Till the one day lady Mara met the time god
And they knew it was much more than a hunch,
That this group must somehow form a Pantheon
That’s the way we all became the Aedra Bunch. The Aedra Bunch,
The Aedra Bunch,
That’s the way we became the Aedra Bunch. 

It’s been a long time since I did anything Elder Scrolls related, and now that I’m done with Uni work I have plenty of time to work on the many ideas I’ve had in my head for months!

Like this one.

I was thinking about the Divines in a ‘Brady Bunch’ style comedy show, not sure why but I thought that was a funny idea and did this. It was nice to revisit my Aedra designs after so long.

intensenoobing asked:

I have over 1200 hours of Skyrim behind me, still playing. Currently playing a Cleric / Paladin type character. Any tips on how to do that?

Pick a divine for sure. Cool armor mod here (see above). If you don’t want to mod - I’d go with the idea of Arkay and the Dawnguard armor….not eps I’d say ebony looks good on a servant of death.
Perk into heavy armor, one handed mace (cause clerics don’t use edged weapons in most fantasy), cast with the other hand - stick to restoration and alteration.

By the Eight - a TES playlist for the Eight Divines by face-down-asgard-up

By the intercession of St. Alessia, you may be so filled with grace, and the strength and wisdom that come from grace, that through these teachings you may come to the true meaning of the Eight Divines and Their glories.

I. Heart of a Lion - Kid Cudi (Zenithar) II. The Light - Adey (Mara) III. Rembihnútur - Sigur Rós (Arkay) IV. We Fall In Love - Lamb (Dibella) V. Starlight - The Wailin’ Jennys (Kynareth) VI. Ehwar - Wardruna (Julianos) VII. Storm - Lifehouse (Stendarr) VIII. Garador’s Flight - Jo Blankenburg (Akatosh) IX. A Rose for Epona - Eluveitie (BONUS: Talos)



[[ I wanted to sketch Enduril, then I thought, “let me color it too,” but then I decided to quit. It’s very late her and I didn’t actually feel like coloring. :/

Anyway, here’s Enduril with a copy of ‘Arkay the enemy’ and ‘On Necromancy’(bound in a regular conjuration tome cover). 

The books don’t have the names showing, for obvious reasons. I mean, if priests and priestesses of Arkay can already smell necromancy, you don’t want to make it even more obvious that you’re where the smell is coming from. ]]

Maybe if I keep pointing at them, they’ll ask me out. hey.


Made a new ID for my Deviantart 

I wanna get back on there. I even went through with changing my name. Eventually they’ll start spreading extremely accurate rumors about me. The message boards will be flooded with everything from backhanded compliments to passive aggressive  ED articles. “Arkay is Gayyy!!” They’ll shout. but the joke is on them. Arkay is 100% pansexual furry trash. ED was her goal all along.