Arkaenalan | Aurum | Illustration & Character Design
2016 / 3 / 12

Aurum the American Goldfinch Gryphon.

“You’re Aurum… not because your feathers are gold. Because you bring brightness wherever you go. A golden ray of light, more valuable than any metal.”

- - - - -

Aurum is a very playful and sweet-natured young gryphon, just slightly bigger than the average housecat and twice as soft and squishy! He’s just a constant source of positive vibes and I like to think he has Catbug’s voice to complete his childish personality.

His design takes after the American goldfinch (Spinus tristis)! He’s an old character; I hardly did anything with him and he used to be a generic golden eagle/lion sort of gryphon for years until I recently decided to put the knowledge of mashing any feline and avian together for a creative fusion into actual practice. Needless to say, but I enjoy designing gryphons and I want to revamp more of my catbird critters!

You can view the lineart for this piece here.

Aurum quote courtesy of @jcstitches​!


ARK: Mouthful of Arrows

A piece of vent art I started sketching about two weeks ago, finished linearting on Friday, and completed coloring on Sunday morning. I like how it came out, but I’ve been rather iffy about publicly sharing artwork involving my characters and stories, let alone vent art, but eh… I don’t know.

Last night, I made a progression animation GIF to post along with it. Just thought it’d be neat to show you how I work on my art! Maybe helpful? Insightful? I hope the GIF is working though, you might have to click it/view it in a new tab.

Petite Phoenix 
Arkaenalan | Empyrisan (Empy Tori) | Illustration | Fantasy
2014 / 9 / 5

A personal piece of Empy Tori holding a bouquet of four roses representing the “Four Loves”, as made distinct in the Greek language. Red is for Eros (Romantic Love), Pink is for Storge (Familiar Love), Yellow is for Philia (Friendship Love), and White is for Agape (Unconditional Love).

Experimental/vent piece and surrealism concept art for Arkaenalan, depicting Empy and that dragon head growth, which develops a very troubling and parasitic relationship with her. As it grows, the head whispers a lot of demeaning rebukes and disturbing commands, which drives her mind crazy sometimes. 

It argues with her and also seems to vomit plenty of blood often too.

Thanks for looking!


ARK: 2010 Character Posters
Arkaenalan | Character Design | Miscellaneous

Mock-promotional posters of various characters from Arkaenalan.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Ovid Baqer (Ovid Amadeus) | Ichabod Gallagher| Porphyrios Devereux
Berkeley Blythe | Wafai | Ezekiel Azrael
Belenus Tenzin (Birgin Laketon) | Klara Fadeyka | Euthymius

Names in parentheses are new names for characters.


A nice lil’ photoset of artwork done for my lady, Jen! I haven’t showcased a couple of these in public before, so why not now on the day after her birthday?

The top image is my half of an art trade with her; she wanted Empy and Jen hanging out together on a ship, though the initial idea was much grander, but I lacked the skills to pull it off! One day, that idea will see the light!

The second is cheer-up giftart done around the beginning of the year, and she going through some really tough times. Had to let her know that I got her back. ♥

And the third was just recently finished today, a birthday gift of her characters Aine, an oak hamadryad in her autumn phase (God, I love her hair), and Dillon, a music teacher and Aine’s best friend! This was meant to be her birthday gift last year, but I never got around to completing it (I’m late for everyone’s birthday)! Jen, you are getting another gift for THIS year, m'kay? M'kay!

Love you, Jen! ♥


ARK: Character Studies 2010
Arkaenalan | Various Characters | Character Design | Fantasy

Character studies of Skana Atlas, Ovid Amadeus (Ovid Baqer), Porphyrios Devereux, Birgin Laketon (Belenus Tenzin), Wafai, and Odoler Begrynian.

ARK: Wafai’s Adventure Pose
Arkaenalan | Wafai | Illustration | Fantasy
2010 / 5 / 2

The story behind this began with Wafai and Skana having a picnic out in a garden and ended up having their food stolen by an unknown thief. Wafai decides to seek out the troublemaker, taking Skana’s butter knife with him, and goes on a bit of an Indiana Jones adventure deep in the garden where the thief happens to reside within…