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Great angle to illustrate some alterations to the F-4 Phantom as licence built in Britain for the Royal Navy. By the late ‘60s HMS Ark Royal IV was a fairly old design, dwarfed by America’s Forrestal-class and all that followed them. The weight of the Phantom was a big ask of Ark Royal’s comparatively short length catapults, powerful as they were. A simple solution to relieve some stress was to increase the aircraft’s takeoff attitude - with a telescopic nosewheel that extended by 40 inches. 

The drawback is just as plainly visible in this photo as the extension. With reheat engaged for takeoff, the deck was scorched; and since British Phantoms were also redesigned to use the more powerful Rolls-Royce Spey turbofans, the problem was compounded. At first a steel plate was attached to the deck and cooled by fire hoses after each launch. After a refit in 1967 however, Ark Royal gained water cooled jet blast deflectors, capable of surviving the heat.

When cross-decking with U.S. carriers, these British relatives with higher exhaust temperatures caused serious damage to deck plates.

I just… didn’t have much of a reaction to the Halo Wars 2 trailer.

It looks good, I’m sure it’ll be interesting, but… eh.

Cutter looks… literally nothing like Cutter? It says ‘Cutter’ on his uniform, that’s the only thing that gave his identity away to me. It’s not even just “he got older”, he looks like he’s gone and regenerated…

It’s set post-Halo 5, so that means the Created are likely to make an appearance (*groan*), if only to just get Serina out of rampancy (*double groan*). I like that we’ve got a new faction with these former-Covenant client races, but ‘the Banished’… who is naming these factions at 343?

Oh, and how on earth are they going to get to the Lesser Ark? Short of a hand-wavey explanation with some kind of Forerunner portal, there’s no way that they’re going to literally just drift out of the galaxy and magically end up at the Ark.

Atriox looks cool, I hope they remember to make him an interesting and complex antagonist too.

And I’m still annoyed at Reed’s implication in the Escalation Library Edition that the Flood being loose on the SoF is going to be “resolved” in Tales From Slipspace - that they’ll literally just handwave away THE FLOOD because they just seem to view all of Chris Schlerf’s plot points as superfluous baggage. We’ll see…