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The Fouke Monster: The Southern Sasquatch of Arkansas

The Fouke Monster is a well-known cryptid around Fouke, Arkansas. Known by locals as the Fouke Monster, and by cryptozoologists as the Southern Sasquatch, it was first seen in the area in 1851. Most reported sightings are from the 1970s to present. It is known by locals for having an odor that is like the combination of a wet dog and a skunk. 

The creature is often seen by hunters in the woods, running across the high ways or back roads, or even reaching through screen doors. It is often blamed for missing livestock and attacks on dogs. 

A film published in 1972, The Legend of Boggy Creek, discusses Bobby Ford’s several encounters with the creature, as well as encounters by other residents of Fouke, Arkansas. As the docu-horror presents, he is known to travel along the Boggy Creek, and is often deep in the woods. 

“He always travels the creeks…”

Sunrise at Hawksbill Crag

Whitaker Point Trail, Upper Buffalo Wilderness, Arkansas

Olympus Pen FT, 38 1.8, Kodak Ektar 100


PROLOGUE: Harry needs a place to stay because England is just too small right now.

CHAPTER 1: Jenifer is an actress who’s going through a tough time; Janine explains what people are saying about Harry;

CHAPTER 2: Harry moves in; They have a dance party;

CHAPTER 3: Jenifer had mixed feeling about Hollywood; Taylor helps her realize is not her fault;

CHAPTER 4: Jenifer becomes an adorable interenet sensation; Flashback to how she met Harry; They have tea with a princess; 

CHAPTER 5: Harry has a crazy idea; Jenifer needs to get herself on the media to get a job;

CHAPTER 6: The boys find out Harry and Jen are dating; They take a trip to Morgan Bay;

CHAPTER 7: Jenifer and Harry play four questions; the world finds out; Jen’s family and team wants her to go back to therapy; 

CHAPTER 8: Jenifer goes viral again; She and Harry go to the Met Ball; an unwelcomed guest is there; Jenifer gets good news;

CHAPTER 9: Jenifer goes to therapy; Harry finds out about her mental health status; They’re forced to make birthday plans as well as wedding plans; She tells someone the truth;

CHAPTER 10: Jenifer’s birthday; Harry gets her Vodka; Tyler is not happy; 

CHAPTER 11: Jen’s brother is getting married; Jen’s family doesn’t think she’s on a good path; She and Harry go for a swim;

CHAPTER 12: Harry’s POV; Feelings;

CHAPTER 13: Jen’s in denial about her feelings; She stands up to her family;

CHAPTER 14: Jen is in Arkansas filming her new movie and she hasn’t seen Harry for two months when they meet again for Taylor Swift’s 4th of July party in Maryland.

CHAPTER 15: Jen and Harry have a great 4th of July. Jen and Harry have a terrible 5th of July.

CHAPTER 16: Jen finds out what exactly is on her file. She and Harry run into an old ‘friend’. They decide to break up.

CHAPTER 17: Jen goes to Scotland to meet the Royal Family who have all kinds of doubts about her, luckly Harry comes to save the day, but leaves Jen confused in the process. Also other things happen (?)

CHAPTER 18: Jen runs away. Shocker. Harry loses a bet. A secret from her past comes out. Harry makes a vow.

CHAPTER 19: Harry is on a mission to get Jen to go out with him, she makes it a point not to and her friends confront her about her fears.

CHAPTER 20: With her first date with Harry approaching, Dr. Arrow tells Jen she’s finally in a good place for a happy and healthy relationship - which she takes in a miserable, unhealthy way.

CHAPTER 21: Jen and Harry go on a highly anticipated first date!

CHAPTER 22: In the aftermath of their date, Jen and Harry give in to their feelings and talk about what the future holds.

CHAPTER 23: Harry’s Halo concert is a success, and Jen looks back in their last days together. She plans out what they should do after breaking up.

CHAPTER 24: After an intense ten months, Jen and Harry run into each other in Brazil.

CHAPTER 25: Jenifer runs into Harry at a very public place, they decide to try and be friends, but no one is willing to actually talk.

CHAPTER 26: Jenifer surprises Harry by going to his 30th birthday party, but his friend isn’t very happy to meet her.

CHAPTER 27: Harry gives Jenifer an ultimatum. A crazy new rumor appears.

CHAPTER 28: Jen has lunch with an old friend of Harry’s and ends up getting a lot more than she bargained for.

CHAPTER 29: Jen goes on a date. Not with Harry.

CHAPTER 30: Jen gives love advice for the first time in her life. Then she decided to take it!

CHAPTER 31: Jen and Harry spend New Year’s Eve in a very random place, and stumble into a very random party.

CHAPTER 32: Alli tells Jen about something she learnt in Psych class that sounds awfully familiar to what Harry’s been doing.

CHAPTER 33: Jen and Harry make it official.

CHAPTER 34: Jen embarks on a cruise with Harry after a long summer of work and distance.

CHAPTER 35: Jen and Harry find themselves at a crossroads and end up agreeing to come out publicly as a couple.

CHAPTER 36: Jen surprises Harry for his birthday, when the unexpected happens. 

CHAPTER 37: Jenifer attends the Emmys, and a friend who might be in trouble gives her an idea.

CHAPTER 38: Jen and Harry go on a double date with Kit Harington and Beezus Quinn and things get a little too intense on the way out.

CHAPTER 39: Jen makes a speech at the UN General Assembly, plays hotshot girlfriend and embarks on a couples’ holyday with friends, generally becoming more adult than she ever thought she would.

CHAPTER 40: Jen, Harry and friends enjoy beach fun on Abu Dhabi. They play a dangerous game of Never Have I Ever and someone gets too drunk.

