arkansas cosplay

The Prize:

One small leather drawstring pouch stuffed with quartz crystals I dug out of the ground myself a couple days ago. 


1. Must be following BeastmanCaravan

2. Reblogs count as entries

3. Contest runs until Sept 27

4. Winner will be notified and then has 48 hours to respond (keep your ask open)

…and if you have some good crystal/rock/geology jokes or puns, be sure to share them with me when you reblog this!


So ARKANSAS HOMESTUCKS!!! I went to the McCain Mall today and guess what? They kicked me out beclaws of my cosplay. I’m guessing it was the gray skin thing because I have cosplayed MANY times there before with no problem. But yes. JUST A WARNING. Don’t cosplay anything with like an odd colored skin color I guess? I’m gonna research this and see if they even legally could have kicked me out cus I did nothing wrong. But yes! I know there is a meetup coming up soon. So if you are gonna be a troll, dont get grayed up.
Thanks for reading!!!!

Amazingly, we came home tonight with the Judge’s Choice award from the cosplay contest at A2F!
Funny story, our walking music had some technical issues but we recovered and just went with it. One of the very nice ladies in charge of tech came over after we had walked the stage and offered us an apology and asked if we wanted a do-over. And the geniuses that we are, we were like, “Aw, thank you! Sure! But can we dance..?” Ended up being the impromptu halftime show and had a blast looking like total dorks on stage. To all the people who were screaming their heads off, thank you! And to all the other cosplayers, congratulations! Everyone looked amazing!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

This Arkansas Anime Festival, I was lucky enough to be the photographer for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica cosplay group made up of the best of my friends. I was happy to help with creating their cosplays and would gladly do it all over again, despite the stress.

Madoka - powerofpositivethinking

Sayaka - Casual_Cinderella

Kyoko - freewilder

Homura - cryptina

Mami - severalkoalas


 yeee. I spent most of my time at A2F as Vriska and had a blast! Saw some old friends and met some new ones!

Tavros was the wonderful lolabrook13

Mindfang was the hilarious lady-of-the-virgos

Maidstuck Karkat was the adorable darkheart18

Vriska was the super cool in-the-name-of-sugoi

Karkat was the frick frackin awesome heichou-blessyou

And lastly but not least, The wonderful littleblackwagon was Dave

All of you are so gr8, and I enjoyed seeing you all again!