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Seventeen Reaction (Hip Hop Unit): You cuddle them in your sleep

Request:  Can you do a reaction for seventeen (hip hip unit) when their s/o cuddles them in their sleep ? Thank you 💟

A/N: Love love LOVE this! Thank you for the request anon, hope the wait wasn’t too long for you and if it was, it’s worth it! xx


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Well now you’ve gone and done it. The way your wrapped your leg around his and snuggled into his side, desperate for the body heat made his heart flutter, rolling his eyes at how the smallest things you did without even realising had you wrapped around his little finger. You looked like an angel, your hair falling over your closed eyes slightly as he reached down and brushed it away, caressing the arm that clung to him before drifting back off to sleep.


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In the morning he’ll mumble and grumble about how you fidgeting all night kept him up but in reality, he was a flushed mess when you wrapped your arms around his waist and pressed your forehead to his back as you two fell asleep. He laced his fingers with yours and rubbed his thumb over your knuckles as he heard your breathing steady, quickly following suit with the person he loved more than anyone.


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Ugh how is his face so perfect 

It was the middle of the night when you wrapped your arms around Mingyu’s waist and rested your head on his chest. He’d find it adorable how, contrasting to how anti-PDA you were in the day, at night you just wanted to be close to him. Eyes wide, his hand fell upon your head, stroking it gently and ensuring you were definitely asleep, giving it a while before he allowed himself to fall asleep, making sure you were comfortable.


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You rolled over in the night to what you thought would be empty space but you ended up somewhat on top of Vernon, on your front, legs a tangled mess. Vernon chuckled lightly at your sleepy clusiness while you continued to sleep, his hands ran up and down your back, sneaking under your bed top to draw soothing circles on your soft, delicate skin.

Dating Raphael would include

Dating Raphael would include:

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  • Being the only person he really can tolerate
  • Being his favorite person honestly
  • Being spoiled
  • Treated like a goddess
  • Being protected at all cost
  • Him being jealous, of any other guy - mundane or not.
  • Watching you while you sleep
  • A lots of hugs and kisses
  • A lot of touches - has to hold your hand, arm around shoulders, caress your hair, cheek, hand - anything
  • A lot of midnights ‘dates’, wherever there are open
  • Getting anything you want or need - because you’re his princess
  • Him learning to cook, just to make you food. 
  • Seeing a side of Raphael, that no one else sees. 


  • well hey luci worked a soup kitchen so that was nice of him 
  • i like how they’ve gone from staying as far away from satan to chasing him around the country 
  • LOL AWKWARD DAD TALK THE BIBLE BURNIN HIS HAND i’m sorry but i thought this was hilarious 
  • satan you are so awkward you’re just as bad as your siblings 
  • gentle deancas arm caress i’ll get what i can, when i can 
  • “do you know who we are” “…winchesters” me, out loud: “o shit" 
  • british mol get outta my gotdam eyes 
  • "oh god” “nah he left” there’s my cas. but seriously chuck get your neurotic little ass back down here. bring amara. it’ll be fun 
  • everyone’s hair after the big blast was on point 
  • omg the little holiday promo they showed with j2m genuinely laughing was super cute ;o; 
  • ????? 

ok so the winchesters are finally in some sort of prison, but what happens when you run dudes like them through the system?? they’re dead

but i am excited for cas and mary to bond more!!

B.A.P reacting to you giving them a back hug.

He wouldn’t mind it at first and just accept the back hug until you don’t stop after a few minutes and ask if you’re okay. “Are you going to let go any time soon or are we dying like this?”

He’d jump at your sudden attack at first before laughing at you silently and rubbing your arm while waiting for you to let go yourself. “I guess you must need a lot of cuddling today?”

He’d gently caress your arm while enduring your hug but after a while decide to wiggle out of your grip and turn to you, seeing a pout on your face and giggling before pulling you into his arms. “You’re too cute to ignore.” 

