*Emori constantly playing jokes on Echo*

*Murphy and Raven every time Bellamy starts a dramatic/inspiring speech*

*Monty constantly beating Bellamy at rock/paper/scissors to avoid chores*

*Monty and Harper disagreeing on how to decorate their room*

*Raven and Echo when Murphy walks into the room with a moustache*

  • raven: *rolling up sleeves* time for some good old suicide by space

Okay okay okay so I have been waiting for this moment FOREVER ! 

I HATED that jacket. Seriously. Despised it.

It’s highly symbolic, in the same way that Clarke’s Season 3 costume was highly symbolic. That guard jacket? It makes Bellamy a follower. Even though he isn’t, and we know he isn’t, a guard is a soldier, and a soldier follows orders. We saw how following orders went for Bellamy in Season 3 and it wasn’t nice.

But Bellamy’s character arc this season was all a lead-up to him eventually leaving Clarke behind on Earth and becoming a leader in his own right, on the Ark 2.0. HOWEVER, in order to become that fully rounded leader, first he had to learn how to rely less on his heart, and 413 showed us the progression and “completion” (let’s be honest, a character’s arc is never actually complete but moving on) of that development.

It is NO coincidence that we see Bellamy holding the bottle that Jaha - the Chancellor of the Ark - left behind in space. It is called “The Baton”. Symbolically, the baton of leadership has been passed from Jaha on to Bellamy (at least in space).

And you know what major piece of Bellamy’s costume the past two seasons was missing?

Exactly. That fucking horrible guard jacket.

I doubt they would have brought that in the rocket. It makes sense that Bellamy would have left the symbol of him as a follower behind on Earth … for it to burn. 

Bellamy has ascended the role of being just a soldier, and officially moved on as the leader (even if it’s technically unofficial, yet accepted fact among the space squad) of a new caste - not Sky People, not Grounders, but his TRUE people: the remainder of the delinquents, and the outcasts.


The Ark in Space  -  Homo sapiens. What an inventive, invincible species. It’s only a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Puny, defenceless bipeds. They survived flood, famine and plague. They’ve survived cosmic wars and holocausts, and now here they are out amongst the stars, waiting to begin a new life, ready to outsit eternity. They’re indomitable. Indomitable!

Sanvers and Supercorp Blog Party Fic Round-Up

Alright all, I’m turning off the asks and heading to sleep!! But: thank you so, so, so much for a beautiful night. I had an amazing time with you all and I am so fucking proud of each and every one of you for being exactly who you are. You all amaze me and inspire me every day.

Thank you for you!!!

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Aaaaaand!!! Here are all the fics from tonight!!! I hope you enjoy <3 <3 <3 

Alex throws Kara a cross-over SpaceFam Earth birthday party! -

The evolution of Alex tugging Maggie in for kisses by her lapels –

Maggie thanks Kara for saving Alex from the Cadmus space ark –

Kara spills kombucha on Lena, and Feelings and Sexual Tension ensue –

Before they’re ready to do everything sexually, Maggie gets really worked up from making out and touches herself in front of Alex –

The Superfriends get Supergirl onesies on Game Night to play with Kara (spoiler: she loves it) –

James does Alex and Maggie’s engagement photoshoot for CatCo –

Alex is Maggie’s best friend (even while they’re lovers) –

Maggie comforts Kara post finale –


My life during the blog party –

i have everything i need for my next cosplay

anonymous asked:

who knows if ur taking promts and who knows if you write supercorp but im just gonna leave this hear and if u wanna write then thx homie and if you don't then i appreaciate all you do for the fandom!!!<3. Kara blowing out her powers and lena can give her hickeys and lena gives her like a bunch and everybody at Catco/ DEO are like what the heck ??? thx ilysm CONGRATS ON THE BOOK DEAL

It’s not the first time she’s blown out her powers, but thankfully, it’s the least traumatizing.

This time, she’s not using everything she has to save the world, to save her sister, to pour out all of her grief through her eyes, not in water, but in fire.

This time, no one is attacking anyone. This time, it’s just an alien ship – alright, a massive alien ship – crashing down to Earth, but it’s an accident, not an invasion, and it’s bigger than Fort Rozz and it’s faster than the Cadmus space ark, but Kara stops it, and Kara gets it back into orbit, and Alex, J’onn, Winn, and Lena head up to help the grateful crew get it back into working order.

