1959 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Racer Concept

Developed by GM design chief Bill Mitchell (Harley Earl’s successor in 1958), stylist Larry Shinoda, and the engineering help of the “godfather” of the Corvette, Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Stingray was fitted with a high-compression, fuel injected 283 cubic-inch V8 engine that produced 315 horsepower and entered into SCCA C-Class competition.

The car won two consecutive class championships in 1959 and 1960. It was retired soon after. The Stingray’s body design strongly influenced the styling of the next generation Corvette (1963). - Via: 1 | 2

For adilia-the-kouhai

Happy belate-because-I’m-sick-af Valentine’s day you motherfricking nerd. Sure I know I fucked up like 69% of this because I based off your scribbles and you loser never made any reference anywaaaaaay~

*stands on one knee and takes out the ring*

Bae, will you…. fucking fight me at denny’s parkinglot for the rest of our lives?

PSA: My Units

Yet again this is another post about using my arts because people just don’t understand what I’ve spelled out for them I suppose. But this time I’ll focus of my drawings of My Units.

  • I DO NOT give anyone permission to use my drawings of my MUs (Amelia and Froy— and in any situation: AU, Grima, etc)
  • I DO NOT give anyone permission to use my drawings of my friend’s MUs (Rey, Belinda, Riki/Arkus/Adilia, Kilala, Robin, etc.) 
  • And most certainly, I DO NOT give permission for you to use any of my drawings of other people’s MUs either, i.e. doodles for my followers or their commission from me.

And by “do not give permission” it means, I won’t answer your asks and requests for using them. You should automatically know that the answer is no. It does not mean however, if I don’t reply, that you’re free to use it however you like.

I won’t tolerate with this matter anymore. Each and every MU is an OC to respectively to said person. Even if they have the same specs, same faces and same stats as yours, they are NOT yours. So don’t even come to me and go: “But they look all the same!”— I am not gonna bother with that unless you want a long ass rant with strong verbal wording from top to bottom.

I draw to create visual representation of what I’ve imagined in my head. I draw so I can go back and compare, edit, and improve of the customization I’ve done for each and every MU, to make it fits with the story setting and plot I’ve always had in my head.

I do not want to see my MU’s faces, or any of the other, going around on this site or the others, being falsely portrayed from what I— or other artists- intended. Do you rip off other people’s face and stick on to yours? No? Then don’t with customizable avatars either.

That includes using as RP icons, header, reaction images, for any sites. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instargasm, etc, and so on. I won’t be polite if I caught you using my drawings and I won’t even think twice about telling my friends if you use their arts, I’ll tell them right away.

Be respectful to artists, you have already done enough to make lots of artists stop working, drawing, and sharing their work. If you want icon, rip it out from your game. Even better, a group has already have the sprites from Awakening ripped out for you. Don’t like sprites? Go make commissions. No money? Shut up and don’t steal art. Deal with it.

Teknologkårens Tackutskott ordnar, med hjälp från Arkivutskottet, ölprovning för Kårens funktionärer den 4/12 2012.

Är du invald som något på Kåren? Är du med i Husutskottet, eller sitter du i Fullmäktige? Vill du vidga dina vyer när det kommer till öl? Eller kanske cementera åsikten att Hof är det enda en teknolog bör dricka? Allt är möjligt om du deltar i vår blind-provning. Sitt ner i Cornelis, smaka öl, diskutera öl, få lite öl-kunskap serverad, efteråt bjuder TackU på lite mat och så blir det lite film för de som vill. (Filmvisningen kan man gå på utan att varit med på ölprovningen) Anmälan till ölprovningen sker genom att maila

Anmälan till Ölprovningen den 4/12 - Namn Efternamn - Invald som XXXX på Kåren - Blir sjuk om jag äter XXXX

Arkivet är i stort sett redo att börja skicka iväg gamla handlingar till inbindning.
Och arkivet är betydligt mer överblickbart än det har varit.
Och vi ska börja ta tag i kårens dokumenthantering i stort.

Medaljkommittén har genomfört sin stora puck och delat ut de första medaljerna, fler lär det bli.

Fotograferna har upprättat fotoarkiv och fotosidor och skaffar snart utrustning

Det är roligt att vara med i Arkivutskottet just nu :)