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I was re-reading your jailbreak drabbles and in the one where hyungwon goes "missing" I was really digging the subtle hyungwonho feels and was wondering, if you were up for it, if you could write a small one about their shenanigans in the gang and how jooheon has to deal with the aftermath or something?

(42) Jailbreak | Gangster AU

“You did what with all the guns?” Jooheon’s irritated voice sounds throughout the space. Hyungwon and Hoseok stand before him, side by side, arms tucked behind their backs and expressions of slight guilt painted onto their faces, just as children being scolded. 

“We took out all the ammunition and hid it around the house.”

Jooheon’s fingers come up to furiously rub his temples. “And why exactly did you do that?”

The boys glance at each other once, with Hyungwon ever so subtly trying to hold back a smile. “To see who can find them all first.”

Jooheon blinks hard. “And what did you get from that?”

“That I am officially better than him.” Hoseok juts his chin out, though Hyungwon’s brows are furrowing quickly in protest.

“Listen, I got all the biggest cartridges-”

“No, you didn’t. You were on the couch the whole time.”

“Yes, because I hid them in the couch.”

Jooheon curses at his slowly forming headache. “Has it occurred to you that we might need those things? In case we…..I don’t know, get raided by another gang?”

Hyungwon quite literally waves him off. “It’s okay, we can find them all easily.”

Jooheon narrows his eyes. “And did you?”

Another set of glances are thrown at each other. “Um… we still have to keep looking for the last ones,” Hoseok says, a bit weakly.

“But we’ll find them,” Hyungwon assures, though Hoseok is straightening up again.

“I can find them all first.”

“Okay, you go do that.”

Hoseok immediately sets off searching through the house, and Hyungwon takes the chance to slop onto the couch. He only notices Jooheon staring once he completely sprawls his body all along the cushions.

“What? It’s fun watching him compete against himself.”

“If someone dies in a firefight because they didn’t have ammo, it’s on you.” Jooheon points a hopefully threatening finger at the unmoving gangster, though he seems unfazed

“Actually, it’s on Hoseok because he hid the magazines way in the back of the-”

“I found them!” Hoseok calls from somewhere far off, and it takes a moment out of Jooheon’s blinding anger to see him emerging from out of the refrigerator with the ammunition in his grip. 

Jesus fucking–no more of these games, alright!? We can’t afford it!”

Both of their faces immediately fall. “But-”

“Do you want me to get Y/n here to scold you properly?”

The room is blanketed in pin-drop silence almost immediately, and it does everything to curl a smile on Jooheon’s lips and pride in his stomach. 

“I thought so.”

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for the otp questions ask thing: could you do halemadge 8, 9, 13, and 17 in honour of benny's birthday? thanks <3

8) Who likes to wear the others sweatshirts?

If they do- it is very unintentional because a lot of their clothes look exactly the same. The basically twin 24/7. They cannot even tell the difference between each other’s clothes most of the time. They buy the same type and they are the same size. 

9) Who wakes the other up in the middle of the night to tell them a cool dream they had? Who has the most nightmares, and who sings them back to sleep after?

Answered here

13) Who initiates duets? and who is the better singer?

BEN IS THE BETTER SINGER BY FAR. It is so not hard for them to start duets. They duet probably every five seconds- and damn it is magical. 

17) Who is more protective?

Nathan will fight you at 2 am with one arm tied behind his back and a blindfold on if you hurt Ben. Ben will probably be there, cheering him on. 

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Advice for the Anon who needs a bro to back the flip up (this works on all genders): put your arms behind your back, and turn your palms into your lower back until a right angle is formed, your elbow a point. If it whallops them in the chest then turn slightly, into their personal bubble and say, "pardon me." Do not claim to be sorry, do not apologize. Then maintain the space that right-angle affords you. Even in a tight line you merit your own right-angle.

thank you for them you’re more useful than me xDD

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how do you hand? like asdfghjkl; i hate drawing hands but yours are so cute

yes i got p good at the same 3 hand poses i always draw

ok but seriously

i tried??? BUT

 these probably arent gonna help you much bc ive seen three million hand tutorial posts telling me to divide them into shapes and none of them helped me, until i watched mp100 and was like “oh wait i can divide them into THESE SHAPES yes.. big meaty claws..”

basically, divide them into shapes (you should divide EVERYTHING into shapes), but you gotta find your own way to do it. which is by practice and looking at other stuff for insp maybe

ALSO STOP HIDING THEM shitty hands must be drawn before they can be good so dont waste ur time drawing ppl in those arms behind back poses youre just dragging it out