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so now we’re into the stolen centuries arc I think it’s a fair assumption to say that the unaccounted for deaths Kravitz mentioned in crystal kingdom are from their deaths exploring the different planes
Merle has 57 deaths total, so given everything I know about Merle Highchurch, you cannot convince me that since he knew he was gonna revive on the StarBlaster that whenever he was told “we gotta run quickly to the ship, or we’re gonna die!” that his immediate response wasn’t


Last minute frantic cosplay prep. 

Both the arm and the bracer aren’t quite done. I have to revisit the closing method–velcro is so not working. I think I’m gonna have to get some grommets and lace through em even if it spoils the effect slightly. Worth it.

And just cause I know someone’s gonna bring it up, I know Merle’s wood arm is on the right but I just wanna make things easier for myself and have the hand with slightly more mobility on my right side.

Emergency Response Tips Straight From A First Responder, For All Your Protest Needs:

If anyone plans on going to an anti-Nazi protest and wants to know
some real rudimentary emergency first aid, this is the post for you.

I’m a certified Wilderness First Responder who specializes in being
able to provide ER-level care without any ER equipment. I’m going
to tell you the same advice I used to save a life on the 4th of July,
as well as ideas for DIY-protective armor and what to do if assaulted.
I would appreciate reblogs to get the word out there far and wide.

1) Don’t just yell that someone should call 911. Physically
point to someone, make eye contact, and say YOU, dial 911.

2) Remember to make sure the scene is safe before you put
yourself in danger to help. Two victims is worse than one.

3) Remember your ABCDE! Airway (obstruction), Breathing
(lack of or difficulty in), Circulation (lack of pulse), Deformity
(broken bones, bad body position), Environment (cold ground,
trampling hazards) will be most likely to kill someone quickest,
in order for ABC and circumstantial for DE. Check for breathing
before you check for a pulse
. If not breathing, check airway first.

4) If there is no breathing and no pulse, perform CPR. Align the
heel of your hand over the sternum (chest bone) in between the
victim’s nipples. Apply pressure in quick, sharp bursts at 100bpm

(picture the song “Stayin’ Alive” in your head for the correct tempo).

In many people you will hear/feel ribs break; this is normal. Repeat
chest compressions until EMTs arrive. DO NOT provide rescue
breathing, as it is no longer seen as medically advisable

5) If you are going to handle blood, attempt to minimize liquid
. Ask around for waterproof gloves or sandwich bags or
even condoms to protect your hands. If someone is gushing blood,
elevate the affected area above the heart and apply pressure

If someone is SPURTING blood, do not attempt a tourniquet
unless you know how to do it safely
. Instead, it is advisable
to attempt to pinch the severed artery shut with your fingers.

6) When a person is in shock, they will be pale, breathing heavily
but quickly, and have a fast but weak pulse. Lay them down on their
back and elevate their feet on a backpack or other height higher
than six inches
. Keep them there and try getting them to drink.

7) Again, make sure YOU are not in danger while you offer
. If the scene is not safe or becoming dangerous, move
the victim either by dragging them on a blanket or with other’s help

8) If you see an obvious broken bone deformity, try to immobilize
the joints on either side of the break if possible
. For fingers, use
some pencils and tape. For arms, use brooms or protest signs
and blankets or jackets. IMPORTANT: If someone’s upper leg
is broken, keep them still and DO NOT attempt to move them!

The femoral artery runs down the femur point with the highest
chance of breaking; if a bone edge severs it, they will bleed out!

9) If someone is unconscious, look for a medical bracelet or
medical tattoo
. If they are diabetic, feed them sugary food.
If they are asthmatic, find their inhaler. If you think they’ve
had a seizure, make sure they’re comfortable and don’t put
anything in their mouth
! If you think they’re in anaphylaxis,
look/ask around for an EpiPen and give Benadryl if possible.

