Love this interview with raynor during the second show Sterren Springen for him xD about his swimmwear…… xD it’s in dutch guys :c sorry for the non-dutch-speakers :P tomorrow i’ll post the jumps of raynor from today’s show :) goodnight lovely people, any questions? my ask box is always open :) xoxox

Raynor Arkenbout back from his holliday! :)

He’s been to France for 5 days with 4 friends of the Vrijland family!he even went to the efteling afterwards :p there are no pictures or something :c but he’s back! so YEAAHH i missed him those 5 days even though it’s only on twitter :p i hope he had a nice break! :) IF i find pictures of course i’ll let you guys know :) /xo

Swim Class Bermuda!!! this is the band of Raynor Arkenbout together with Jesper van Koningsbruggen, Ronald Espinoza en Ronald “Wolf” van Berkel :) you probaply never heard of this band before…. they aren’t very famous :c but yes Raynor plays in it!!! (i still don’t know why almost nobody knows them :p) but they are great! :D they say: “Or you absolutely love our music or you hate it!” (sorry for the weird translation :p) in the Netherlands: 'of je vind onze liedjes helemaal top of je vind ze in één woord gewoon kut" 


Booktrailer for the the ebook from Raynor Arkenbout! ‘Absurd’!