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Flara: Why would I waste my power on something with a simple solution? You’re no fool, as you said. No, I’d simply been thinking I’d scare the flock. Make them panic, then you scare me off. Just a bit of fun and in the end, you get the respect you deserve, yeah? No one gets hurt. But I certainly understand your trepidation. You’re certainly keener than most, fufufu.

However…concerning Magnolia… I am no threat. Surely you can sense as much. Even if I wanted to raze forest and field, I would have done so without announcing myself.

I may be a monster, beast of the field, but even I have standards…

Flara: Killing what cannot be killed would certainly be a feat worthy of legend, no?

“It’s true Umbreon’s can be poisonous but that’s only when we feel threatened and we start to leak poison from our bodies. I’ve learned to keep it under control for the most part, but I assure you it’s nothing dangerous.”


“And you know, you seem like a very sweet one. Would you like some poke puffs? My trainer could happily give you some.”

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Kylo Ren and Hux in a Anakin-and-Padmé-on-Naboo situation, but flipped on its head: 

They hide away in the isolated countryside of Hux’s homeworld Arkanis as Anakin and Padmé did on Naboo.

But it’s not to protect Hux from assassination, but rather to keep Ren out of trouble. After some angst-driven tomfoolery in the first act where Leia probably almost brings Ben back, Snoke orders Hux to get Ren out of the way for the second act until he’s ready to put him to use in the third.

Ren thinks he’s on some sort of retreat to recharge after the light-saber duels and explosions of the first act. Hux thinks he’s in Hell. 

Because many reasons, but namely because Arkanis is Space England where it does nothing but rain and there’s nothing but nerf pasture for as far as the eye can see, it’s nothing but nerf meat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Hux is trapped in the same house as his father and Kylo Ren. 

There’s no frolicking in a sunny meadow with Kylo trying to ride a nerf, no fruit floated across the dinner table, and there’s absolutely nothing “soft” about it. 

Instead, Ren keeps calling Hux a nerf herder, dinner is a sanctified peace zone where Ren and Hux put up a united front of sass against Brendol, and Hux complains to/kind of confides in Ren that he hates the rain. Ren agrees. 

The dreary atmosphere actually starts affecting Ren’s mood it seems. He goes from constantly seething to deeply depressed, descending further and further as the second act goes on until he’s not even leaving his bedchamber in the Hux home. Brendol complains to Hux about him screaming in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, Hux is dealing with his awful father being, well, an awful father. Not to mention the old Imperial officers Brendol keeps company with disparaging him at every turn. And on top of that, his communication with Snoke becomes more confrontational. Snoke clearly doesn’t value Hux as much as he should. Hux clearly is chaffing at the collar he wears with Snoke and Brendol’s leashes attached.

One night, Hux is roused by Ren screaming across the mansion over a violent thunderstorm. Fed up with Kylo giving Brendol ammo to come after him, Hux marches into Ren’s room and shakes him from his nightmare. 

Ren expresses vulnerability in his depressed, sleep-derived state. He talks about his mother and his mixed feelings about her tearing him apart as his feelings about Han did, but somehow missing her and fearing what Snoke might ask of him in the third act. Hux feels a pang of sympathy at the same time a thought strikes him. He visibly makes a decision and tells Ren how he was taken away from his mother to be a tool. Just like Ren.

The next morning, Brendol Hux is given a harsh awakening: a lightsaber through the chest. His last sight is his son standing over him with Kylo Ren by his side. They kill all his bodyguards and his old Empire buddies next . They have the bodies burned in an unsightly pile in the middle of a nerf pasture, highly disrespectful in comparison to the burial of Shmi Skywalker, yet a thousand times more satisfying than Anakin’s massacre of the Tusken Raiders.

Snoke calls them back to the field. Hux and Ren seem to go along with Snoke’s plans, giving our protagonists and the Resistance a run for their money, seeming every bit as intent as Snoke on whatever evil objective has been in the works since TFA.  

Then Hux shoots Snoke in the face. Everyone in the galaxy is shocked. The climatic third act battle doesn’t really end because either side won; everyone is just so confused that both sides fall back to regroup and absorb this game changing event. Leia glares mistrustfully at a holo-image of Hux for hours afterwards; she does not ship it. 

Hux and Ren’s equivalent of the cheesy secret sunset wedding is Hux’s coronation as Emperor on a rare sunny day on Arkanis. 

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Flara: It’s not something i’m terribly interested in. Power comes with a price. It’s not a novel concept, hmm? Though if you told me, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t listen. I’m merely a curious old lady…

Though if you weren’t meant to be a witch, I’m quite curious as to how you’ve been developing your power with no proper master. To be honest…

Flara: Even if only to prevent you from making the same mistakes I did.

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Arkani@Siemund: These... predators that you've mentioned... you've said there's been a lull in activity, but from my experience that usually means that they're... planning. Since you're the main guard here... are you going to be alright...?

Hey you’re Arkani right? Heh Lilith should be waking up soon if you wanna chat with her. It was nice meeting you though. I should be off to bed myself…

Thanks for the chat.”

[ Siegmund is off to bed but him and the rest of the gang are available for asks! ]

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