On today’s video, it’s Boyfriend VS. Boyfriend: The Whisper Challenge!
Who wins? Who loses? Find out :)
( boredpoetsociety is the boyfriend :) )


Chris and I take the Las Vegas strip!
It was a ton of fun, and we both went on top of the Stratosphere for the first time! Overall an incredible couple of days :)
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Chris and I recorded a cover together!!!
It was super spontaneous, so it’s not quite like my others (audio quality is kinda crap from my Mac microphone) but it was still super fun, and I love making music with the man I love <3

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Tonight, an era ends. Glee is finally having their series finale. I personally owe so much to the show and the people on it. Their representation of a confident young gay man made me realize that I too could be happy being who I am. Because of that show, a little boy finally stopped hating himself, and instead, started celebrating what made him different. Ultimately turning him into the man you see today. I’m so sad that it’s over tonight, and that we have to see Glee go. But I’ll never stop believin. “By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.”

Young (Lock It Up)
Ray Winters
Young (Lock It Up)

Hi everyone! This is one of my original songs, it’s called Young (Lock It Up)!

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It’s a sunny day. You’re listening to Pandora. Suddenly, the first note of “Someone Like You” begins. The room slowly turns black and white. The sky darkens. It begins to rain. You begin to cry. The door flies open. It’s Adele. She’s turned up out of the blue uninvited clad in all black. The question “Where has Adele been” has finally been answered. You weep.


Chris ( boredpoetsociety ) and I made some more videos while he was down here!

Here’s the first of them! The Bean-Boozled Challenge.

It was uhm…well it was gross. But we did it.