Arkaenalan | Aurum | Illustration & Character Design
2016 / 3 / 12

Aurum the American Goldfinch Gryphon.

“You’re Aurum… not because your feathers are gold. Because you bring brightness wherever you go. A golden ray of light, more valuable than any metal.”

- - - - -

Aurum is a very playful and sweet-natured young gryphon, just slightly bigger than the average housecat and twice as soft and squishy! He’s just a constant source of positive vibes and I like to think he has Catbug’s voice to complete his childish personality.

His design takes after the American goldfinch (Spinus tristis)! He’s an old character; I hardly did anything with him and he used to be a generic golden eagle/lion sort of gryphon for years until I recently decided to put the knowledge of mashing any feline and avian together for a creative fusion into actual practice. Needless to say, but I enjoy designing gryphons and I want to revamp more of my catbird critters!

You can view the lineart for this piece here.

Aurum quote courtesy of @jcstitches​!