arkansas fishing

the signs as places and times
  • aries: a walmart parking lot, 3am, colorado
  • taurus: an apricot farm, 9am, colorado
  • gemini: a denny's in 104 degree heat, noon, arizona
  • cancer: a smallish fishing town during a heavy fog, 3pm california
  • leo: a metro car, 1am, washington d.c.
  • virgo: a beach on a windy day, with long, slow waves reaching out to touch the sand, 2pm, michigan
  • libra: a tiny town that looks like it never left the 1950s, 2am, utah
  • scorpio: a garage band concert, 9pm, salem
  • sagittarius: a flying j parking lot, sunset, south dakota
  • capricorn: a crosswalk, 8pm, chicago
  • aquarius: a long, dark highway between two cities, 11pm, kansas
  • pisces: an apartment, not yours, boston, 7am