im finally home from animeusa!!! and im still on cloud 9 after getting this commission from arkrevner!!!!!! this is my oc named Argen and im finally inspired to write stuff again now that i have a visual for him!!! hes very cute and i love him and i have him framed so now he is safe forever thank you so so so very much @arkrevner!!!!!!!!

arkrevner  asked:

your art and style are so amazing. I really wish i could get such animation into characters like you do. Your stuff is so expressive. Do you have any advice for a fellow artist?

Woah! Thank you, thank you, thank you arkrevner! You’re making me happier than a box of kitten shaped cookies! :D

Its kinda hard though to give general art advice, being that it is such a diverse subject. But Here, here and here are some examples of previous advice that I’ve given! If there’s anything more specific you want me to answer, you have but to ask! ; )

arkrevner  asked:

Oh my gosh your ART! You make me feel feelings I normally don't feel about character and ship things i normally don't. Urgh, you are so talented, I hope that I can get as much emotion into my art like you do. Please keep up the great work! Definitely a new fan of yours. (o v o)/

Ohasdlfa Thank you so much! That’s awesome to hear! 8D <3 I am sending lots of good feelings your way riiight nowww.

arkrevner  asked:

Totally freaking out about your art and style. I'm so jealous of how cute you're drawings are. Think you could give me any tips?

oh wowowowow oh boy holy shit i am so flattered??? i’ve been staring at this ask all evening trying to figure out how to be helpful? i’m still an an art school baby and i am so not qualified to be giving anyone tips

you can never ever go wrong with hella lifedrawing and Tons Of Practice! draw people until it’s fun and you love it!  draw people in motion and try to get that motion to translate in your lines!  draw things you’re bad at until you’re good at them!  look at art by artists you like and zoom in so close you see pixels and cry blood (this is what i do)

i could talk about the stuff I strive for when i draw all day and i have about 1000000 favorite artists and i will never shut up about this if you give me the chance,  you don’t wanna open this can o worms 



Here’s a character and character relations chart nobody asked for! (From the comic @arkrevner and @jelly-fer-brains may or may not ever make, Bye Bye Black Bird)

Feel free to try to decipher my terrible chart making!!

Also, these are the character relations near the beginning of the story, which is why a lot of characters aren’t in the relation maps.

(Underlined names means that the name is subject to change)

(Names in quotation marks means nicknames)