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Sunny Yogi’s Guide to Crow Pose ♥ 

Arm balances are a great way to find balance and build arm muscles. They are also great for practicing for inversions :) Here is my how to guide on how to do crow pose.  

I would like to mention, that I’m not a yoga teacher and these steps are based off of my experience. 

Step One: Start off Standing 

Root your feet to the ground.  It’s always good to start off with a strong foundation.  

Step Two: Buddha Squat 

From standing, drop down into a buddha squat.  Root your feet down, make sure your back is straight and your chest is lifted.  In this pose you can also use your elbows to push against your thighs to create a hip opener stretch. 

Step Three: Place hands on the ground, and lean forward. 

While in buddha squat set your hands on the floor and then lean forward pressing your knees gently on your upper arm. Make sure your eyes are looking forward- do not collapse your head. 

Step Four: Bend arms slightly. Lean forward a little and press your knees into your arms.  

Bend your arms slightly and lean forward, pressing your knees into your arms.  For beginners maybe try to stay in this pose for awhile, engaging your core and finding your balance.  

I should probably mention that for some people, your arms might hurt if your knees are pressing into your skin.  Wear longer pants! 

Step Five: Raise one leg up. Look forward, keeps eyes looking ahead, and bend your arms some more. 

This step is a good step to practice before you get into the full arm balance.  Raise one leg up and engage your core.  Alternate your legs back and forth. Make sure you can do this step before continuing on :) 

Make sure your head is not collapsed; head up and eyes looking ahead.

Step Six: Raise both legs up. Engage that core! 

Taking a deep breath, raise your other leg up! Make sure your core is engaged.  KEEP YOUR HEAD RAISED AND YOUR EYES FIXED FORWARD. 

Yay, you are now doing crow pose :)  

Additional tips: 

  • Wear longer pants if your knees hurt the skin on your arms. 
  • Put a pillow in front of you if you are afraid of falling flat on your face (something I have done many times!). 
  • Try each step out slowly.  Crow pose is not an easy pose. 
  • Arm and ab exercises can help you improve this pose better. 

Have fun, and be safe when practicing this pose!  Take a picture of your progress and tag me in it! I’d love to see all of your guy’s crow. 


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Gentle Hip Opening Yoga Sequence (11 minutes) 

Whether you just want to release some tension or prep yourself for Grasshopper, Hurdlers, or Perching Pigeon (more arm balances!!) try this easy routine. Simple is always good, especially when opening the hips. Try to find/create a balance between both sides and relaaaaaaaax


Arm balance progress.

I’m still pretty wonky at holding any type of nice looking form on these two balances… But hey. Just a month ago I never knew I’d be capable of this in such a short time. Practice brings amazing things 🙌


How to Crow Pose & Crane Pose (4 minutes) 

Ready to Crow? Crow Pose may be one of the first arm balances you’ll learn in a Power Vinyasa class, and Crane pose is a more advanced variation with straight arms. Try both and hold wherever you arm to strengthen your wrists, arms, shoulders and core. Bonus that practicing will also improve your posture! 

Warm ups: 

Practice regularly to prepare yourself for our next arm balance to be uploaded on Friday! Remember that even if you don’t get your feet off the ground you’re still benefiting from the pose. Hold wherever you are :) 

~Sarah Beth Yoga

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