So this time, Kara has to rest.

But she doesn’t have to recover. Not emotionally, anyway.

So this time, Alex helps Lena set up the sun lamps to help Kara heal faster in Kara’s apartment instead of the med bay at the DEO.

This time, Kara can watch movies in Alex’s arms (granted that Alex is in protective gear against the radiation, something that Lena and Maggie are eager to photograph).

This time, Kara isn’t afraid her powers will never return. She’s just grateful she has her family around her to help her through feeling physically human.

And she’s also grateful when her family leaves. When Alex kisses her and makes her promise to call if she feels even the slightest bit strange, because having the red sun lamps help her and Lena have sex, kiss, without Kara having to worry about hurting her, but it’s different.

It’s different than this.

And she wants to experience… this… with Lena.

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DAMN I just spent the last week reading all of your fic recs and hoooly smokes they were all AMAZING. Do u have any other fic recs? You are amazing :)

Awww, thanks so much! I’m glad you liked them. Let’s see…

These are all from my bookmarks, and all kind of old, but still good. 

satellite, by @timballisto

This is a relatively short one, but manages to be sweet and sexy and fluffy and sad in a relatively small span of words. It’s an AU where the Ark is still in space but Clarke and the Delinquents have managed to make an alliance with the Grounders, and Clarke and Lexa are a thing. They have not, however, managed to make contact with the Ark, but Clarke still has her vitals cuff on. So Abby can see Clarke’s vitals spike at odd intervals, usually in the evening, and thinks she must be running for her life (spoiler alert: she’s not ;)

it’s a bloodsport, by @lenarise

Also a oneshot, also relatively short, but what really makes this one is the perspective. The betrayal at the Mountain still happens, but the Arkers and the Grounders manage to make an alliance anyway against the treacherous Azgeda. Octavia disgustedly watches Clarke and Lexa’s relationship unfold as they slowly learn to trust and love each other again. 

they take their shots but we’re bulletproof, by @nightshifted

Long, achingly gorgeous oneshot. This one has it all: liberal quantities of fluff, smut, and angst. Clarke and Lexa’s process of slowly healing and coming back together after the betrayal at the Mountain. Featuring angry wildwoman Clarke, a cave, and a horse named Castle. 

Don’t Even Try to Deny (We’re Both Goin’ Home Satisfied), by @scoresandstars

This one is hilarious AND sexy. Yes, I know, I’m unfairly prejudiced against modern AUs, but I do have some modern AU recs! And this is one of them. Clarke is a phone sex operator to pay the bills during college and Lexa is a lonely Goldman Sachs exec who happens to call the hotline. I don’t wanna spoil any of it but it’s hot af and it’ll have you crying with laughter at the same time. Read it. 

only hell knows me, by @wariangle

Hot. So, so hot. One of the fics that first inspired me to write Clexa smut. Clexa hate sexa turns into Clexa not-quite-hate sexa turns into…well, you’ll see ;)

Let me know what you think!

(Director) Sanvers Minific Roundup + Gertrude Danvers + Soft Supercorp Smut

So no blog party today because I need to self-care, but I’ve been writing during breaks from work today, so here’s the compilation (also backtracking a few days).

Be good to yourselves <3 <3 <3

Lifeguard!Maggie meets surfer!Alex AU –

Soft, early morning Supercorp smut –

Vasquez, Pam from HR, Jess the Secretary, and Jessy the Pizza Guy walk into a bar… (ft. Supercorp) –

Lucy comes home from the war and wonders how she wasn’t Alex’s gay awakening –

Drinking games at Game Night, ft. Never Have I Ever and Director Sanvers –

Adrian helps Alex figure out how to ask Maggie about what she wants for their wedding ceremony –

Kara finds a stray, injured puppy and calls Alex to take care of them –


HC list for if the Cadmus space ark got tossed across the galaxy with Alex on board –

Vote for your favorite #DanversSistersWeek prompts here, tonight!!! –


Fandom: The 100

Pairing: BellamyxReader 

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Light violence, strong words, mentions of anger

Notes: I am back after a long and unannounced hiatus! My ask box will be open so please, send requests! Also, I have no idea what the parts of a transformer are so don’t quote me :) 

This imagine was based off of this prompt


You were a mechanic trainee in Arkadia along with Raven. Ever since Sinclair had taken on bigger projects in the Ark, you and Raven were left to finish the fixer uppers. It never seemed to bother Raven but you always hoped that one day Sinclair would boost you up to a bigger project. Yet, that day never seemed to come.