He’d immediately stop what he’s doing and turn around to you, wrapping your arms around his body and resting his head on your shoulder and smile to himself while rubbing your back. “Are you okay, sweetheart?”

He’d be really confused at first to why you’re suddenly so needy but would immediately turn around to you when you tell him that you needed it and squeeze your body with his entire strength, almost making you choke. “You can get all the cuddles you need.”

When you hug him around the boys, he wouldn’t know how to react at first and just smile at them until he realizes that they don’t mind and after a while take your hand into his and play with it while letting you snuggle into his back.

Love, Youngmi~

As I fall asleep, the idea of it being with you is the last thought in my head. The sweet words you speak echo in my mind as I repeat them over and over until they no longer hold any meaning as words, but only as incoherent sounds that bounce off the walls of my dimly lit bedroom. I imagine you with your arms around me, caressing my waist and pressing sweet kisses against my skin. I would giggle as your lips tickle my neck, and you would pull me closer to you, and with your face pressed close to mine, you would tell me that you love me. And I would say it back. 

Don’t Shut Me Out. (Harry Styles Blurb)

Here it is. I honestly have  no idea what this was for, maybe someday I’ll include it in a story. But for now, it’s on its own.

He put some shampoo in his hands and started to rub it in her scalp. He massaged her temples with his thumbs, brushed her hair through with his fingers. “Turn around” he told her, and she did so. Her movements were slow and her eyes didn’t leave the floor. He lifted her chin up, leaned down and started to kiss away the tears under her eyes and then her lips ever so gently and lovingly, but she didn’t respond, she just turned her head away and stared at the wet tiled floor.
“Baby, please, don’t shut me out” he whimpered in her ear.
His tears got stuck in his throat and he gulped loudly. His hand caressed her arm, slightly scratching with his nails, and she finally looked up to him. His eyes were red and puffy and his lips cherry red. Wet curls were glued on his face
“Come here” he said with a trembling voice, eyes glossy and his lips shaking.
He tucked a strand of hair away from her face behind her ear, hugged her and held tight, like he would never let go. But she was so distant, just like a body, moving on command, no life in her always sparkling eyes. Her body was cold and weak compared to his. She rested her head on his shoulder and he gave little kisses on her hair. His hand scratched lightly her back up to her hair, and he started to rinse out the shampoo.
“Why, Harry? Why did you do it?” she finally managed to say.
His whole body froze. His breathing got slower and heart beats quicker. Why? It was for her. She was the reason he put himself, and her, through all the pain. And she was more affected by it. He could do anything to make it all stop. But he couldn’t. And she would do it for him, but he doesn’t want her to. It was his fault.

“And what do you want?”

“For people to see you, as I do.”

“And how do you see me?” she challenged.

Vision considered his words carefully before he replied.

“You are immensely powerful, oh yes. But you are also remarkably kind and clever. There is a fierceness to you that, while intimidating, reflects both your courage and determination. There exists a complexity about you that I find both unfamiliar and intriguing. You are a beautiful marvel of nature, Wanda,” Vision paused for a brief second. “I admit, at times, when I least expect it, I find myself awestruck by you.”

Vision smiled and caressed her arm in what he hoped reflected the sincerity of his words. Quietly, he observed as her lips parted, eyes dilated and cheeks pinked, indicating she was experiencing unexpected emotions.

Wanda’s heart beat like a hammer as she peered up at Vision. She had heard beautiful words before, from silly boys attempting to win her attention, lyrics from songs or lines from poems. But none of that compared to hearing his words, his voice, his eyes, his smile, his … closeness. Something akin to a sunrise, a wonderful euphoria, bloomed in Wanda’s chest, raced through her veins, and seeped in her bones.

Vision was about to inquire if she was alright, when suddenly she leaned in closer, closer than ever before, catching him by surprise. He quickly noted the soft pressure of her palm against his chest, finding it pleasant. Then, rather unexpectedly, she kissed him. Vision’s eyes closed of their own accord, prompting his other senses to compensate, sparking up and collecting data for analysis. The texture of the cotton sweater in his hand, the soft lips brushing against his. He inhaled apple blossom shampoo, the cooking peprikesh, and something purely Wanda Maximoff. The taste of salty soup and sweet lip balm on his tongue. The music playing through the speakers, the tick of the clock on the wall and her small breaths danced into his ears. He would remember every minuet detail of these precious seconds for the rest of his life.