10) Make sure that the area around you is clear so that your
patient can breathe a higher oxygen ratio. Have people set up
a perimeter if you can. Be sure while you are there to take
vitals every five to ten minutes
. For pulse, feel the vein on their
wrists or neck. For breathing, monitor chest movement and count
breaths per minute (24 is normal). If they’re unconscious, rub
their sternum with your knuckle hard and wait for a response

11) If a person has a head injury, lean them against something.
If they can answer who they are, where they are, what happened,
and a common trivia question, they’re clear for the moment.
If any of those drops off, there may be brain trauma
. If a
person has gone unconscious and regained it and become
aggressive, there is likely pressure on their brain. Attempt
to immobilize the victim without hurting them if you can

12) PERSONAL PROTECTION: shin guards from your local
sports Depot can be worn on your arms like bracers and legs
as intended. Around the chest, layer cardboard and notebooks
and secure with duct tape
. Bicycle kneepads, elbowpads, gloves,
and helmets may also be useful. For shoulders, football padding
is advisable. If you are not prepared to physically fight others to
defend someone, RECORD the actions going on with your phone.

13) IF YOU ARE ASSAULTED: Go for the eyes. Do not be afraid
to claw them out, these people mean to kill you. If they grab you,
pull their middle finger back as HARD as you can. Kicking in the
nuts will likely cause them to be more violent. If you’re being choked,
then play dead. If it comes to punching, block with your forearms.

If you’re doing the punching, hit with your first two fingers
and don’t tuck your thumb into your palm
, that’ll break it.

This is just SOME of the stuff I know. For more information,
please message me. Feel free to share. You could save a life.

Side Note: Sorry it took so long I had to put some extra thought into this one because it could have gone a lot of different ways!

Warning: slight violence?

Tightening the laces of her arm bracers, Aithne could feel his gaze burning a hole into her back as she prepared for the battle that was to happen when they set sail on the boats for wessex. “I don’t want you to go…” Bjorn said, she could just imagine the displeased look upon his face she would receive when she turned around. “Well that’s to bad, because I’m going weather you want me to or not."  Grabbing her things, she turned to face him as he moved to block the door. "Aithne no, i forbid you from going.” Stepping forward, the celt started him in the eyes. “That’s funny, the last time I checked you weren’t your father and only your father, who is earl may forbid me from going where i please.” Side stepping him, she moved out the door and headed for the boats. “Damn it woman I am just trying to protect you!” Stopping, she turned around to face him once more. “Who said i need protecting Bjorn? You should worry about yourself! I can take care of myself just fine without anyone’s help!” Turning around, she headed for the boats as Ragnar approached his son with a sly grin. Clasping his hand on his shoulder, he shook him slightly and  asked in a joking tone. “Trouble in paradise hm?”

With in the 3 days it had taken to reach Wessex Aithne had threatened to harm Bjorn in multiple different ways though her favorite was saying she would throw him over board and drown him in the sea because of his constant badgering of how he didn’t want her fighting and that she should have stayed home in Kattegat, Half way through the second day Bjorn had back off after she almost knocked him off the boat in a fit of anger.
Sitting outside the tent, Aithne stared into the flames of the fire that sat infront of her. Her thoughts racing of what could come tomorrow on the battlefield. She had been so deep in her thoughts she almost didn’t notice Ragnar sitting down next to her.

“So tell me my little warrior why has such a stoney expression crossed your face?”

Sighing in exasperation, she shook her head. “I do not understand why Bjorn does not believe in me? Am I not a good warrior? I have know how to fight and have never lost a battle so why does he say i should not come?” she questioned.

Poking the fire with a stick, Ragnar scratched his beard in thought before he spoke. “You are a great warrior but love does crazy things….He is just being overprotective because he cares for you but his love and worry overshadows his commen sense but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust in you or your skills in battle.”

“Then why does he not just say so instead of badgering me and commanding me to stay home as if I’m a slave girl instead of the shield maiden that i am?”

As they conversed, a pair of blue eyes stared upon them from across the way, Bjorn could only hope and pray to the gods that nothing bad would happen tomorrow because he had a lot of apologizing to do.

