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Voltage’s May Super Sale

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Voltage’s Super Sale and the death of my wallet. From May the 13th-15th, some items will be up to 75% off in 13 apps. Happy Spending Everyone~

The 13 apps are:

  • After School Affairs
  • Butler Until Midnight
  • Class Trip Crush
  • Dangerous Seduction
  • Enchanted in the Moonlight
  • Era of Samurai: Code of Love
  • In your Arms Tonights
  • Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
  • Love Letter from Thief X
  • My Last First Kiss
  • Scandal in the Spotlight
  • Star-Crossed Myth
  • Our Two Bedroom Story
Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack
New international agreements should be introduced to regulate the internet in the light of the London Bridge terror attack, Theresa May has said. The Prime Minister said introducing new rules for cyberspace would “deprive the extremists of their safe spaces online” and that technology firms were not currently doing enough. The Prime Minister made the comments outside Downing Street on Sunday morning in the aftermath of the van and knife attack that saw seven people killed and dozens injured.

May says she wants to “deprive the extremists of their safe spaces online”.

So this is the logical conclusion of the reactionary anti-safe space rhetoric, government censorship of the internet by an aspiring dictator. This has nothing to do with preventing terrorism (which won’t be possible so long as foreign policy and arms sales continue as they are) and everything to do with preventing criticism of the government.

Because the government can call whatever it doesn’t like “extremist” or “dangerous.” Even the official opposition- keep in mind that after Corbyn was voted leader Cameron stated “the Labour party is now a threat to our national security.”


The Swedish K and the Smith & Wesson M76

Invented by Gunnar Johnsson in 1945, the Carl Gustav M/45, AKA the “Swedish K” was a Swedish submachine gun prized for its incredible reliability and ruggedness. The Swedish K utilized the best design principles and features from various successful World War II designs such as the Russian PPsh 41, the German MP40, and the British Sten. As well as its ruggedness, the Swedish K noted for its simplicity and economy.  Produced mainly from stamped metal and a 7.45lbs was also very light and compact, making it ideal for close quarters combat. It utilized a 36 round double stack magazine, the highest capacity magazine available at the time short of drum mags. Firing from an open bolt it had a cyclic firing rate of around 600 rounds per minute.  While fully automatic only, it was very easy to pull the trigger without cycling the next round in order to achieve semi auto fire. Recoil was very modest, and could be easily managed with a foldout metal stock. By far the Swedish K’s greatest feature was its incredible reliability. Neither water, nor sand, nor dust, nor temperature extremes could jam up the works of the K. To aid in reliability, the K featured an interesting magazine design in which the rear of the mag was wider than the front, creating some extra room in the magazine allowing the cartridges to feed more efficiently without being hindered by particulates. 

The Swedish K was adopted by the Swedish military and served in that capacity until the mid 1990′s. However the K was originally intended as an export arm, being exported for used by Algeria, Estonia, Indonesia, Ireland, Latvia, and Paraguay. An licensed copy was also produced by Egypt. Perhaps the most popular used was the United States. Upon word that the K was resistance to sand and could operate after being submerged in water, the K became popular among special forces in Vietnam, especially the newly created Navy SEALs. In 1966 Sweden embargo arms sales to the United States as a result over the Swedish government’s disapproval of the Vietnam War. The American’s said “be damned” and created their own clone, produced between 1967 and 1974 by Smith & Wesson and called the M76. Swedish production of the K continued until 1964 and the Egyptians ended production in 1970. Around 300,000 were produced.

FBI!Shawn: Chapter 2 (Sneak Peek)

A/N: This chapter has made me sooooo nervous, i love the first one so much i didn’t want to ruin it. I don’t know why the spacing is so bad but here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come, come give me some feedback and let me know what you think   x

The dark night was met with an equally freezing wind that made the atmosphere of the situation have a more urgent. Feeling. Swarms of warm breaths swirling as it met with the cold air surrounded the search. Mendes watched as his slowly faded away unless another person had walked through it in which he’d watch as it followed the person in a small veil of white smoke until it evaporated all together. 

“She can’t be too far, it’s the coldest night of the year and she isn’t from these parts…” Shawn looked back and saw the Captain, in a big spray jet with a wool hood that covered his cheeks and forehead leaving only his eyes, nose and mouth visible to the search team he was leading. The wind was so strong that Shawn thought the tent above them might blow away, he noticed their torches being used as paperweights to hold down the map in front of them. Snowflakes pelted the jackets of the men covering their arms in a bulky white and he wondered how long it’d be until the rain joined them. 

