arkham riot

Lego Batjokes Prompt Fill: makeout scene

This ended up being more serious (and less in-character as far as the movie is concerned) than I necessarily intended it to be, but I mean, y’know. Happens.

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Jerome x female reader- Cat and Mouse- Part 1

After most of the prisoners have escaped Arkham, the guards put the prison on lock down, forgetting about you. Left in the building with Jerome, he wants to play games with you.

Im making this a 3 parter!!!

Warning- Teasing, Daddy kink, creepy Jerome, darkness

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everyone’s like “baby!damian!!!” but I’m so here for dad!dami headcanons…. consider:

-dami buying his children donuts whenever he upsets them even a little bit on patrol because he doesn’t know how to apologize
-his kids totally playing him for said donuts
-awkward dad relationships where he wants to date someone but is afraid of hurting his kids
-armani golf shirts
-cute forehead kisses because he’s so fucking tall
-dad jokes with swearing tacked on the end
-him probably thinking its a smart idea to give coffee to a 6 year old
-sass that spans generations
-a villain going after Batman thru his kids and no one seeing them ever again
-“uncle dick”
-dami loving his children so much it physically pains people around him
-wallet of baby photos as essential as his pocket knife
-does he stop the riot in arkham or go to the 4th grade art show?? find out in the next issue of batdad

All Caught Up

Nygma still can’t beat the system

Surprise police raids. Resurrected bodies escaping. Inmate riots. Arkham Asylum and Indian Hill have had more than their fair share of controversy and attention lately.

With all eyes on them, the powers that be have taken drastic measures in upgrading their security systems both inside and out. In addition to the fleet of new security cameras installed across the property, armed guards have been added to all sectors.

Recently admitted inmate Edward Nygma, saw his valiant escape effort thwarted yesterday, thanks to a crack team of alert guards and their hunting dogs who tracked Nygma as he emerged from a rooftop air vent.

A frustrated Nygma was quickly escorted back to confinement. Hopefully these new measures will keep the right people in and the wrong people out of the infamous facility.

So after an inspiring dream I’m going to use it as a really sexy creepy Jerome story ♡ watch out Jerome lovers!! Here’s a hint: Imagine you’re a guard at Arkham and after a riot Jerome steals a walkie talkie. On the run from him, trapped in the prison you have only his voice from the communicator taunting and teasing you…

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