The battle could be heard for miles as yells and shouts rang out, shields and weapons clashed and people dropped to the ground lifeless, though it was with great enjoyment yet frustration to Aithne that the majority where those of the Christians and not so much her comrades. Slashing one in the throat, she could feel the splash of blood wet her clothing as she moved to swing low and caught another in the heel helping one of her fellow shield maidens. Searching for her next challenge, she was unprepared when someone tried to strike her from behind, luckily her shield had saved her. Stumbling forward, she turned to face her attacker. It seemed one of the higher ranking Christians had come to seek her out. Glancing at him, she twirled her sword and removing her shield from her back as the soldier moved to charge her.


It had all happened so fast, one minute Bjorn had fighting along side his father and the next he had looked up to see his lover engaging in battle against a soldier.


Blinking, Aithne waited for her vision to clear as the ceiling of her tent came i to focus. Groaning, she rubbed her eyes and tried to sit up only to cry out in pain atthe burning sensation that settled upon tge left side of her waist. Gripping the furs underneath her she as she laid back down, the sound of someone rustling about at the entrance of her tent could ve heard. Lifting her head, she could a
See the large frame of Bjorn stepping inside quickly. Moving to her side, he kneeled and grabbed her hand, bringing it up to his lips to gently his it. “Thank the gods you are awake, never scare me like this again please….you have been asleep for 2 days…i feared you would not wake up.” staring up at him in shock, she shook her head. “What happened?” “you engaged in a fight against a soldier and as you killed him another tried to come up from behind and kill you but they were only able to injure up on the waist as you turned around and I rushed to your defense…” laying her head back, her gazed shifted from looking at Bjorn to staring at the ceiling. Thinking of what he said, the memories slowly came back to her. “Thank you for helping me Bjorn…I’m sorry for all the things I’ve said it was just frustrating because it felt like you didn’t believe in me an-” cutting her off, he smiled and leaned down to kiss her. “There is nothing to apologize for if anything I should be the one saying sorry and I’m just glad you are alive…can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” smiling back, she nodded and kissed him in return.


“How do I look?”

“You look fucking ridiculous.”


The toy Mjolnir I plan to turn into Lil’ Smusher still hasn’t arrived, and when it does I’ll paint it and add something to attach it to my belt. But the costume is basically done. See if you can spot the five different magic items I’m wearing (not counting, of course, the Extreme Teen Bible or the bracer or arm.)

Not pictured: My stone of Farspeech, Fantasy Costco tote bag, as well as the Nit Picker and Voom Broom both of which will likely be sacrifices for bag space.


The Making of Wonder Woman - The Bracers

I used craft foam and sandwiched it in Worbla to create these. I them pressed in some detailing while it was still hot and put in rivets and grommets for some decoration. I wanted to kind of mimic a leather type bracer while still getting the trademark metal look to it. I also think it will work well with this Spartan-inspired Wonder Woman. After I did the detailing work, I formed it around my arms for a good fit.
The next steps for these will be casting the stars, attaching them to the bracers and then painting.

anonymous asked:

As part of alternative therapy, one way for Bucky to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression is to start knitting. It also gave him an outlet to create something beautiful when thinking of what HYDRA made him do. At first, its just small blankets and scarves of varying sizes. But by the time winter comes around you have dozens of sweaters- each varying due to his skill level at the time. The first few were too short, had sleeves down to your knees, until Bucky finally gets the proportions (1/2)

right and knits sweaters for a foster home. When Christmas comes around he has special gifts for each Avenger: Clint has purple arm bracers with arrows stitched in, Thor gets a sleeve for Mjolnir, Steve holster for his shield, Bruce and Tony get matching Science Bro sweaters, Nat and Wanda get pairs of fluffy socks, and Sam gets a replica of Redwing with ‘For pigeon, from Bucky’ stitched on the bottom. (2/2)

I really love the idea of Bucky knitting. I imagine theyre also the softest comfiest sweaters - Gen

Fluffy Friday™

  1. Wood arm
  2. Bracer of Balance
  3. Extreme Teen Bible
  4. Beard
  5. Flower Crown
  6. Slippies of Haste
  7. Both amulets
  8. Secret Project
  9. Paint and fancy up the toy Mjolnir
  10. Belt harness for Extreme Teen Bible, Party Points Pouch, etc
  11. Pan Bible Camp t-shirt
  12. Mockingbird gum

It’s gonna be all cosplay today. Slowly but surely getting there. The arm and bracer are both SUPER LOOSE and saggy because turns out it is impossible to lace them up properly with one hand, but I still wanted a pic with them on.

