Here’s a character and character relations chart nobody asked for! (From the comic @arkrevner and @jelly-fer-brains may or may not ever make, Bye Bye Black Bird)

Feel free to try to decipher my terrible chart making!!

Also, these are the character relations near the beginning of the story, which is why a lot of characters aren’t in the relation maps.

(Underlined names means that the name is subject to change)

(Names in quotation marks means nicknames)


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about #watercolor and the tools that I use, so I decided to finally make a post about it.

Here is my regular set up plus a few extra things I use for bigger projects. 

  • Winsor & Newton small watercolor set with small sable brush. (sometimes this is all that I use, good for traveling) 
  • Royal Langnickel watercolor tubes. (these were hand me downs, but work very well for solid or intense color) 
  • Winsor & Newton gouache tubes. (Great for going over mistakes or adding vibrant opaque color)
  •  Sakura Koi aquabrushes ( a brush you fill with water so that you can control your color spreading and opacity)

As for how I go about the actual coloring process…

*I almost always start out with line work, this way I know the general layout and where to place my colors. If using ink make sure that it is waterproof!

*From there I start adding basic colors to different areas of the drawing. I tend to get down all the basics before detailing (unlike when I’m drawing coughcough).  I recommend working from light to dark because watercolor can be unforgiving if you go too dark too fast. Its a good idea to have an extra scrap piece of paper to test things before adding them to the final piece. I also use white water color to get more pastel looking colors (just be careful not to make it to opaque).

*To spread the paint more evenly or to get a nice gradient I recommend trying to lay down a layer of plain water before adding your paint. Colors tend to mix best when wet, but you can run into trouble by wetting areas too much ruining the paper. You also need to be careful with this because if too many colors mix together your painting will become muddy and your colors will no longer be vibrant. I normally mix my colors while wet and let that area dry first before adding additional shading/colors. I continue this process till I’m satisfied or I feel as though it done. 

Alright guys I hope that helped answer a few questions! I don’t usually think of myself as the best person to go to for advice on art techniques, because honestly I’m still learning/teaching myself. However, if this helps I may consider doing more tutorial type things in the future. 

Best of luck guys!!

Dear Orlando, 

I feel as though everyone has said it all. Expressing inner turmoil, outward hatred of a noninclusive  society and the immense grief that we all feel. I feel as though my voice will just be adding to the endless stream of jabber regarding pride week in Orlando. However, at the end of the day none of that matters. At the end of the day I’m responding for myself. To tell you how I feel no matter how great of a distance between us or whether or not you will get this letter…

You got the short end of the stick… Everyone else was enjoying themselves, laughing, dancing, hugging & kissing. Enjoying a sense of freedom long sought after. Free from screams that filled the air and shots that rang throughout the night. I woke up in the morning shocked at the news. A numb sadness clung to my body. But, I went through the day as normal. I went to work. I smiled I laughed, I joked… I lived. It hit me hard, when I no longer had anything to distract myself from what had happened just last night. A gross ugly sobbing that I didn’t even feel like I deserved. I had not lost anyone. I did not know any of these people. And I cannot pretend as though I did. Yet, the pain was real. My heart still ached. 

I thought we had reached a mile stone. That despite my natural cynical outlook, that things were finally changing for the better. But this shows that the United States still has so far to go. That civil rights have still not been achieved. That it’s still not safe to be oneself despite living in a country that prides itself on the notion of “freedom & equality”. 

I will not pretend that I know how you feel. Because I do not. No one except the friends and family of those who were lost truly know. It would be rude to assume otherwise. But know that others are hurt and outraged. That they send you love and support through body mind and soul. That our thoughts and hearts are with you despite the distance. And most importantly; that there will be change, no matter how far into the future. It will be fought for. We will be able to live as we choose. love who we love. Be who we are. Without fear of gunfire. 

Change will come.