Then, much to his disappointment, it was over.

Wanda leaned back from what she was certain was a colossal mistake. Turmoil surrounded them as their team was splitting down the middle, and here her impulse probably just freaked him out and ruined the most precious relationship she had left. He was so trusting, so good, and she’d taken advantage of him, the nicest man she’d ever known.

Vision gazed down at her, stone still.



“I would like to do that again, please.”

A bark of laughter nearly left her, but then he was leaning down. Slowly, remarkably so, he closed what little space remained between them. She could stop this, apologize and admit her mistake. There was still time! Everything could go back to the way it was and they’d still be friends.

Yet she didn’t, and so they wouldn’t. Desire and curiosity easily won over propriety as her hands slid over his shoulders and she met him halfway. Her body pressed against his, a happy sigh escaping her throat as she felt his arms encase her.

Source: Wanda Maximoff.

Action: Kiss.


Physical response.




Vision’s mind raced as he hoped to categorize and define what was occurring to him, between them. While he recognize the mechanics of course, he was still at a loss. This was unlike any film he’d witnessed, any text he’d read. In a haze, he acknowledged her as she leaned back, smiled, and excused herself. Dumbly, he continued to calculate as her presence dissipated, scent evaporated, and he was left alone in the kitchen.

Conclusion: Unparalleled exhilaration.

Wanda grinned like a giddy schoolgirl as she hastily made her way down the corridor to her room. Leaning back against the closed door, she placed a hand over her heart, willing it to calm. After all she had endured, her parents, her brother, her homeland, fate had finally smiled on her.


Later, after their escape from the Avengers facility, Clint didn’t understand why Wanda sniffled silently in the car as tears streamed down her face. But he didn’t pry, didn’t question, as he simply held her hand, driving on through the night.

Got7 when you have an anxiety attack.

Im Jaebum:
He drops everything and immediately rushes to your side. He sits down on the ground behind you and wraps his arms around you, holding you closely while caressing your arm and waiting for you to calm down.

“It’s okay butterfly. I’m here.” 

Park Jinyoung:
He kneels down in front of you and place his hands on your thighs, gently rubbing them and listening to your crying until you’re able to speak again. 

“Don’t worry baby. Everything’s going to be alright~” 

Mark Tuan:
He’d sit down in front of you and open his arms widely, allowing you to bury your face deep inside his chest. He’d gently caress your head and press kisses to your forehead. 

“Exhale, princess. As long as I’m here, you’ll be okay.” 

Jackson Wang:
He doesn’t speak and just holds you, listening to your silent crying. After a sob escapes your mouth, he pulls you away from him and locks eyes with you, whiping away your tears with the sleeve of his sweater, smiling at you gently.

“I love you princess and if you ever need me, I’ll be here.” 

Choi Youngjae:
He sits in front of you and takes your small hands into his and runs his thumb over the back of your hand in small circles, kneeling down to meet your level.

“It will be okay. Everything will fall back into place eventually.”

Kunpimook Bhuwakul:
He listens to your sobbing through the door, his heart breaking when he realizes you’re having another panic attack. When he opens the door, he pulls you into his arms without saying a word and just holding you.

“Shh. I’m here now.”

Kim Yugyeom:
He takes your hand into his and leads you to the bed, making you lay down with him. He wraps his arm around your shoulder, his hand massaging your scalp and listening to your crying. 

He waits for you to calm down a little before speaking up. “Don’t ever be alone with this. I know it’s scary for you.” 

