FILMS WATCHED IN 2012 | Brotherhood ★★★★☆
Adam Buckley finds himself in the middle of a convenience store robbery during his last night as a pledge for a college fraternity. When the initiation ritual goes horribly wrong, and every move proves disastrous, Adam is forced to confront a new challenge all together, and he has to take a stand.

liveslived  asked:

Charles Michael Davis, Aldis Hodge, Alphonso McAuley, Boris Kodjoe, Arlen Escarpeta, Morris Chestnut, Clé Bennett, Elliot Knight, Isaiah Mustafa, Lee Thompson Young and Titus Makin Jr. Idk how many of these guys are underappreciated/underused but I've not seen them used much on Tumblr as fcs so idk! Hope this helps 💚


help cass make more characters than she needs to

Thank you so much for your suggestions! I actually decided to use Morris Chestnut as a face claim, he just works really well for what I had in mind.