arkham recording

Strange Bedfellows

Two of Gotham’s biggest names revealed to be unlikely allies?

Gotham is buzzing about the recent revelation of a connection between Thomas Wayne, the late philanthropic businessman and Hugo Strange, the current director of the infamous Arkham Asylum. Records show that both men worked together to launch Pinewood Farms, a contentious testing facility built years ago upstate that became an ethical nightmare for Wayne. Reports say Wayne was overrun by members of his board under the control of Strange who went by the nickname “The Philosopher” at the time. Wayne exited bitterly as Strange went on to test harder subjects and push patients to their limits for more sensational results. A series of incidents resulted in a slew of fatalities - both patients and staff - and the building was shut down. These recent reports acknowledging a widely forgotten relationship between the two men has put Wayne’s pristine reputation under the microscope.

The Escapists (Arkham Asylum)

I think it would be a fun game, if it existed.

I recreated my own Arkham patient record along with Asylum’s logo. You can find already made patient records online, but you have to remember to give the creator credit!  

What took the longest was the writing, writing is not my strong point so I put the picture in the middle:)

I used my past drawings because they work really well. (Also I’m super lazy to draw more, I mean come on… its New Years Eve!)