Love, Youngmi~

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when phil says "no dont turn off the lights" look at the way he touches the chair... .... ...,,,, , as if he wanted to do that to Dan's arm,,, , I'm not o kay,

phil just wanted to engage in physical contact and caress dans arm or something and calm him down but dan wouldnt let him 😪


We were cuddling on Antoines big couch, he was behind me and held me in his arms. I caressed the veins on his forearm. It was the first time I consciously did this, and somehow it felt very intimate.
But when Antoine realised what I was doing, he pulled his arm away. Bewildered, i turned around in his arms and looked at him. To my surprise, he blushed and looked down.

”What is it?“, I asked and layed a hand on his face. His eyes were full of self-conciousness when he looked at me.
„I know that they’re not very pretty“, he mumbled embarassed.
I slowly stroked Antoine’s cheek with my thumb and looked straight at him. He couldn’t possibly mean this. „What? Your veins?“
The redness in his face got even darker when he nodded. He wanted to look down, but I held his head up and forced him to look at me. I could tell that all of this made him feel very uncomfortable. But I didn’t want that.
”Hey“ I smiled. ”I like them“, I said very honestly.

An unbelieving laughter spilled from him and he wanted to look away again, but again I held him.
”Antoine, listen to me. I’m telling you now my four favourite parts of a man’s body“, I said seriously.
He blushed a little more and grinned in a very clear way. I realised how my words had sounded and I laughed. ”No, not what your thinking. Listen to me now! First…“
I slipped under the neckline of his shirt with my fingertips, without stopping to look into his eyes.
”…the collarbone.“
Antoine laughed a little as though he couldn’t believe me but I shushed him. I wanted to make sure that he heard all of this.
”Second…“ I felt Antoine’s gaze on my hand as I let it glide over his arm. ”…the biceps.“
I quickly looked into his face and saw with a smile, that his entire head was scarlet red.

Thinking about it, this was so sweet. He was a professional footballer, he often received compliments. He complimented me all the time. But now he was having trouble hearing these simple compliments. My thoughts trailed off.
I thought about the first time we’d met, a movie night at my cousin’s who was a friend of Antoine’s. I’d fallen head over heels for him that night. He’d taken a little longer to stop seeing me as just a friend, but he’d eventually asked me out and the rest was history. I thought of our first kiss; shy, soft, and true on cold lips outside my apartment.

I remembered where I was and what I was doing. Antoine still wasn’t looking at me. His eyes lingered on my hand, waiting for my next words.
”Third…“, I began, moving my fingers down his torso, until I reached the hem of his shirt. I slipped underneath it and moved up his well toned back, moving my fingers slightly.
Goosebumps erupted all over his arms and he shifted a little, yet a smile was forming on his lips.
”…the back,“ I continued. ”Especially the shoulder blades.“

This cracked him up again, but then his eyes met mine and he looked serious.
”Y/N…“, he murmured, his face glowing.
“Shshsh.“ I smiley at him. “I’m not quite done yet. Fourth…“ Finally, my fingertips met his veins again. He didn’t pull away this time and so I followed the faint blue lines like streets on a map.
”…the veins on your forearms“, I concluded, looking up into his eyes.

”Y/N…“, he began again, but he said nothing more. Even though we were already very close, he embraced me tightly and pulled me even closer. His kiss was a lot like our first kiss, innocent and soft, but way too short. So short that I couldn’t really respond to it. When he pulled away, I remained lying in his arms with closed eyes.
”Mhm,“ I sighed. ”I love you.“
Antoine remained silent.

After a while, I opened my eyes, getting a little concerned; wondering why he wasn’t saying the words back. He seemed deeply lost in thought and was studying my face.
”I don’t how to say this“, he began.
I started to feel queasy, but then he smiled at me, such a sweet smile, that I couldn’t help but only feel butterflies in my stomach.

”Saying “I love you” doesn’t seem to fit, it… I wanna say so much more…“ He trailed of, gathering his thoughts. When he went on, his voice was dead serious. “I love the various shades in your eyes. I love how you have colorful stains on your fingers, when you write with your pens.“
He took my hand and kissed my fingertips which were actually decorated with pink and blue stains at the moment.
The butterflies in my stomach fluttered happily around and I smiled, making him smile too. He just looked at me for a few seconds, then he went on.

