Random headcanon (Arkham Edition)

Harleen often had to put J back in his chair after he fell out of it from squirming too much and forgetting the straight jacket limited any ability to grab anything (though if he was being particularly bad that day Harleen would threaten to leave him on the floor as punishment)

He couldn’t resist attending the Christmas party, especially when he knew Harley intended to go - by herself, of all things! He’d hounded her about it while he’d watched her change clothes - seven times - and cackled about her attempt to fit in with the average citizens. But he was perturbed. He was used to her catering to his whims, there at every turn, and now she was breezing about her apartment as if she had her own agenda.

Having just escaped from Arkham, he knew better than to mingle freely with the crowd. He had a recognizable face. Star City knew him upon his transfer from Arkham, protested his arrival, actually, and he was being looked for.

His influence over dubious politicians still held strong. The room he had was open to few and heavily guarded. Those allowed to pass in and out were mobsters and shady public figures, but even the more dangerous were wise enough to give him a ten foot radius of space. At one point, he ordered them all out of the room, the guards with them, and threw himself into an armchair that overlooked the width of the party, his foot propped on the metal ledge. A wind-up snowman was in his hands and he turned the handle over and over, feeling the gears move.

There was someone at the door. His grip tightened on the toy and he snarled, “Get out.”

Would anyone be interested in reading a review of Batman: The Telltale Series from a game design perspective? As someone who’s studied games their whole life, I find that most reviews only take the aesthetic approach and never dive into the mechanics of why games work.

I’ll probably keep the narrative review relatively spoiler free unless you prefer otherwise. I have yet to play the last chapter but it’s coming out next week.

On that note, an anon sent me an ask quite some time ago asking my opinion on Batman: Return to Arkham. At the time, there where only a few graphics comparison videos out, and they revised mostly unfavorable criticism from the fanbase. Being that it was still early in production I didn’t feel it right to give my opinion yet. HD remakes are a really touchy subject within the video game community. However if people are interested, I’d be happy to go further into detail with this once I get the game later this month. There’s a reason for a lot of the changes you see in modern HD remakes.

Regarding Joker

Hello, Gothamites. I feel it vital to address a topic of discourse that seems to have begun to plague my days outside of Arkham. There are few things that will trigger such an immediate visceral reaction from me as of late, but this is one of them.

“Oh! A question mark like the Joker!”

<trembles and takes a deep breath>

What, pray tell me, does
a question mark have to do with Joker? What about my motif screams killer clown with a rictus grin and stage makeup smeared across his lips?

Please, educate yourself on your rogues gallery. This is one of the swiftest ways to find yourself on the receiving end of my very keen, personal attention. I am sure Joker does not appreciate the comparison as well. I mean, the perpetual reminder of his intellectual superior?

Until next time. -❓

Framed. (Bruce/Reader)

set in batman: arkham origins

“I’m not playing games,Slade.” He growled out,Black Mask put a bounty on his head and Deathstroke was one of the assassins chomping at the bit to put his head on a pike. Safe to say,he wasn’t in the mood for Slade Wilson’s dramatic b.s.

“Your methods and tactics are impressive,” Slade admitted,”but inferior,they will not save you.” He taunted.

The two then started the fight,Batman was on the defense and was waiting for Slade to strike in order to counter him. Bruce got a few hits in when Deathstroke jumped back.

“That was a mistake.” He dropped a smoke pellet.

Bruce covered his eyes,but turned when Deathstroke let out a mighty battle cry. Deathstoke tried to batter him with his baton,but he countered every one of his moves. Giving him a brain rattling headbutt,he went on the offensive. With a devastating overhand right,Deathstoke’s mask came off. Bruce contained a gasp.

“Who’s this?” Bruce asked you,he was in your apartment looking through one of the many pictures you had. He could tell you were in the picture,but the man with an eyepatch beside you seemed a little sketchy for a graduation picture. 

“That’s my dad,silly. Didn’t I tell you about him before?” Bruce put the picture down and put an arm around you.

“I just keep learning new things about you,Ms. Wilson.” He whispered before kissing you.

This was the same man from the frame. Slade was your father,the same eyepatch and white hair. Slade,one of the most deadly assassins in the world is his love’s father.


Arkham Alien


He should have seen this coming, considering her criminal history.

Ben only found out thanks to a news report, Harley getting arrested by the Batman and taken to Arkham Asylum. He wasted no time rushing over to the building, he had to see her, try and bail her out.

Arkham for one was a lot dirtier then the cleaner cells back at Plumber HQ, Ben getting a really stressed vibe not only from the prisoners but the security guards as well. At least it was visiting hours, or whatever graced him to at least visit the blonde bombshell…

Eyes widened as he finally saw her, heart stopping for just a moment at her current condition, “Harley… the hell happened?!”

fathercrane  asked:

Headcanon regarding self-care?

Tell me what you want me to write a headcanon (or more headcanons) about! Let me know what part of my muse interests you. - (( Thanks @fathercrane! ))

As far as personal hygiene goes, my Crane takes very good care of himself and, unless he’s on the run from Batman for a particularly long period of time, he’s always well-groomed. Though he can become disheveled, Crane does try to not be dirty. He does his best to remain presentable in Arkham, though given the asylum’s occasional shortage of supplies that can be hard to do.

As far as mental health goes… That is a vastly different story. Crane does go out of his way to eliminate things that remind him of traumatizing memories (like the corn he doesn’t eat, from your other ask!) and his pet crow is kept partially as an attempt to best fear. However, he’ll only regularly take pills and seek professional help in his redemption verse; otherwise, my Crane will refuse treatment and pretend there is nothing wrong with him, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, and despite the insomnia and intrusive thoughts, among other symptoms. In many ways, his refusal to get help and insistence that his past does not affect him when it very clearly does makes Crane his own worst enemy and prevents him from ever truly healing.


“A doctor at Arkham once described for me The Joker’s state of mind: imagine trying to solve the world’s most difficult math equation while you’re surrounded by six televisions that sit five inches from your face–all tuned to different stations, all rapidly switching channels, all with the volume at full blast. That’s what it’s like to be The Joker.”   -  Batman: Cacophony