As the fire began tocrackle, his gaze was focused on the small fire again, away from thedark woods. Yet his eyes were drawn to the darkness around them, waiting, expecting danger, something to jump out of the dusk that seemed to follow them around in these unruly lands.

Light sleep was what followed in the wilds.

His lips twitched as dirty fingers pod on the roots that were brought to him, one silver ring still shining on his slender finger, always mocking. He didnt even feel the twitch anymore when he looked at the markings, and shoved a small amount of the bitter tasting plant into his mouth. No one dared to say they were hungry after that, for Rell would find more roots, more plants, more bitter tastes for their stomachs to surrender. They craved meat, all of them, yet the deers seemed to avoid these lands, so it became rough not to let these cravings slide into their dreams as well.

A few more days and they would be out of these woods, so he sighed and let his knees stretch while standing up. He met a few questioning glances, but no one spoke up. Hovdar guarded the left side, Pavell the right. He hadn´t heard a thing of the twins, but they usually came back before the night became too dark. With the bitter taste still on his lips he moved forward, threw away the roots, still chewing on the small bitter parts left in his mouth, while his feet gave into the soft moss surrounding them. It made them feel heavier than they were, wearier.

With another sigh he breathed in the cold air that burned in his lungs, reaching Dán and tapped the young bowmans shoulder. «Let me do the first shift», he said, his voice deeper that usual – he had not spoken much today. The young elf just nodded, a short glimmer of thankfulness in his big eyes, so they switched places. Nothing more was said, and the elf quickly jumped back to camp – his own gaze shortly following him before he rolled his aching shoulder and sat down.

The tree log was cold, but it was enough – his gaze awake, focussed into the dusky darkness that smelled of wetness and what was left of the rain they escaped. He hummed a nameless tune, his fingers balled together for warmth. It was time for them to leave these woods behind…

this is gospel - panic! at the disco / overcome - new politics / what a catch - fall out boy / bad day - daniel powter / like we did - the maine / you found me - the fray /  lover dearest - mariana’s trench / boston - augustana / on paper - arkells ft. john o’callaghan / benny and joon - william beckett / disloyal order of water buffaloes - fall out boy / no place like home - mariana’s trench / therapy - all time low / kennedy curse - the maine / bruised - jack’s mannequin / skipping stone - transit / thanks to you - all time low / spotlight (new regrets) - patrick stump / new perspective - panic! at the disco 

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On Paper (In The Dark Mix) (Feat. John O'Callaghan)
  • On Paper (In The Dark Mix) (Feat. John O'Callaghan)
  • Arkells
  • Michigan Left

But on paper, I can write it out for you, On paper, I could draw you a picture, On paper, I could finish any story with any ending you please

And I can’t keep up, always playing catchup, talking to you right now would be too much, Mom told me I got a letter, written from you, it’s sitting on the dresser

And I can’t keep up, always playing catchup, talking to you right now would be too much, May fourteenth, I got a letter, written from you, it’s sitting on the dresser


Lights covers Leather Jacket by Arkells


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