the food to cook tomorrow to take to lunch on monday, and had lots of fun with mathilda, then spent the night playing board games with my brother and sister in law, singing feliz navidad over and over again 😂 feeling merry and bright and full of love tbh 💖

Sweet Pea’ Sapphire


She had been sitting in her usual spot near the pool tables when some Northsiders burst into the Whyte Wyrm. They walked around like they owned the place and Sapphire noticed her brother walking in with them. Her eyes blaze because what the fuck, Quin?

FP had managed to keep a brawl from bursting out which would’ve have ended with all of them walking out in handcuffs and the Northies leaving out in body bags. As the Northsiders left, Sapphire made her way to her brother and scowled at him. He flinched at the look in her eyes and nodded in unspoken agreement. Bring those assholes into our territory. You can very well go fucking live with them.

It was only for the night because Sapphire honestly couldn’t stay mad at her brother if you paid her to. Not that someone could afford her, but the point remains. When he came back to the house the next day, she had fixed him make-up breakfast but left before they could have a proper conversation. She didn’t care if he kept the northsiders on their side of town and his little boy toy/boyfriend whatever kept a smile on his face.

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