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I’ve loved @crackmccraigen ‘s Powerpuff Girls since I was a little kid, although I haven’t really drawn much fanart for them.  But recently I realized that I hardly ever saw any fanart of the girls aged-up where they actually looked like superheroes.  Usually when the girls are drawn older they are either sexualized versions of their younger selves, or else they are drawn fighting crime in street clothes or living average lives.  I wanted to draw them like a real powerful superhero team - so that’s what I did!  

I tried to stick to the art style used in the show, and although the curvy figure isn’t as streamlined as their childhood shape, I aimed for a bullet design that would still be somewhat aerodynamic. I also added the futurized versions of a few other characters like Professor Utonium, Mayor Bellum, and her assistant Mr. Mayor.  And after years of battle, Mojo Jojo now has a prosthetic arm powered by the nodes on his brain that can convert into a variety of weapons and gadgets!

so okay au time

imagine: bucky still falls off the train, and steve into the arctic, but instead of bucky being found with the russians he had fallen into the river and went under the same thing cap did and so when 2012 rolls around and cap’s been found and some bloke (probably coulson) with too much money and sentimentality goes “wait, what iF” and starts a search for bucky’s body, because if the captain was found, what about his ol’ pal bucky?

and lo and behold, they find the body. it’d taken a long time, but they found it. and, due to zola experimenting on bucky, he wakes up just like steve

and like, really just like steve, since he panics and freaks out and throws two people through the door even with just one arm, but eventually he calms down enough to listen to what’s going on (probably to natasha). he’s briefed on the way back to the states where someone had pulled steve from a mission and they were gonna surprise him

and natasha warns him, “he’s not gonna believe it’s you you’re gonna have to convince him,” and bucky just goes “oh, he’ll know it’s me alright” which sounds kind of ominous to natasha

and he walks into the room with steve and the other avengers and the first thing he says “did you get a new uniform? i hate it”


“yeah it’s me,” bucky says as he walks up to steve, who is understandably in a lot of shock and confusion.

then bucky just punches steve in the face.



“YOU FUCKING STUPID PUNK I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. were you just like “my impulse control fell outta the train with bucky” and thought crashing the plane and not giving your coordinates was a good idea?! and i thought that time in brussels was bad but you’ve really outdone yourself this time! anD DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE ALIENS JFC STEVE ten fucking days outta the ice and do you do the logical thing like, go on a vacation or figure out what you’ve missed? nO”

and continues to just rip into him, to the bewilderment of everyone in the room. then when bucky tires himself out and stops yelling the other avengers think steve’s gonna rip HIM a new one but he just goes “bucky” and clings to him

“yeah it’s me you stupid punk you don’t have to blubber all over me” he says though he’s crying too.

and the rest of the avengers are like ????? because they were expecting a lot of things but not this

if a character is disabled in canon then they better be disabled in all the au’s you write. that super advanced robotic arm is now a realistic prosthetic arm. they are still in that wheelchair. 

Reasons to watch Voltron: Legendary Defenders of the Universe

•POC representation
•crazy in depth plot!!
•character growth in everyone
•space gays!
•aDvENtURes iN sPAcE
•did I mention space?
• they all have personal troubles but work together to overcome them
•one of the main characters has a prosthetic arm and PTSD
•finding family
•bad guy that seems to have an interesting back story
•Lance’s comebacks
•Keith and Lance’s “rivalry”
•strong independent female characters!! •actually kinda emotional sometimes too
•super funny
•did I mention amazing characters and a super awesome plot line along with DEFENDING THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE even though they have no clue what to do

actual voltron facts

one time Shiro tried to smack himself on the forehead in frustration, but forgot that he had a metal arm and gave himself a concussion

Lance tried to give Shiro a full manicure one time. The nail polish burned off the first time Shiro activated his arm, and it smelled like the literal embodiment of death itself

out of pure curiosity, Shiro once attempted to roast a marshmallow by holding it in his galra arm and activating the prosthetic for a second. it works every time. he will take this secret to his grave

he keeps trying to figure out if he can get the right heat long enough to pop popcorn with the arm. he has yet to do anything but burn it horribly. because of this, Hunk is now under the impression that Shiro is a menace to culinary, and has permanently banned him from the kitchen

this is unfortunate, because Shiro likes to bake to unwind. at the Garrison, he was that one guy in the dorms that would make cookies at 2 AM and leave them out for everyone. Keith is the only one who knows the truth, and has been bribed into silence.

during the flight to Kerberos, Matt repeatedly tried to convince Shiro to play gay chicken. Shiro firmly refused every time, mainly due to knowing damn well he would lose. horribly.

Shiro is allergic to alcohol. he gave up on going to Garrison dorm parties after his third hospitalization from spiked punch.

he would go to the parties and claim designated driver, but he never actually got a drivers license. he was too busy with classes at the Garrison to get it at first, and eventually he reached the point where he could fly a fucking rocket ship, and didn’t really care about a car

this backfired, as Matt found out on the flight to Kerberos, and permanently revoked Shiro’s rover driving privilege. he spent the entire mission riding shotgun, to his deep disgust

one time Shiro punched a snake. it was awesome.