CHAPTER 41: Jen says things that might change everything.

CHAPTER 42: Jen is facing heavy backlash and struggles with the reason why. Harry spends New Year’s with her and her family in Brazil and gives her a Christmas present that makes up for all her pain.

CHAPTER 43: Jen makes peace with friends she had lost and loses a bet to Harry.

CHAPTER 44: Jen throws Ophelia a party and Harry has an interesting idea.

CHAPTER 45: Harry explains his idea and Jen has a way of dealing with it.

CHAPTER 46: A video surfaces and Harry surprises Jen.

CHAPTER 47: Jen is Harry’s date to the Invictus’ Games and her arch-nemesis has a change of heart.

CHAPTER 48: Jen makes another viral speech, but there are more important things she needs to tell to more important people.

CHAPTER 49: Jen’s parents react to her shocking news; her book comes out and someone is getting married.

CHAPTER 50: Jen and Harry look for a place to call home.

CHAPTER 51: Jen and Harry move in. She’s his date to Chelsy’s wedding and meets his friends.

CHAPTER 52: Jen gets more acquainted to Harry’s friends during his ex’s weddign reception and has a surprising realization.

CHAPTER 53: Jen and Harry host the Royal Family and Harry’s friends for an intense house warming.

CHAPTER 54: Jen and Harry have dinner with his family, attend a surprise party and receive bad news.

CHAPTER 55: Jenifer spends time with Harry’s family and the stress takes a toll on her.

CHAPTER 56: Jen recovers from a scare and has to make tough choices.

CHAPTER 57: Jen and Harry deal with some very real possibilities.

CHAPTER 58: Jen deals with the aftermath of the pregnancy scare, but can’t shake off the epiphany she had when thinking about it.

CHAPTER 59: Jen tells her management about an important decision and Harry can already see the difference in her.

CHAPTER 60: Harry finds Jen in an interesting situation, and finds out about her big decision.

CHAPTER 61: Jen has to do an interview as she waits for news of Beezus’ transplant.

CHAPTER 62: In a moment of inhibriation, Harry confess how he truly feels about Jen’s retirement.

CHAPTER 63: Jen gets in an feud and announces to the world her decision.

CHAPTER 64: Jen deals with the aftermath of her retirement announcement and takes another step in her trust with Harry.

CHAPTER 65: Jen considers with all seriousness the possibilities of being with Harry forever and what it would mean for her.

CHAPTER 66: Jen has to decide between the most important movie premiere of her life or helping Harry.

CHAPTER 67: The royal family finds out what Jen did for Harry and give her a special talk.

CHAPTER 68: Jen celebrates her last day of work by asking Harry a very impostant question that changes their entire lives.

CHAPTER 69: Jen and Harry start to tell people about their big news.

CHAPTER 70: Jen and Harry start to prepare for the future, realizing just how hard it’ll be to compromise, and Jen gets a surprising offer.

CHAPTER 71: Jen goes on a promo tour, answers a hard question by Oscar and one secret gets out.

CHAPTER 72: Jen and Harry have a long time coming conversation about how their relationship needs to change in order for their marriage to work. They stand up for what they want against the Palace officials and Harry threatens to abdicate.

CHAPTER 73: Harry attends Jen’s last British premiere and helps her through her conflicting feelings about quiting.

CHAPTER 74: Jen attends the Royal Family’s Christmas Lunch and Prince Philip has some advice for her.

CHAPTER 75: Jen has a fashion mishap, some big news, and someone finds out about a secret.

CHAPTER 76: Jen and Harry announce their big news and the world has a lot of feelings about it.

CHAPTER 77: Jen and Harry give an engagement interview and make a decision about the oscars.

CHAPTER 78: Jenifer attends her last Oscars as an actress.

CHAPTER 79: Jen and Harry attend the MET ball and run into an unfriendly acquaintance.

CHAPTER 80: Jen turns 28 and finds the perfect dress.

CHAPTER 81: Jen and Harry attend engagement parties after finally making the final decisions on the wedding.

CHAPTER 82: Harry takes Jen to meet his mother.

CHAPTER 83: Jen has a bridal shower and decides she has had enough with the royal family’s shit.

CHAPTER 84: Jen is taken through the craziest bachelorette party ever

CHAPTER 85: Someone is pregnant and someone gets engaged!

CHAPTER 86: Jen gets ready for the biggest day of her life.


CHAPTER 88: Jen and Harry’s first kiss as a married couple, and journey back to Buckingham.

CHAPTER 89: Jen and Harry enjoy their wedding reception and the speeches their family prepared.

CHAPTER 90: Jen and Harry enjoy their honeymoon in Brazil and start getting used to life as Duke and Duchess.

CHAPTER 91: Jenifer realizes life as a Duchess isnt as perfect as it had seemed.

CHAPTER 92: Jen and Harry share some exciting news with friends and family

CHAPTER 93: Jen faces her worst holyday with the royal family for the first time and the world finds out about the baby.

CHAPTER 94: Jen and Harry film a video for the baby to see in the future, and Jen realizes Christmas isn’t as bad with a family of her own.

CHAPTER 95: Jen and Harry find out the gender of the baby!

CHAPTER 96: Jen hates being pregnant, specially the fake contractions she thought was normal.

CHAPTER 97: Jen and Harry go through one of the hardest things in their journey together.

CHAPTER 98: Meet Victoria of Clarence.

CHAPTER 99: The happy ending Jen never thought she would get.

CHAPTER 100: Epilogue

Extra 1: Victoria

Extra 2: Philip 

Extra 3: Mary

Extra 4: Lily

Extra 5: Vince

Extra 6: Theo

Goodbye Letter