”I love how your smile always reaches your eyes first, before it reaches your lips. I love your passion for old movies. I love your kindness.“
Antoine moved his hand to my neck and kissed me lightly, leaving me flustered. Those were such little things, things that not everyone would notice. But he had.
And that felt like a precious treasure to me, a treasure I could keep in my heart forever.

“Now it does seem to fit“, he whispered, his startling blue eyes piercing mine, his smile like an angel’s.
“I love you.“

Not Bad of a Choice (Baekhyun) ~ Part 6

So….kudos to me for writing a whole part in two hours. I don’t find this chapter as good because I rushed it. I didn’t want to make you guys wait another three days for this update. ♥


Day 1:

(Y/n) had a rough night. Crying as Baekhyun stormed out of the suite only for her parents to come in thirty minutes later, telling her that he wanted to call off the engagement. That was when she spilled out everything she’s been keeping in. Bawling her eyes out as she clung onto her father.

“I-I don’t understand why I feel this way towards him. I hate it! I hate it when I look at him and I want him to hug me. I look at him..a-and I suddenly feel like there’s butterflies in my stomach.” she weep. Her father gently caressed her arm as she cried. Her mom sitting next to her, trying her best to comfort her.

“Honey, I think you’re in love with him.” she softly stated.

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I went to WizardWorld Comic Con in Columbus Ohio this past weekend. Aside from the amazing vendors and artists there, I got to meet Eliza Taylor and Lindsey Morgan. Who are both wonderful sweet angels by the way. But see, the universe was smiling on me or something because the first day of the Con the universe gave me a story that I seriously won’t ever forget in my life ever. So, here it goes:

I got through Lindsey’s autograph line, and she was wonderful and so so kind. (meanwhile the day before we were in an elevator together) I gave her my artwork I had made her, and she wrote on my signed photo that I’m talented and it made me real happy. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get to Eliza’s autograph line that day, but I did have a photo op with her later.
At the photo op, I showed her my Lexa tattoo (which she got excited about and there was some arm caressing) and we took a really hug-ey picture together. After that, a friend I had met in the line and I went to drop Merch off in her room and then in mine. We stayed and talked with my mom for a bit and then headed to the elevators to go back to the Con. While waiting I casually looked at my pal and said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be really funny if Eliza Taylor or Lindsey Morgan walked out of the elevator?” We shared a laugh, and then 5 whole seconds later…. OUT WALKS ELIZA JANE TAYLOR.

I somehow managed to excitedly say hi to her, and we spoke for a few seconds. I asked her if she wanted the art print I made her, not expecting anything to happen. She said, “yeah! Do you have it with you?” I didn’t. But my mother had sent me a text saying I had left my key in our room. So, I looked at Eliza and said, “Well.. No.. But it’s in my room down the hall, is that.. Okay?”
-dramatic pause-
Eliza said, “Sure! Let’s go get it!”
So, myself, my pal Hilary, and Eliza Taylor walked down the hall to my hotel room. I knocked on the door and all I managed to say was, “Uh mom… I have a surprise…” When my mom opened the door Eliza excitedly said hello, walked on in and gave my mom a hug. Meanwhile I was trying to catch my breath.
Eliza sat down on my bed and took off her heels. I looked for the art print, (which I will post later) and gave it to her along with a small raccoon plush. The print said, “What would Clarke Griffin Do?”
Reading it, Eliza said, “Wow! What would I do..?” To which I said, “I don’t know.. Pull a lot of levers?” To which she responded, “Oh yeah. I do that a lot.” Rolled her eyes and we shared a laugh. My mom offered her some little chocolates and she just sat in my hotel room and we talked about Sailor Moon, the Con, she told me little tidbits about her friendship with Devon Bostick, and living in Vancouver & L.A. She also got excited about me knowing who Candice is. (From her vines if you didn’t know) we took selfies together (the third photo) and then she went to her room after we said goodbyes and I told her I would be at her signing the next day.

