ML Headcanon: Chloe actually doesn’t have good eyesight.

She isn’t a fan of contact lenses and the minute she tried on glasses she absolutely hated the way they looked on her.

So what was the next best option?

That’s why she’s got those sunglasses on her head all the time.



 ML sweatpants crew part 2??

➭ ChLOehh, Rose, Juleka, and Tomato Child have been added to the party~ 

I also just wanna say a quick thank you for all the support and lovely comments! I usually don’t post with this art style so it really meant a lot to me ;,)

Part 1 (Adrien and Marinette)


So uh.. the plan was to just draw Marinette in some baggy sweatpants… Next thing I know, everyone is in sweatpants and I created an art dump..

Also, first sketches of 2017! Woop woop! I’ll be posting more sketches of Alya and Nino sometime soon ;)

Part 2

Shout Out

So, I have been pretty good about trying to consistently do shout outs to writers and fic recs and so on, but today I want to take a second to do some artist appreciation- 

You guys are such a huge part of what makes fandoms wonderful, and lovely, and you help us get through the long hiatuses with your amazing work. You put your time and your talent into creating beautiful pieces of art that the only thanks you get for is shoutouts and reblogs. 

You suffer through the terrible trials of reposters- of people shamelessly stealing your work for their own gain- be it monetary or just notoriety- and often having the gall to then act like their behavior is on any level acceptable. 

So for the little it is worth- Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your time, your dedication, your talent, and your perseverance. Thank you for all the joy you bring to your fellow fans. Thank you for being mentors and inspiration for others who want to be the future artists. Thank you a million times over. Thank you for every time it wasn’t said. 

We are proud of you, we are humbled by you, and we love you. 

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Edit: Adding more people! 

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Edit 2: Artist names round 3! I am trying to get as many people as I can ^_^ LOL There are too many of you! Had to do a good amount work! 

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And @ all of the other artists who I haven’t yet tagged because remembering names is hard. Please know that there are those of us who love and support you, and are truly honored to have you as part of our fandom. 


Steam Serene…tank engine crosses the River Severn by Keith Wilkinson
Via Flickr:
In glorious morning sunshine, tank engine 1450 crosses the River Severn on Victoria Bridge with a chartered train of two brake vans. This was the 9.00 a.m. departure from Bewdley to Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway on Saturday August 6th 2016. The former Great Western Railway steam locomotive was carrying the head board: SLS Special.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Omg I love your art!! It's sooooo cute! My favourite artworks of yours are the Miraculous Ladybug ones because I'm obsessed XD But I was wondering are you gonna do any Chloé Bourgeois drawings??💛

Thanks anon, I gotchu ಠ ε ಠ ♥

I really like drawing Chloe so I’m pretty sure I’ll be drawing more of her in the future :D