“You alright Mendes?” He felt his arm slapped before he heard the voice, a flashlight met his eye and he again felt himself get distracted as his hot breath swirled in from of him. He nodded in response to his ‘search buddy’, his eyes going wide as he rolled them and turned away to watch the sniffer dogs smelling an article of clothing that looked familiar to the young detective.
“Nothing like a good search party to get the blood pumping” Shawn raised an eyebrow without looking back, already fed up with his partner especially when he heard the textured rubbing of silk as he started to jog on the spot, the light from his torch jumping up and down on the snow as he moved his arms. 

“We’ve brought in an expert on this type of case…” Shawn heard the captain’s distant voice clear as day, even with all the rustling of the weather and havoc. He turned to face the small team huddled under the tent, which was now only partly secure as one of the corners flapped wildly in the wind. “He’s a specialist on… well pretty much everything, he comes from the Quantico offices” Mendes stepped closer, trying to get a better view of the mystery expert over the team surrounding the table. 

“I’ll let him take it from here, Dr. Spencer Reid”  It was like he stepped out of thin air, Mendes never noticed the man standing behind the captain and it didn’t take much to figure out why. The man that stood out from behind the captain was tall and lanky like a torso on chopsticks, Shawn couldn’t help but compare him to one of the balloon men that waved their arms at car sales. He spoke with a stutter as he introduced himself but when speaking of this case his posture straightened and a new found confidence was found in his voice. He knew his shit. 

“Do you think she’s still alive?” Shawn’s head snapped to face the man, his nose red and spreading across his cheeks as snow met with his eyelashes. “What did you say? ” His whole body turned and for a moment he could swear he saw his partners body flinch “Victor, what did you just say? ” He repeated, straightening his posture as he stepped closer to hear him. The dogs started barking and a loud thundercloud cracked the sky above them with a bolt of lightning deeming the torches useless for a moment as it illuminated the ground, “do you think she’s a.. alive?” Shawn breathed out and turned to face Dr. Reid. “Dead or alive,”

“…I’m bringing her home”

How I Met Your Mother

Nalu Week 2017

Prompt: (day 7, my own) ‘beginning’

'How I Met Your Mother’

Word Count: 902

Modern AU, Officer Dragneel & Journalist Heartfilia

Rating: teen+, swearing and threatened violence

Summary: Officer Natsu Dragneel meets Journalist Lucy Heartfilia at work.

“Hey, what’s shakin’? C'mon over here and tell me how much for a half-hour of your time.”

Lucy looked over her shoulder at the man who’d cat-called her. “Shakin’? Your hands, buddy. You’re wasted.” Ignoring her companion who grabbed at her arm in an attempt to drag her off, Lucy narrowed her eyes and stood firm. “Go find someone without standards.”

A sneer on his red, blotchy face, the man dropped his empty beer bottle. It made a muffled clinking noise on top of the garbage already ankle deep in the alley. “Lookin’ like that? You’re gonna turn me down?” His hands flexed and clenched before pushing himself away from the dirty brick wall he’d been leaning against.

About to retort, her friend yanked harder, squeaking into her ear. “Lucy! Did you forget what we’re dressed like? This isn’t part of the plan!” Tugging down her short, blaring orange skirt, Levy giggled - but it was not a happy sound.

Lucy sighed as she saw how upset Levy looked. “I can’t let anyone talk to me this way, you know -”

“You’re nothing but a cheap tramp!” Grabbing his crotch, he screamed more invective, each more crude than the last, spittle flying. “When I’m done with you ain’t no one gonna recognize your face!”

Squaring her feet, Lucy let the man charge at her. Levy let go and backed away behind her - well out of reach. Years of personal defence training guided her actions. Her breathing slowed, her eyes tracked the lurching steps of the man. She gauged his momentum - perfectly. Over her hip he sailed, landing face down.

Air grunted out of his lungs, but he struggled to rise. “Dammit!” His hands immersed in garbage, he looked at Lucy, a mottled bruise forming on his forehead. “Imma teach you a lesson!” Hatred and a flash of animal cunning swept over his face.

“Levy - run! I can handle this loser, but we need the police.” Lucy shot Levy a stern look, daring her to defy her order. “He’s the one who’s got a lesson coming!”

“Be careful!” Levy ran, eyes searching every flash of motion for a cop, desperate to find help.

“Ain’t nobody gonna help you, bitch.” Evil glee coloured his voice, “Imma have some fun and leave you with a smile.” He stood up, a liquor bottle in one hand. “Beg me for mercy.”