Appropriately so, after she had left. I laid down on the floor for like three minutes and Hilary and were in disbelief.
Later that night we ran into each other again as she was going to dinner. Again, she gave my mom and I big hugs.
At her signing the next morning we talked a bit more and she thanked me for hanging out with her, & gave my buddy pal @damnlexa a shout out, and signed two photos for me. (The first started peeling after I got it for whatever reason)

So, after this whole weird, wonderful experience, I can honestly say that Eliza and Lindsey are both fantastic human beings. And anyone who says that Eliza hates her fans is just wrong. She is kind and sweet. She gave me so much time even though she had had a busy day at the con. She talked to me like a real person, not just another crazy fan. She was GENUINE. Lindsey Morgan was GENUINE. And I am still upset about 307 and everything Jason has done after that, but I will support these women & the other actors on that show.

Thank you and that is all.

P.s. @damnlexa & @fr3ight-train were the first and second people I told. It was important.

Request: Business call - Part 3

Request: I would like to request, a story out of Tigs POV. Where he should call someone for club business, but he has a wrong number and ends up at readers phone. At the end they end up together.. perhabs a bit smut if it’s posible for u :)

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of alcoholism, grief


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Tig’s POV

He laid by Y/N’s side, catching his breath. Tig didn’t cuddle, but that night and with her was different. He wanted her to stay, hold her close and wake up with Y/N’s sleepy eyes meeting his. He laid on his side, sliding a hand over her belly, pulling Y/N closer. She caressed his arm, tracing patterns with her fingertips as he nuzzled on her neck, breathing her scent in.

“Party is still going on”, Tig mumbled, pressing a kiss on her skin, “Do you want anything?”

“I’m good”, she moved closer, sighing and closing her eyes. Since the moment she walked in the clubhouse, Tig had the feeling something was going on. He wanted to ask her, not let her leave without a proper answer, but he decided to wait for the morning. All he wanted to do was just snuggle with her, maybe have a second round and enjoy that peaceful time alone.


He fell asleep soon after, listening Y/N breathing. Tig couldn’t remember when he ever had slept so easily. He woke up in the middle of the night though, with the sound of someone walking around the room. He propped his body up on his elbows. Tig noticed the other side of the bed was empty and suddenly, Y/N’s form became clear. She was getting dressed. He reached for the lampshade and turned it on, surprising Y/N.

“Where are you going?”, Tig saw her freeze for a second, then she leaned to grab her shoes.

“I’m leaving”, her voice was so low he barely heard it. Tig got up, pulling his boxers up. He turned the lights on and stood in front of the door. Y/N sighed, putting on her shirt, “Alex…”

“Something is wrong”, he barked, “I knew it from the second I saw you, actually I have known it since I called you the first time. Come on Y/N, tell me what is going on”

“I can’t stay Alex”, she hissed, her jaw clenched hard.

“One minute ago we were cuddling. What happened?”, Tig moved toward her to hold her hands, but Y/N walked backwards, avoiding his touch, “Come back to bed”, he softly begged.

“Charming”, she whispered then look up at him, eyes cold, “I can’t stay in Charming, I’m leaving today Alex”

“What?”, he had no right over her, they weren’t a couple, but still, he was feeling betrayed, “What about this night?”

“It was a goodbye!”, Y/N barked, “Now please, let me go”

“A goodbye? Bullshit!”, Tig raised his voice, seeing Y/N startle and not bothering if the whole clubhouse would listen them, “I deserve an explanation, I won’t let you go that easily!”

“I’m a coward! Is that what you wanna hear?”, Y/N walked toward him, her cheeks blushing as she ranted, “I’ve lost someone I loved and I’m still fucking grieving! I can’t let someone get closer again. What is the point if I’m gonna lose you?!”

