I have an Akita named Kal. I picked up Kal for the first time during preproduction for Batman v Superman. I got him in Arkansas, which I was sure was pronounced “Ar-Kansas” before I got there. I said it in front of lots and lots of people, but no one corrected me until I actually got to Arkansas, and they said, “Oh yeah, it’s ‘Arkansaw,’ not ‘Ar-Kansas.’” I thought, “Thanks, everyone else who’s heard me say that.”

For those who are confused about “Arkansas” and “Kansas”

“The word “Arkansas” itself is a French pronunciation (“Arcansas”) of a Quapaw (a related “Kaw” tribe) word, akakaze, meaning “land of downriver people” or the Sioux word akakaze meaning “people of the south wind”.”
Ar-kan-saw can be blamed on the french.

“Kansas is named for the Kansas River, which is named for the Kansa tribe. It’s the English spelling though, so naturally, we pronounce the final “s.” “ 
And Kan-sas can be blamed on the english.

You’re welcome.

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Top 3 vine quotes

“and they were roommates!” “oh my god they were roommates”

“hmhmhmhm! that is not correct!! because according to the encyclopedia of pffppfppdpfpdpfppdpdpfpf”


“i saw you hanging out with caitlyn yesterday” “rebecca it’s not what you think” “I WON’T HESITATE BITCH”

i know u said only three but let me add some

“i am Confusion… why is this one kansas but this one is not arkansaSS??? america exblain!! exblain what do u mean arkansAW!!!!”

“give me ur fakkin maney! *law and order svu dundun*”

“two bros chilling in the tub 5 feet apart cuz they’re not gay!”

“i spilled lipstick in ur valentino bag” “ oh you wackwACKWAKC LIPSTICK IN MY VALENTINO WHITE B?”

“i smell like beef… i smell like beef… i smell like beef… I SMELL LIKE BEEEEEEEEEEEEWFF”

“just chilling in cedar rapids”

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I'm just curious how do you pronounce Arkansas and Kansas? I read an exchange between a bunch of people complaining about weird English words (colonel was one of them) and was surprised to see those come up.

Ah, I actually get these two right! :b Kansas and ArkanSAW. It’s difficult for people outside the US because we don’t know usually that the origin of these names vary, so that the pronunciation is different for each of them.

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I actually know why it's pronounced Arkansaw! So once upon a time it was part of French Louisiana and you know those crazy French, not pronouncing letters on the ends of words for some reason & that was how the French pronounced the name of some local Indian tribe then America got it in the Louisiana Purchase & was like "we need to break this up into several states" & decided to name that area after the Indians & winged the spelling I guess

Also fun fact BOTH Arkansaw and our-kansas used to be used within the state & the debate got so heated in the 1880s the state legislature actually had to vote once and for all how to pronounce their own name 

ohhhhhhh the fact that there was actually a vote to decide how to pronounce it tho wiiiiild but yeah thanks for telling me!! <3

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hi i have a really stupid question I NEVER understood the vine about arkansas/arkansaw and i feel so empty. plz explain because I Am cOnfhsion

it’s ok babe i am Confusion too but basically arkansas isn’t pronounced the way it’s supposed to be pronounced according to like rules of english it’s supposed to be pronounced à la french with a silent S (even tho as a french speaker m’self while we do have silent letters none of them actually implies that “as” has to be pronounced as “aw” in any situation so like this is bs imo lmao) cuz the state was named by some french dude, or the state was sold to the usa by some french dude, im not to knowledgeable on this particular story so i’m getting the details wrong but yeaaaaaah that’s the story i hope u are Unconfusion now even tho just pronouncing arkansas as arkansaw is utterly Confusion


Its one of those questions everybody comes up with once. Its also one of those questions people think are inane, trivial, and irrelevant.

Why is Arkansas pronounced “Arkansaw?” And why isn’t Kansas pronounced “Kansaw?” According to Mark Stein’s book, “How the States Got Their Shapes,” The Native Americans living in the area were called Kansa. The s was added to make the word plural and thus the state name Kansas was created. Similarly, Arkansas was named after the Arkansa people as well as the Arkansa River. They made the word plural, but the damned French kept their pronunciation; ending up with the silent s.

If you enjoy reading about little facts that no one gives a shit about (albeit interesting ones), I recommend Stein’s book. I know I will be annoying and alienating lots more friends in the coming years thanks to him.