Peace Talks

From Slow Burn 

More Chapters: 1 2 3 4

Sorry one took so long! I just started a second job and it’s been an adjustment. I’ll try and get the next one out soon! Thanks for all the love everyone<3

“Elain, you don’t have to come,” Feyre was looking at her like she was about to break.

Elain smiled at her sister, “I want to be there and see this through. I’ve been involved from the beginning and I won’t shrink away from my part in this.”

Of course, she didn’t have to go to the peace negotiations between Fae and Humans. Feyre, Rhys, and Nesta were the only three from the Night Court that were truly needed. Yet, Elain couldn’t shake the feeling that it was crucial she went. And it wasn’t as if she was the only other extra from the Night Court. It was a given that Mor, Cassian, and Azriel would go as well. Even if Amren wasn’t currently vacationing in the Summer Court she doubted she would’ve been accompanying the party.

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Cosplay tip: cosplaying on a budget

I am your typical Broke College Student™ so i thought i’d share some tips i use on how to cosplay on a budget. Because sometimes we all get sick of living on instant ramen.

Choose a budget-friendly character: how wallet-friendly you are willing to be depends on the character you choose; sadly you can’t make a full Daedric armor cheaply! 

But if you’re creative enough, there are definitely other ways to make more elaborate characters and still be able to pay the rent:

-Make use of materials you already own: you could choose a character that would make use of some of that roll of leftover fabric, leftover craft foam bits, etc.

You could also recycle parts from your previous cosplays. I borrowed arm bracers from my Garrett cosplay for my vault dweller cosplay because they look similar anyway, I just saved myself from having to make another one.  

-Get inspiration from your wardrobe: civilian clothing can come in handy for cosplay! 

You could modify existing clothing or accessories. Anything you don’t have to make is one less thing you have to buy. For my Johnny Joestar cosplay, I embroidered and modified an existing beanie that I haven’t worn since high school.   

Or you could also trace existing clothing to make a pattern out of. Why buy patterns when you can make ‘em for free amirite? 

-Be creative, think outside the box!: being frugal means you have to be creative in how you construct your cosplay. One time i was too cheap and too lazy to buy gold paint for my Jotaro Kujo hat, so i used gold nail polish instead.

The word of the day is be ‘C R E A T I V E’. Think of other ways to make the cosplay of your dreams and still have money for boring adult stuff.

Bruce Wayne x Reader - Take. It. Off.

Knock knock.

“Mr Wayne?”

No reply.

Knock knock.

“Mr Wayne!”

Again, no reply.

There was no other choice. Y/N forced her way into the room, the door slamming as she purposefully strode past the bed and to the window. Pulling back the curtains as loudly as she could, Y/N heard Bruce groan and begin to stir.

With her hands on her hips, she turned to him with a scowl, “Mr Wayne!?”

“What?”  His voice was muffled by the pillow he had thrown over his face in an attempt to block out the intruding sunlight, yet the irritation in his tone was evident.

“It’s 9.30. You have a meeting with Lucius Fox at 10. If you don’t get out of bed now, we’ll be late.”

Bruce let out a huff and lazily waved a hand, as if dismissing her. Y/N frowned, infuriated with his ignorance.

“Lucius will be waiting. You were the one who asked for this meeting to be arranged.”

“I had a busy night.”

“I’m sure you did.”

“Just reschedule it.”

“Mr Wayne, get out of bed. Now” she scolded.

“I just want to sleep.”


He raised his head a little, the pillow falling to the side, “Bats are nocturnal creatures, you know.”

With that, he heftily rolled over on his back to face away from her and pulled the sheets further over himself.

Letting out a frustrated huff, Y/N strode over to the bed, gripped the edges of the duvet and pulled as hard as she could. In one swift movement, the sheets had fallen from the bed to the floor, leaving Bruce exposed.

Shocked by the sudden wave of cold air, he bolted upright and shouted in offence, “Hey! I could have you fired for that!”