“Y/N”, she seemed so fierce and yet, so fragile. All he wanted to do was hold her and make it right, “You’re not gonna lose me. You gotta try again”

“I can’t, I’m not ready”, Tig could see she was determined to go, nothing he could say would change her mind. He stepped aside so she could opened the door. He watched as she stopped at the door for a second, “I’m sorry Alex”  

“Yeah, me too. I fell for you”


My heart was breaking in a million pieces as I left SAMCRO clubhouse. I tried not to cry and didn’t look back. I got back to my hotel room and opened the suitcase over the bed. When I was done I couldn’t carry it downstairs, I began to cry and curled up in bed. I haven’t slept, but I hit the road anyway, feeling a lump on my throat as I saw the Charming sign on the rear view mirror.

Months later…

I had headed North, planning to stay one month in each state. However, I couldn’t stop for more than one week in each place, I got bored quickly and began to drink again; this time forget about California. I thought a change would be good, so I sold the car and hopped on a plane to Florida. I thanked God for the sun on my skin as soon as I arrived, sure I would have a good time. I was wrong again. I made the mistake to go to the beach on my first day and when I looked at the ocean, the memories overwhelmed me. The wonderful blue ocean and sky only reminded me of his eyes. It had been months since the last time I saw Alex and I still hadn’t forgotten him.

I sat on the sand, hugging my knees close to my chest. I had been running for a long time, trying to find a place for me, maybe somewhere to start again. I had found it, but I ran again. I didn’t believe I could be happy again. My heart had told me to stay and try, but my mind told me otherwise and fear won. I still had his phone number though, a piece of paper on my wallet. I was coward and selfish, keeping his number and wondering if he still thought or wanted me.

I don’t know why I did it. I grabbed my phone, the paper on my wallet and dialed his number. After the third ring, Alex answered it, “Hello”. I held my breath as he spoke, “Hello! Who is this?”. I hung up, tears rolling down my face and the sun setting on the horizon. What should I do?

Tig’s POV

Tig had told himself to move on, forget Y/N, but he couldn’t, he thought about her every single day. It was a selfish thought but- How long could a person grieve? How long would she run? He hated Y/N for a while, drowned his sorrows at the bar and erased her number. Juice offered to try to track her, but Tig doubted someone could do it, Y/N was determined not to be found. He frequently wondered where she was, what she was doing. Months had passed and her scent was still on his mind, their night together too. He should have noticed it was a goodbye.

He was almost losing hope and beginning to accept she wouldn’t come back. One day, his phone rang, it was an unknown number and nobody was answering his questions. At first, he thought it was a mistake or maybe someone trying to sell something, but after getting the same calls every day during a week, Tig began to think it was Y/N.

“Hello”, Tig answered when his phone rang again. He took a deep breath and decided to try, “Y/N?”, nobody answered, but there was someone still there, still listening, “Are you okay?… You can talk to me you know… Listen, I understand you weren’t ready to stay, to try again and I just hope you’re okay… You can call and talk to me whenever you want or… You can come back. I’m still here”


My heart beat faster with the sound of his voice. Was he crazy? What kind of man would want me back? Who would wait for so long? I had hurt him, but he still wanted me. I paced inside my hotel room that night, trying to figure out what to do. Could I go back? Could I live with the constant fear of losing him? I had fallen for Alex; I wanted him. I had run away from everything and everybody, thinking I could leave alone, but just one call had put an end to it, changed my life again. It was still dark when I left the hotel and walked to the beach; I sat on the sand again, hugging myself, watching the sunrise and the waves on the blue ocean.

Tig’s POV

It had been more than week since Y/N’s last call. Tig had her new number saved on his phone, but maybe it wouldn’t work or he shouldn’t call back. Club kept him busy enough, but whenever he was alone in his bedroom or just seated by the bar, his mind would go back to her. Tig had told her what was on his mind and it was her decision to come back or not. He was at the bar again, staring down at his half empty bottle of beer when the phone rang. It was Y/N’s former boss.

Tig had gone to the bar after Y/N leave town, ask her boss if he knew where she might be. The man didn’t know, but Tig gave his phone number, “Call me if you know anything”, he had begged.

