arlene graston

Cosmic Child ~ 

aries is the child of the zodiac, newly sculpted in heaven, discovering and learning
gemini are the adolescent twins who remain eternally youthful
cancer is the wounded inner child
leo is the creative expression and voice of the inner child

Divine Mother ~ 

taurus is mother earth, the half crescent moon upon the bull’s head symbolises the fertility principle in taurus. taurus is the softness and metabolism of pregnancy and holding life
cancer is the mother goddess, the beginning of the circle of life in the summer solstice, the first relationship on earth we have being with the mother, the infinite creator, bordered by water, the foetus is nourished. ruled by mother moon
virgo is the mother of harvest, containing the spiritual seed, nurturing the holy child, ruled by the moon in esoteric astrology. the glyph of virgo illustrates an ‘m’, mother turned inward, or ‘mv’ mother virgin. virgo is the sign of the divine feminine


[art: arlene graston]