Y/N struggled to hold back an amused smile at his overwhelmed state, “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh?” Bruce quirked an eyebrow as she smirked, rolling up the discarded sheets.

“You couldn’t live without me.”

He allowed himself to grin a little as he watched her place the pile of sheets at the end of his mattress. He muttered, “That’s true.”

Y/N looked up at him in surprise and met his eyes. Did Bruce Wayne actually just compliment her? She searched his expression for some sort of sign that he was simply teasing her or mocking, but only found an intense, sincere glint in his eye. Slightly bewildered, Y/N looked away from him as she felt a small blush rise to her cheeks. It was then that she noticed he was still partially wearing his batsuit. He had clearly fallen asleep, at goodness knows what hour last night, without bothering to remove his undershirts or arm bracers, “So that’s what you were doing.”

“And what else did you think I was doing last night?” Bruce frowned.

Y/N hesitated before answering, “Well, I just…I assumed you had…company.”

Bruce watched as she hurriedly turned away from him to busy herself with the curtains again, her cheeks a deeper red than they were before.

“Really, Y/N? You think so little of me?” Bruce mocked. Y/N noticed this tone and managed to recover her usual, more stern demeanour.

“So, now that you understand why I didn’t get any sleep last night,” Bruce began, “could you please cancel that meeting?”

Knowing that she had no other option but to cancel, Y/N sighed, ”Fine.”

Bruce nodded with a satisfied smile and reached over to grab the sheets, but Y/N moved quickly to grab them, “If you’re going back to sleep, take it off.”


“The suit, take it off.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

“Y/N, I think you’ll find that you take orders from me. Not the other way around.”

“Orders?” Y/N exclaimed, “What am I - your butler? Ah, no disrespect to Alfred of course.”

“Still, I’m your boss. You have to do as I say” he smirked again as she scowled, “Now, if you want the suit off so much, come over here and help me.”

Y/N only stared at him with wide eyes as Bruce rolled out of the bed.


“No, Y/N, like I said; you have to do as I say,” he teased, fighting back a grin. It was so easy.

Y/N’s breath caught in her throat as he slowly strode over to her. Bruce was looking down at her. Trying to distract herself from the chest that was now directly in front of her, Y/N raised her eyeline to his face. Unfortunately, due to the close proximity of the pair, she began to note the irresistible chocolate shade of his eyes, which were glistening with amusement, as well as the early morning sunlight that was seeping in through the curtains. She also struggled to fight back an overwhelming urge to reach out and run a hand through his hair, which was sticking out in every possible direction as he had literally just got out of bed.

“Help me take them off,” He stretched his arms out in front of him so that they were either side of her, breaking her reverie. Bruce raised his eyebrows expectantly.

“Mr Wayne, I don’t think that this is at all appropriate-”

“That’s an order.”

Despite every nerve in her being screaming at her, Y/N found herself reaching out for the buckle that held the first arm bracer in place. Bruce watched her work. Her small hands worked so quietly and efficiently. He almost found himself entranced by the swift movements of her nimble fingers. Every so often he would feel them brush slightly against his arm. The sensation often caused them both to pause. Hold their breath. Close their eyes. Releasing the breath. And continue to work.

He also noticed how her brow creased and nose minutely crinkled as she concentrated on a rather stubborn buckle that was refusing to undo itself. Bruce swallowed. Her tongue brushed gently across her lower lip, resting there as she tried her best to overpower the bracer. Bruce tried to swallow again. His throat was dry.

Y/N did her best to ignore the tense muscles she could feel beneath his undershirts. She was failing. Miserably.

After a little while longer, the bracers were finally removed. Taking a slight step back from him, she hesitantly raised her eyes to meet his gaze. Y/N found herself unable to recognise or interpret the new, unfamiliar glint that had appeared in his eyes. In an attempt to distract from the noise of her heart violently thumping its way through her chest and break the strange silence they were caught in, she took a breath and decided to speak up.

“Is that all, Mr Wayne?” Feeling the fiery blood in her cheeks burn, she took his silence as confirmation and scurried past him for the door. As she reached for the doorknob he called out to her again.


“Yes, Mr Wayne?”

“I’m the boss.”

She could practically hear the smirk.