You hopped into the passenger seat of the rover, clicking your tool belt around your waist.

“Imagine a life without fickle technology,” you said referring to the transformer that has just blew which left half of the Ark without power. Raven snorted as her fingers fiddled with the joystick of the rover.

“Sounds nice, but we’d be out of a job,” she mumbles as the rover’s engines roars to life. You let out a smile as the garage doors of the Ark creak open, the bulky metal grinds against the packed dirty.


Raven pushes the joystick forward and puts her foot to the gas.

“Wait!” A voice calls from behind the rover. Raven slams her foot on the break, yourbodies lurch forward towards the window shield then flop back against the seats. Raven rests her head on the wheel, her eyes adverted to the window on your side.

“What do you want Bellamy?” she groans. You look to your right to see your boyfriend of a few months standing outside your door, a stern glare on his freckled face. You pop open the door.

“Bell..what’s up?” you ask. Bellamy palms the door, holding it wide open.

“Step out of the rover,” he says in a dangerously low voice. You look over to Raven, giving her an uneasy glance. She shrugs her shoulders, blowing a gust of air out of her nose. You look back over to Bellamy, who impatiently shifts his weight to one foot.

“I said step out of the rover,” he repeats. You roll eyes and keep your feet firmly planted on the floor of the rover.

“I have to go make a scrap run with Raven. I’ll be back before you know it.”

It wasn’t a total lie. In order to fix the transformer, you needed to go get a part to keep the wires from sparking up again. Unfortunately, that part was located in the farm section of the Ark which currently resided in the hostile, Ice Nation. You weren’t nervous in the least, your father was a guard while the Ark was in space, plus you were one of the ‘deadly’ fugitives on the Ark. You knew how to protect yourself.

“You shouldn’t extend yourself when it comes to lying to me,“ Bellamy announces.

"I talked to Sinclair and I know in order to fix whatever your fixing, you need to go to Ice Nation. Not gonna happen,” Bellamy chided. He latches his fingers around your bicep, pulling you from the rover. Taken by surprise, you grit your teeth and fight against his grip. Raven takes hold of your other arm.

“What are you doing? That’s my partner you’re trying to steal!” Raven bellows. You almost laugh as you are caught in a tug of war between two of the strongest people in camp.

“Well your partner is taking this job off, sorry,” Bellamy hisses as he pulls you free from Raven’s hands. You fall into his chest, quickly scrambling to your feet. You fight against Bellamy as he shuts the door to the rover.

“She’ll see you later, Raven,” he mumbles. Instead of protesting, the engine revs and Raven takes off in the rover. You glare up at Bellamy, opening your mouth to say something. He ushers his hand over your lips, his fingers latching around your wrist. With a strong heave, he pulls you through the dimly lit hallways of Arkadia towards your shared room. He pushes you in first then slams the door behind him, releasing his hand that’s still covering your mouth.

“What was that for?” you growl. Bellamy places his hands on his hips, looking down on you with his lips pressed into a thin line.

“You really thought you could sneak pass me and just waltz into Ice Nation? Are you out of your mind?” he challenges. You slam your hands against your thighs.

“That’s my job, Bellamy,” you asserted.

Bellamy narrows his eyes, “What? To have a death wish?” he cursed.

You take a step forward, a stone cold glare written across your red face. Bellamy swallows hard as he watches a bright blue flame burn inside your iris.

“My job is to fix things around Arkadia. Like the transformer that just blew. Without me, you’d be wallowing around in the dark like a helpless fool,” you spat. Bellamy leans back against the metal door.

“I don’t care what your job is. My job is to protect you,” Bellamy replies. The angry boiling inside you had burst into crackling sparks. You fold your arms across your chest.

“I don’t need protecting from you. How do you think I survived before you came along?” you glowered. A long, quiet pause fills the empty space. Bellamy’s eyes flicker around the room, looking at anything but you. His adam’s apple bobs up and down as he straightens his back.

