Fayetteville, Arkansas, flies Black History Month banner declaring “Black Lives Matter”

  • On Thursday, a tweet depicting a Black History Month banner hanging in Fayetteville, Arkansas, went viral.
  • According to the latest US Census numbers, Fayetteville is, in fact, about 80% white.  And, according to Susan Norton, communications director for the city of Fayetteville, the banner is hanging on Dixon Street.
  • “Fayetteville does honor and respect, deliberately and intentionally, all people,” Norton said in a phone interview. “We celebrate black history, LGBTQ people, we celebrate new Americans, we celebrate immigrants.”
  • Norton also said the town is an officially designated “compassionate city” and that the same group that worked to get that status, Compassion Fayetteville, put up the banner. Read more

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Pulling out a quartz crystal from one of the public crystal mines in Arkansas

Supreme Court overturns state ruling, allows same-sex spouses to be listed on birth certificates as parents
The justices ruled in favor of lesbian couples by throwing out a December ruling by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has overturned a state court ruling that allowed Arkansas to refuse to list two same-sex spouses as the parents on a baby’s birth certificate.

The Arkansas Supreme Court had upheld the discriminatory law in December. 

The justices ruled in favor of lesbian couples by throwing out a December ruling by the Arkansas Supreme Court that upheld state officials’ refusal to name the wives of the birth mothers as parents on birth certificates.

The Arkansas court said state officials do not have to list both same-sex spouses as named parents on birth certificates, even though state law allows a birth mother’s opposite-sex husband to be listed when the baby is not biologically related to him. Both couples received the birth certificates they wanted when they won in trial court.

Conservative Justices Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dissented, saying the lower court decision should not have been reversed.

Good good good. (Also, welcome to SCOTUS, Neil Gorsuch, thanks for already giving LGBTQ people a big ol’ slap in the face.)