Adrenalin surged once more - her stomach churned, and Lucy said a silent prayer. Weapons made fights even more unsafe - for each party. Tossing her hair, Lucy backed up. “Beg? You should be begging my pardon.”

“It’s late and your little hooker friend ain’t gonna find any cops 'round here.” Another greasy smile on his bloated face made him look like a cartoon villain. “This is Phantom Lord territory. You shoulda took my money when you had the chance.”

“I don’t care whose territory this is, there’s no cause for you to treat a lady this way.” Forgetting the tight, red, low-cut dress she wore, Lucy spoke with authority. “I’m not for sale.”

His arm swung. Glass shattered and decorated the alley wall. “I’m gonna take what I want for free.” Rage and lust swimming with the alcohol in the man’s body made him careless. All he could focus on was the blonde woman and what he wanted to do to her body. He could make her beg - she wouldn’t be so proud - and finally show her what a real man could do as he took what he wanted.

Testing the weight of his weapon, the man held it out towards Lucy, waving a lazy ’s’ pattern. His breathing became more like panting as his obscene imagination gave him more ideas. Intent on his prey, the man didn’t notice two sets of footsteps running towards the dank alley.

Lucy felt calm roll over her body. This was it - her assailant only had moments before he realized he was in deep shit. He’d make one last attempt or give up. Distract him or confuse him? Both. Her chest inflated. Her scarlet painted mouth opened. A high piercing note burst forth - a sharp, terrible sound honed by years of voice training.

The man went to cover his ears, saw Lucy’s triumphant glare and changed his mind. He roared, “Fuckin’ bitch,” as he ran at Lucy - broken bottle aiming for her face. Half muttered threats mixed with a snarl was all that Lucy could hear. She poised herself for the attack that never landed.

Two loud retorts made her ears ring. The man stumbled, jerked and fell face first in the garbage, blood welling from his shoulder. Her scream changed tenor - just as high, but now exuding fear.

Levy ran to her best friend and caught her in a hug, rubbing and patting her back, doing her best to soothe. The policeman called for backup; requesting two blankets, conflicted over what he’d seen. A john attacking a hooker was the sort of sordid thing he often saw. But to have it escalate - he hoped it was something he’d never get used to.

“Ladies, ladies - backup will be here soon.” His attention fastened on the intelligence gone glassy in the blonde’s eyes. Gentling his tone further, he made no threatening moves. “I’ll get statements from the both of you and then you can have your pimp post bail.”

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#StonerSunday Soundtrack - 30/04/2017

Best #HighGradeAudio of April

“I wish I was a arms dealer to sale illegal arms in the hood
No backup check, put cash in my palms and we good
Lack of respect, get you to fall where you stood
Mathematics is God’s language, it’s in my blood
Art, music, letters and numbers
I’m a vessel, I’m humble”

Nas - “Systematic”

Made with SoundCloud

Amber Rudd shuts down speech about our arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
She speaks to and hands a note to the chairman who then removes the man (Nicolas Wilson) from mic.



Here are some of the examples of armsocks I can make guys. Due to me having to sew all of them by hand and that includes having to burn myself every time I’m hot gluing the nails on, I’m going to be raising the price slightly and make them an even number.

  • Plain - $50
  • Nails - $60
  • Claws - $70

These prices do, however include shipping to the U.S.! If you live out of the United States though, there will be an additional $10 to cover those extra costs. If you are interested in commissioning me then please send me an ask with the following information. I do need at least a month or so in advance to give me time to order the tights and have them shipped to me since there’s nowhere locally that I can get them in the right colors. Otherwise, I’ll have to charge a rush fee.

  • What color tights you need as well as the size.
  • When you need them by
  • Where you live so I can calculate the shipping
  • If you want nails/claws

Also, just to be clear, I only cut and sew the fingers and usually do so to the size of my hands. You will be cutting the hole for your head yourself. This is because if I did it for me, it wouldn’t fit you properly. I have a large bust and have to cut mine to accommodate for that. But I have tutorials over here for you to follow.

Any and all payments must be paid upfront because I cannot work on anything until it’s been paid for.

If you have any questions then feel free to message me!! If its about a possible trade, I want to warn that I’ll be fairly picky with what I’m willing to trade for.

Whatever your stance on what went down, the people calling for a Hamilton boycott are giving me the giggles. Look at you, making that huge statement by not attending a show that’s already sold out until mid-2017. Like, please do boycott it - I want tickets for next December and the less people I have to fight for them the better!