arkham origins

Let’s give Arkhamverse Riddler some love shall we? Something of a simple tribute to the games that made us collect trophies for days on end. Hope you guys like it. aha.

p.s Those question marks were a pain in the butt to animate, so pls forgive my lack of further detail work. Anyway, have a good day!

Harley Quinn Outfits

Every Harley Quinn outfit ever. 



Roller Derby

Suicide Squad (New 52)


Christmas Bombshell


Ame-Comic (Injustice)



Akharm Asylum

Akharm City

Akharm Origins

Akharm Knight

Assault on Arkham

Suicide Squad (Live-Action)

Power Girl


Crisis On Two Earths


DC Superhero Girls

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles

The Batman

Batman: Brave and the Bold

Paul Dini

My favourite thing is watching Bats beating the shit out of Joker while Joker looks like he’s gonna jizz his pants from how turned on he is by it lol

I need to replay Arkham Origins when I have the time pfff

Like just look at this position. Bruce slamming J’s head against the table while standing behind him like he’s gonna take him right then and there.

And don’t get me started on Joker inviting Bats to beat him some more, spreading his legs and literally flirting with him by using petnames. “C’mon baby! Beat me ‘till your knuckles bleed!”

These two assholes will be the death of me is2g.