“With the help of others,” he murmurs. Your eyes suddenly pool with angry tears. A breath catches in your throat as your hand flies up from your side, reaching to slap Bellamy. In the second that your hand merely reaches his cheek, his fingers lash into the air, gripping onto your wrist. He squeezes tightly, not breaking eye contact. A yelp escapes your throat as your heart begins to hammer against your chest.

“How about you try that again, sweetheart.”

He releases your wrist. Immediately, it begins to throb. A single tear spills down your hot cheeks as you look down at the discolored ring imprinted on your flesh. With out saying another word, you shove Bellamy against the wall and yank open the door, slamming it as you run out of the room.

You’re sat against the pole where the transformer blew when Raven comes back in the rover. She pulls up in front of you, grabbing the hefty part from the passenger seat. The solemn look on your face shocks her as she sets the part down.

“Was it that bad?” she asks.

“I can’t stand him sometimes,” you reply as you stumble onto your feet. Raven chuckles as she sorts through the pockets on her tool belt.

“Let’s fix this thing up, maybe you’ll get your mind off him,” she says and immediately crouches down next to the charred transformer. You follow her lead, trying to focus your attention on what really matters.

It only takes you and Raven an hour or so to finish the transformer and successfully place it back on the pole. You and Raven high five as you admire your work. Someone taps on your shoulder. You whip around to see Bellamy, his eyes a deep red color. Raven collects her tools.

“I’ll leave you two alone” she says before stumbling off.

You purse yours lips, “What do you want?”

Bellamy uneasily shifts his weight back and forth.

“I want to say I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I said,” he mumbles.

“Yeah, you shouldn’t of,” you sneer.

“I just want to make sure you’re safe,” he utters.

You heave a sigh, “I know, but you know I can protect myself. After all, I was one of the one hundred.”

Bellamy laughs, “You never told me how you were arrested on the Ark,” he says.

You snort, “Trust me, you don’t want to know.”



Summary - According to the myth of the Red String, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another. On the ground, everything is different and the rules are non existent. In the midst of a war, this is how Bellamy Blake discovered that red string.

masterlist // TRS masterlist 

The cave is suffocating you. With every breath you draw in you feel the warm air coat your lungs, making it harder to breathe. Beads of sweat threaten to run down your forehead. 

When you were out in the morning, the breeze was fresh and calm but as the day went on the sun had risen to scorch the earth. The heat is unbearable. 

You sit far from Murphy, wanting your own space. You swear if you were any closer to him, you would knock him out. Every time he speaks it’s something sarcastic or stupid. Now you know how Bellamy must feel when he talks to you

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datcr4zib0i  asked:

Do you believe, as a whole, humankind should cease to exist?

In 100-4 million years humanity is expected to be extinct, with earth gone within 7.5 billion , I’ve already done calculations based on the lethal range of supernovas and the location of type II supernova candidate stars, as well as the movement of rogue stars, the phase of the sun going red giant and engulfing earth, plus the sheer distance, basically even if we are not destroyed by bioengineered diseases, nuclear war, climate change fueled wars, asteroids, volcanic eruptions, radioactive disasters, or ecological disasters, we essentially are trapped and cannot reach any known exoplanets capable of sustaining life, reaching the closest star would be hard enough.

To oversimplify the issue, even if we all stopped fighting and started building a giant space vessel like an ark capable of harvesting from space rock and recycling and repairing and keeping over millions of years of human populations alive on board, such a project that would strip earth of its resources only be able to accommodate a fraction of the earths population, would take hundreds of years to build assuming no failures. And as long as we are still bound by the laws of physics and matter and cannot develop technology that allows us to move an entire space craft FTL (faster than light, something anything with mass and matter cannot do) we will be too slow to escape the supernovas. Even if entering a black hole or wormhole didn’t reduce us to a single file line of particles, they are too far away to reach.

Imagine if you will, you are stuck on a crumbling island with 75 people, and you have to convince 75 people to use up all the resources and ensure their demise occurs sooner, so that 4 people can leave the island in a homemade submarine powered by paddling, with no outside help, and navigate a field of navel mines that could go off randomly at any time, and some of them you don’t even know the location of or the existence of until you are already within range of being blown up. Oh, and there’s a possibility that there will be a storm that just wrecks the submarine.

That’s how impossible us leaving this planet for another suitable solar system is.
Humanity is doomed. Make the most of your time and teach your children the same.