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Twilight on the Banks by cg photography

Photo: @randyolson | It was unexpected to find Larry and his pet brown bear, Coco in Jasper AK. When he bought the restaurant town, the townspeople gathered to thank him for taking over a run down business with pit bulls that scared them. Larry hadn’t told them yet that he had brought a 500-pound cinnamon brown bear with him to live in the back of the restaurant. It was even more unexpected when the bear started to drown Larry and I had to beat him off with a stick.

It’s the LAST DAY to enter the Your Shot “Unexpected Discoveries” assignment for @natgeo. I’ve seen some unexpected scenes in the contest, but not as many as I hoped that were photos of just turning a corner, minding your own business and something you could never expect unfolds in front of your eyes and your camera.

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