so i made a colour ref for the most common skin and eye colours for the Cylisk species

even tho i’m posting this, please do not make your own Cylisk unless i give you permission to. they are incredibly personal to me, even moreso than my fragarians/strawbeasts

and then a semi-decent ref for arklee, my alt ‘fursona’. figured i’d make one since i kinda unveiled her with that vent post

kind of a guilty pleasure type fursona oops;;;;;

if her name/face looks familiar, it’s 'cause she was a totally different character i had before, but one day finally decided to make my alt fursona since i’d been wanting one and she /kinda/ was one to begin with? like, even back when she was more “”“human”“” looking, she was my minecraft character skin, just an avatar for me and not really her own character

but yeah HERE’S ARKLEE

thought it’d be interesting to do a side-by-side of the very first arklee design and what she looks like now

WOW what a difference. the only thing that stayed the same was her being a cyclops and having only three digits