The first thing Arkaidy noticed about Darth Vega was how thin she was in person – pale skin stretched over bones, skinny limbs blooming from an overcompensation of robes.

Second was how cold the Darth was, skeleton fingers like icicles – grabbing hold of Arkaidy’s chin with surprising strength, jerking her up to stare bitterly at an eyeless face.

The third thing Arkaidy noticed came quicker than the first two; her own seething hatred boiling in her stomach, barely contained through a mixture of trained obedience and fear.

Cooldown sketches whooo 

Commissions (save for the few requests I just got) are at various levels of completion… today has been all art with a side-order of a Voss heroic. I’m getting a little loopy so I did some cool-down sketches and stuff… Have a baby Arkaidy, an older Arkaidy (looking none too please, blame the Sith I guess) and a Go!

And while tooling around with certain commission, I thought about my own consular’s PvP with my husband’s vanguard and how we’re a perpetual energy machine and CANNOT BE KILLED haha oh, PvP. 

I guess I’m still a little loopy