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Dear Jason (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: Here’s stuff!! A letter to Jason from his little sister! More will come! I might make this a weekly updated thing! I’m working on Joyride Part 5 right now!

Warnings: None!

Dear Jason,

We never really got to say goodbye, did we, big brother? I remember what you said when I was little. It was when you were eleven and I was nine. It was five years ago. And I remember it clearly. You made me a promise, remember? You said: “Don’t worry about mom and dad. I’ll take care of you. I promise.” You’ve said a lot of stuff like that over the years, but I guess that’s what stuck with me. You broke your promise, big bro. For some reason that happens a lot. Bruce made a promise to me when he left to find you that you’d be okay. That he’d find you and I’d see you again. Well, I did see you again. But you were in a coffin. Do you know what it’s like to go to your big brother’s funeral? I guess not. I couldn’t even really call it ‘your’ funeral. It got turned into an excuse for rich people that we didn’t know to offer condolences that didn’t help in the name of ‘charity.’ I got treated like a child. Did you know that someone tried to strike up a business deal with Bruce? At your funeral. That’s the kind of irony that we’d laugh at, right? Don’t laugh at me, but some nights I sleep in your room because it makes it feel like you’re still here. Sometimes I pretend you’ve gone away to college and that’s why the house feels so empty now. It doesn’t work too well. You know, it’s been three weeks since Bruce came home with your body. Sometimes it feels like it’s going to be okay, but then I remember that this is permanent. You’re not coming back. Bruce put me in grief counseling. Can you believe that, Jay? Grief counseling. It’s actually the reason I’m writing this dumb letter in the first place, but nevermind that. Dick is stopping by the manor a lot more than usual now and he’s talking about moving back in full time. He’s nice, I guess. I’m really lonely without you, Jay. Sometimes I forget, you know? I’ll see something that makes me think of you and I’ll want to show it to you but I can’t. You’re dead, Jason. Dead. It sounds weird when I say it, and honestly I’m not sure if I even really believe it. Dead. Bruce told us the stuff you’d be doing was dangerous, but this? I didn’t think that you would actually get killed. I didn’t think that it would really happen. I miss you a lot, you know? I’ll see you again. Probably once I’m dead. But I’ll see you again. Is it bad that I’m excited to die if it means I get to see you again? I just want to say goodbye for real. I love you, Jason.

Love, (Y/N)

Jason Todd is so extra that in the Injustice 2 trailer he has spikes at the bottom of his guns. Jason. Fucking. Peter. Todd. oUt oF aLl pEoPlE. HE EVEN THREW HIS GUN AT JOKER WHEN IT WAS JAMMED AND IT CAME BACK TO HIM AS A BOOMERANG AND HE KEPT SHOOTING. ONLY JASON FUCKING PETER TODD CAN.