I’ve been getting a lot of questions about #watercolor and the tools that I use, so I decided to finally make a post about it.

Here is my regular set up plus a few extra things I use for bigger projects. 

  • Winsor & Newton small watercolor set with small sable brush. (sometimes this is all that I use, good for traveling) 
  • Royal Langnickel watercolor tubes. (these were hand me downs, but work very well for solid or intense color) 
  • Winsor & Newton gouache tubes. (Great for going over mistakes or adding vibrant opaque color)
  •  Sakura Koi aquabrushes ( a brush you fill with water so that you can control your color spreading and opacity)

As for how I go about the actual coloring process…

*I almost always start out with line work, this way I know the general layout and where to place my colors. If using ink make sure that it is waterproof!

*From there I start adding basic colors to different areas of the drawing. I tend to get down all the basics before detailing (unlike when I’m drawing coughcough).  I recommend working from light to dark because watercolor can be unforgiving if you go too dark too fast. Its a good idea to have an extra scrap piece of paper to test things before adding them to the final piece. I also use white water color to get more pastel looking colors (just be careful not to make it to opaque).

*To spread the paint more evenly or to get a nice gradient I recommend trying to lay down a layer of plain water before adding your paint. Colors tend to mix best when wet, but you can run into trouble by wetting areas too much ruining the paper. You also need to be careful with this because if too many colors mix together your painting will become muddy and your colors will no longer be vibrant. I normally mix my colors while wet and let that area dry first before adding additional shading/colors. I continue this process till I’m satisfied or I feel as though it done. 

Alright guys I hope that helped answer a few questions! I don’t usually think of myself as the best person to go to for advice on art techniques, because honestly I’m still learning/teaching myself. However, if this helps I may consider doing more tutorial type things in the future. 

Best of luck guys!!