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A.L.I.E + S3 Outline Theory before the premiere airs.

So, before this season kicks off, I thought I would try to write a theory about A.L.I.E only using what we see in the trailers and from past seasons. Even if this doesn’t happen in the show, I think that this would be a cool canon divergence of what season 3 could have been. I will also talk about how EVERYTHING storyline ties together. Here are the headers for the theory that is in the ‘Keep Reading’ section:

  • Who is A.L.I.E? What is her possible role in the nuclear apocalypse and what has her reasoning?  
  • How is A.L.I.E out of the mansion? What does she want with the nuclear bomb?
  • Human Trials – Psychological and Brain Chemical control
  • Season 3 Escalation: Grounders vs. Skaikru
  • Skaikru aligning A.L.I.E’s Agenda for the Human Race + Pike’s importance (discuss critic’s ‘bashing’) 
  • Murphy & Titus & the Room
  • Conclusions – themes for the season

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