“She is back”, her boss said when Tig answered the call, “She came back a few days ago, asked if I had a job for her. Her shift ends in half hour”


Tig haven’t seen her car anywhere, Y/N must have lost or sold it. He parked his bike across the street and waited. Minutes later, Y/N walked out the bar. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she held her purse close to her body, already walking up the street. Tig hated she was walking alone at night; he clenched his jaw and ran to meet her.

“Y/N!”, he called out. She froze for a second and then turned around, mouth ajar.

“How…?”, she started as Tig stood in front of her, a safe distance between them.

“Your boss”, he confessed. Y/N just sighed and looked down, “Why you didn’t call?”

“I’m a coward, remember?”, she whispered before look up at him again, “I have been thinking how to do this, what to say to you, wondering if you would be happy to see me, if you really want me here…”

“I did told you to come back, remember?”, Tig cut her off. Y/N was tearing up; she closed her eyes and nodded.

“Yes, but-“, she licked her lips and ran her hands through her hair, “Why? Why would you want a complicated person like me? You should hate me Alex!”

“I can’t”, Tig admitted and moved closer, cupping her face. He pressed his lips over hers in a gentle kiss, “Why did you come back?”, he whispered, lips just an inch away from Y/N’s.

“I came back for you”, she confessed in a whisper. Tig pulled back to look at her, “I’m tired of running, I wanna be happy again, but… I’m still afraid. This isn’t fair to you Alex”

“Let me decide that doll”, he smiled, tracing her low lip with his thumb, “You just have to stay and try again. We’re in this together”

“I want to”, Y/N caressed his cheek and smiled. Tig pecked her lips and grabbed her hand, pulling Y/N with him toward his bike.

“Come on doll”, he handed Y/N a helmet, “Let’s go for a ride”

“Where are you gonna take me?”, she smirked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Where do you wanna go?”, Tig hopped on his bike and looked over his shoulder to her.

“With you?”, Y/N wrapped her arms around him and rested her chin on his shoulder, “Anywhere”

The End

Jaehyun - Rain

Rain pitter-pattered on the edges of your windows that were facing outwards. As you roused yourself from a pleasant slumber, you let out a blissful sigh when you felt a pair of warm arms wrapped securely around you. You turned to look at your beau, who slept like a log, before smiling softly. You admired his long eyelashes which you would die to have.

As the rain got heavier, you got up slowly, moving Jaehyun’s arms gently away from you. Reaching out and letting the cold icy rain touch your skin, you pulled the windows towards you and locked them. You sat and watched as the rain fell in crazy chaotic drops.

Feeling a presence beside you, you welcomed the sight of Jaehyun rubbing sleep out of his eyes. He looked at you before stretching his arms out to caress your hair.

“Your hair looks like a bird’s nest,” Jaehyun said. He burst out laughing after you punched him lightly. He got up and pulled you along. Falling onto bed, he pulled the blanket over the both of you and wrapped his arms around you once again before drifting off to dreamland.

It Must Be Mine: Part Two

Link to part one.

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader, Sammy is also present:)

Summary:  Dean somehow survived Metatron’s attack, but the Dean the reader knows and loves isn’t the one standing in front of her.

Word Count: 2,210

Warnings: Language, Demon! Dean, kidnapp-y scenario  

A/N: This is the second installment of “It Must Be Mine.” I have no idea how long this series is going to be, I’ve never actually done anything like this. So. We. Will. See.

(GIFs are not mine.)

You tried scrambling away from Dean, but he held you in place. He pushed himself back on top of you, pinning your hands above your head, using one arm, while the other caressed your cheek.

“I don’t know who you are but you better get the hell out of Dean!” You spat at the demon possessing the man you loved.  

Dean shook his head at you and tsked. “There’s nobody in this body but me, baby. The old, soft Dean, that wouldn’t go after what he wanted is gone. This is the new me. Tough, aggressive, and nothing is going to stop me from getting what’s mine.”

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