During the morgue cutscene in Arkham Asylum, the player has to investigate three body bags. It doesn’t actually matter what order you open them in, all three contain the same character until interacted with. The first bag will always be Tomas Wayne, followed by Martha Wayne. Finally, you’ll be greeted with jump scare when the Scarecrow pops out of the third body bag.

But you want to know the best part of all this? For just one single frame while opening Martha’s bag, Scarecrow’s model pops into the scene standing completely vertical with his head spilling out like twinkie filling.

Oh, and Batman is headless. 
I love videogames.


My personal Top 10 Batfleck moments (So far and in no particular order) 

Feel free to add your own. I know i missed a couple. :D

group therapy in arkham
  • doctor: everyone here has a complicated relationship with the batman
  • ivy: I'll say
  • harley: don't joke red, everyone wants a piece of the bat. In one way or another.
  • nygma: now that you think of it, he is very mysterious...
  • jervis: tall,
  • oswald: dark,
  • crane: handsome.
  • harvey: you'd be lying if you said you didn't dream of it at least once.
  • rogues: *nod in agreement*
  • doctor: ...this isn't what I meant
  • joker: oh my god I've been trying to tell you guys this for 78 years

I can’t believe that a video game and a lego movie are the only two mainstream comic book adaptations that have treated barbara gordon with respect and allowed her to be her own character instead of using her as a plot device to contribute to bruce’s man pain or passing her around in a series of increasingly out-of-character romances with literally every single male batfam member. 

a family comedy about lego characters is better with how it handles its female characters than 99.99% of “serious” superhero movies.