arkansas is different

tim things I think about

-tim can fall asleep anywhere. don’t even challenge him he can do it

-tim waking Jason in the middle of the night to tell him stuff. ‘Jason why are Kansas and arkansas pronounced differently? don’t ignore me this is important’

-tim in love with junk food, he will combine things that don’t rly go together and eat them. someone help him he’s a baby

-tim casually fostering animals and finding them homes. tim causally being a Bruce and adopting a few. ‘they are my children’

-tim stealing various clothing items from the batfam. they don’t ask him abt it until it’s too late and he’s convinced it’s his

-tim running a blog, talking about fandoms and Gotham and also showing off his amazing photography. he makes lots of friends and people love his work.

-tim being adorable and smothered with love
In Arkansas, Hillary Clinton's Legacy Remains Potent
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –- Back in the sizzling summer of 1991, Arkansans could often find Bill and Hillary Clinton sitting in the bleachers at softball fields around Little Rock, as they watched thei

Though she faced heated pushback from the teachers’ union and a related group, Hillary largely won over lawmakers in the end.

Political operatives in the state still laugh about the thunderstruck reaction that Rep. Lloyd George, a colorful state representative with a syrupy drawl, had to her presentation: “I think we’ve elected the wrong Clinton!”

Though Bill Clinton received most of the credit nationally for the reform package that he signed into law, Skip Rutherford, who has served for the last decade as the dean of the Clinton School of Public Service, said it was Hillary who “took Arkansas to a completely different level educationally.”

“I think we’ve elected the wrong Clinton!”

anonymous asked:

I'm another person from Kansas, the other Kansas anon was right. The state was named after the Kansa (kan-SAW) tribe. Their name translates to People of the South Wind. Apparently the reason Arkansas is pronounced differently is because the "saw" sound was how the French pronounced the plural version and the "sus" sound in Kansas was the singular pronounciation. So basically blame the French. Sorry if I confused you, just wanted to give some more depth.

wow the more you know XD