I just want to honestly and wholeheartedly say that the two times I’ve seen arkells (headlining a festival and headlining their own show) were the two best concerts I’ve ever been to, they beat out foo fighters, muse, father john misty, modest mouse, weezer, 100+ other bands I’ve seen over the years and if you ever get the chance to see them. U have to. I’m telling u right now. go see arkells it’ll cost you like $30 and u will not regret it I swear on my life 


and here is a height-chart/icon set of the main players in my  thunderbirds are go high school AU ! under the cut are all of their character bio’s.

now. what am i gonna do with this AU? more art? fanfiction? a rock opera? absolutely nothing at all? who knows! we’ll see where the future takes us.

i kind of need to steady on with all the AUs, really.


brains. penny. kayo. marion. moffie. ned. john. scott. virgil. gordon. alan.

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Hello lovely people! This is the official first original post from the American Girl* Zine contributors! We have put this playlist together for you, filled with songs of personal meaning that are empowering for us and/or that we believe will empower you! We hope you enjoy it :)

- Katie, tumblr manager


Leather Jacket - Arkells

Flawless - Beyonce

Anything - Bikini Kill (no video available)

Bang On - The Breeders

Like A Boy - Ciara

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

Ready or Not - The Fugees

Streetkingz - Grrlfriendz

TV - Grrlfriendz (no video available)

Her Jazz - Huggy Bear

Picky Bitch Checklist - Junglepussy

Sour Cherry - The Kills

Wishing He Was Dead - The Like

Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde

Bad Girls - M.I.A.

Come Around - M.I.A.

Hombre - M.I.A.

WTF (Where They From) - Missy Elliott

Boys Wanna be Her - Peaches

Operate - Peaches

Kiss - Prince

Young Girls - Princess Nokia

Dead Sound - Raveonettes

Cherry Bomb - The Runaways

Can’t Get Enough of Myself - Santigold

Love Myself - Hailee Seinfeld

Your Honor - Regina Spektor

Blank Space - Taylor Swift

No Scrubs - TLC

Fairly Local - Twenty One Pilots


T.I. HIGH MATHLETES: (moffie wanted to call them the ‘cherry pi’s’ but she was outvoted. she made them all badges anyway, though.)

for my  tbirds high school AU !!!

hiram “brains” hiranandani is the captain of the mathletes. he wears a calculator watch on the wrist, spare paperclips on the lapels and heelys on the feet. claims they makes him more efficient, but he’s clumsy so it only makes him more efficient at crashing into things.

usagi “moffie” moffat is the vice-captain. a cute brace-faced girl with extremely weaboo-ish tendencies. most often seen hanging off of brains, she wears jackets she stole from him and sometimes peppers her speech with japanese. it’s…weird, but she’s lovely, so you forgive her for it.

ned tedford is the school’s oddball, never seen without his potted geranium that he’s named ‘gladys’. he talks to it like it’s a person, which earns him the odd weird look. and he doesn’t take as many showers as he probably should, but B.O. aside, he’s an important and valued member of the mathletes.

marion van arkel would honestly be more suited to the track team, or even the wrestling team, but she chose the mathletes. some say it’s because she has a bit of a thing for moffie. even though she’d never say it out loud. and if you try it, she is going to knock your teeth out.

they play D&D together on the weekends and are not only the maths club, but also the science team, and the computer-engineering squad.

HII :) lool omg I actually cannot believe I’m doing this finally!! ok so I’ll just start off by introducing myself😊
my name is Marcie! I’m 15 & I’m from Canada!!🇨🇦 idk what to say about myself tbh, buuttt I’m basically just an overall cheery person?? idk everyone tells me I’m super happy & preppy?!😄 the way I look in this picture is pretty much how I always am I guess?? im pretty short.. like 5 feet. I’m on student council at my school as my grade rep as well :) I don’t mean to sound full of myself, but I’d say I’m a nice person😂
I love dogs soo much, but I mean who doesn’t? I’m into photography!!!
oml my music taste is literally an everlasting list of bands. I’m pretty much into every kind of genre :) but I’m a big fan of The 1975, Arkells, One Direction lool, Drake, Kodaline, Young The Giant, The Ramones, Imagine Dragons, Zac Brown Band, idk just a lot of bands!
ou & I love the walking dead, FRIENDS, criminal minds, & DISNEY!!! I’m pretty much up to watch & listen to anything tho!!
I’m basically just hoping to find someone who will kinda be there for me & text me lol😌 we can eventually do some letters too bc that’d be pretty sick, & we can send each other like cute lil things ya know??
I’m hoping for someone my age (14-16?) maybe from Canada, maybe not! :) I’m open to anything! I’m down to get to know anyone who’s a kind & funny person & who has a good sense of humour, pls!!! I’ll be that friend that tags you in Instagram videos that I think are funny & sends you cute pictures of dogs & will probably rant to you.. I can be annoying sometimes, but idk if you’ll think that so we’ll just have to wait and see!!! here’s my tumblr, message me or follow me, but you do you😝

January Playlist

hi guys these are all the songs i listened to on repeat this month x hope you like it


1. the knowing by the weeknd
2. on paper by the arkells
3. the fix by nelly ft. jeremih
4. wednesday night interlude by drake
5. show me something new by the shout out louds
6. you know i’m no good by amy winehouse
7. love you goodbye by one direction
8. old thing back (matoma remix) by notorious b.i.g ft. ja rule
9. UGH! by the 1975
10. FOOLS by troye sivan
11. any man of mine by shania twain
12. new obsession by frankie
13. ghosts on the dancefloor by blink 182
14. you shook me all night long by acdc
15. sad beautiful tragic by taylor swift