Why take Architecture?

Something to blog about. I mean, Why did I took up Architecture as my course today…

During my highschool life, I never draw that time, I’m not into arts, we don’t have drafting classes, and I swear I do have my own font during that time =)) I don’t know anything about Architecture that time. I guess. HAHAHA. 

USTET came, Nursing and Architecture are my choices. Makes no sense right? I love science during HS. I even have Anatomy classes as my Elective classes. Syempre, I did my research before getting Arki from UST. Center of Excellence in Architecture and they don’t have rules regarding haircuts. :D Then Basha(One More Chance) graduated from UST. =))

I guess the thing that made me choose Architecture is the movie One More Chance =)) It may be lame reason, but it’s true. :D Kaya siguro favorite ko yung movie LOL 

Then the results came, I’m the only one who passed Architecture from our batch in UST. And I was W-O-W :)) Then there came the people who did not believe that I would make it. Telling me that I’ll not make, that I’m not good enough. :) Even my Mum doubt me from my choice =)) Well, I can’t blame them. I really never held a pencil that long nor join art/drawing classes.

So I made up my mind and take Architecture. Proving people that they are wrong, challenging myself, pushing my limitations. Imagine, conquering one thing that you’re not good at. That would be something to be proud of. :>

Now, I could firmly say that I breathe Architecture.