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And then I promised myself to never again go into the ocean in ARK. (I’m not mad at my dino-taming buddy, I would’ve 100% done the same had our roles been reversed)

“go float yourself” // JOHN MURPHY (4/?)

request: you already know it stop kidding yo self - @reading-vs-reality

warnings: sum steamy scenes as you all wanted kiddo‘s

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A/N: thank you all so much again for all your suggestions! (all gifs found on google!) I know the radio stories not vv believable but I wanted music and I had no idea how to do it so I just made it up :’)

reader wearing murphys jacket



jealous murph

don’t look at me, this is not my fault

you shiver slightly and lean closer to the raging bonfire which was burning in front of you. your eyebrows furrow as you notice the tip of a pointy stick poking out of the top of the fire. then another. and another. it dawns on you that those are your sticks. the sticks you put your blood, sweat and tears into sharpening. you let out an annoyed sound and turn your back to the fire, wrapping murphy’s jacket closer around you. murphy didn’t know you had his jacket, but you’re sure he wouldn’t mind. hopefully.

“hey soulie,” the cheerful voice of murphy comes from your left

“stop,” you groan, turning so you’re facing him

“stop what? wait is that my jacket?” 

“yeah.” you tit your head slightly

“you do understand how cold I am, right?”

“sure,” you mumble, your eyes gazing up at the red toned sunset above. the sky’s your favourite thing about earth. back up in the ark, you never saw the sun set, creating magical blurs of colours at night. or in the morning, which was your favourite time to sit outside your tent and watch. 

“whatever,” his eyes look you up and down “it looks better on you anyway.” he smirks. you roll your eyes and kick the dirt beneath you. “you want a drink?”

you nod, “yeah, please” and with that, he walks away. you’re glad to have a moment to yourself, but it’s short lived. a pair of arms wrap around you from behind and you squeal, taken aback.

“it’s just me,” oscar grins down at you, letting go of you. you and oscar knew each other in the ark. small smiles and short conversations were as much as you exchanged, but now, on earth, you were much closer. you talked a lot more as you always seemed to be on the same job as him, and you had to admit, he wasn’t bad company. oscar was a laugh.

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1915 Rise and Shine, HMS Ark Royal - James Field

In the early morning light, one of H.M.S. Ark Royal’s Short 166 seaplanes takes off from Kephalo Bay, Imbros. The second of five Ark Royals, she was the first to carry aircraft. She spent most of the First World War in the Mediterranean supporting the campaigns in Gallipolli and Salonika as well as acting as depot ship for aircraft flying anti-submarine patrols. The Short 166 main difference from its slightly bigger brother the Short 184 was the use of the Salmson Canton-Unne radial engine, the 184’s using a variety of inline engines.

Great angle to illustrate some alterations to the F-4 Phantom as licence built in Britain for the Royal Navy. By the late ‘60s HMS Ark Royal IV was a fairly old design, dwarfed by America’s Forrestal-class and all that followed them. The weight of the Phantom was a big ask of Ark Royal’s comparatively short length catapults, powerful as they were. A simple solution to relieve some stress was to increase the aircraft’s takeoff attitude - with a telescopic nosewheel that extended by 40 inches. 

The drawback is just as plainly visible in this photo as the extension. With reheat engaged for takeoff, the deck was scorched; and since British Phantoms were also redesigned to use the more powerful Rolls-Royce Spey turbofans, the problem was compounded. At first a steel plate was attached to the deck and cooled by fire hoses after each launch. After a refit in 1967 however, Ark Royal gained water cooled jet blast deflectors, capable of surviving the heat.

When cross-decking with U.S. carriers, these British relatives with higher exhaust temperatures caused serious damage to deck plates.

But what if...

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: death
Word Count: 2771
Tagging: @mogaruke
Request: Do you think you can please write a Bellamy x reader request where something goes wrong in the camp and the reader blames herself, even if it wasn’t her fault (she just blames herself, cause she is too selfless). And the camp gives her shit about it also so she hides away and goes to shower to get away from everyone but Bellamy looks for her and eventually finds her in the shower. And he helps wash/ comfort her because he has feelings for her and doesn’t want her to be sad

“This forest is amazing, don’t you think? I mean all these flowers and these trees… On the Ark I would have never even dared to dream about any of this. It’s just so… astounding.”

This was the never-ending sound accompanying you at your way from camp into the woods, to setting the traps, and back to camp. Someone had send you and Paul out, far from the Grounder territory of course, to set up some self-made metal constructions to catch rabbits and other small animals.
Now it was to wait until tomorrow when you’d come back to check if you had actually caught anything with the ‘traps’, which - how a boy from Mecha Station claimed - would be ‘the way out of your constant food shortage’. 

Although you were still rather sceptical about this, the fact that you got to do it with Paul was enough to put you in a good mood again.
You weren’t exactly friends, but he was a cheerful person and his never-ending urge to talk didn’t annoy you in the slightest. No, very often he actually said something funny or interesting.
And you found it amazing how positive he could still think about Earth, despite all its dangers.

Like this, he talking and you listening, you were walking through the forest, only partially getting to speak yourself, but Paul seemed completely fine with this.
He didn’t seem to need much feedback, and an occasional answer seemed enough. 
Until suddenly something let you falter. 

Furling your brows, you walked past him, who didn’t even seem to have noticed that you had stopped listening completely and concentrated on the bushes in front of you instead.
You could have sworn that you had heard something move.
“And it’s so full of animals”, your companion continued, still smiling brightly. “I’m sure our traps will catch enough for at least a week!”

“Yeah”, you answered, shaking your head. Paul was right. The forest was full of different animals, so it was not weird at all that every now and then you would hear something move. You were just too paranoid.
Slightly calmed down, you continued walking, listening to the cheery babbling of Paul, who was now talking about his friend Mary who still was on the Ark, Factory Station or something.
All this and more you learned about Mary, until all of a sudden you heard a swishing sound, and Paul fell silent. And without looking at him you immediately knew what just had happened.
Only hesitating for a second you stopped dead in your tracks and slowly turned your head. 
What you saw almost made you scream.

The first thing you noticed was the gruesome look on his face, his olive skin unusually pale, and his eyes wide open in shock, directed at nothing, just staring in front of him.
The next thing you saw was the feathered arrow that was sticking straight out of his chest.
And then he fell to his knees, and you started to run. 

Faster than you had ever run in your whole life you dashed through the forest, jumping over roots and ditching branches. You didn’t know if anyone was following you, you didn’t now if anyone tried to kill you, too, but you were in a state of blind panic, and the only thing that counted right now, was to survive.

Your primal instinct had completely taken over and you ran and ran, until you felt like your lungs would burst and your legs would yield any second now, as you finally reached camp.
Two of your people spotted you and immediately lead you inside, where you were quickly surrounded by a whole regiment of boys and girls, before the adrenaline had even worn off.
“What’s going on?”, you heard the dark voice you knew belonged to Bellamy Blake trying to make his way through the crowd, and as he spotted you, still all ruffled and scared, and completely out of breath, he instantly walked faster. “What happened?”

And that was when you sank to your knees, Bellamy’s hands catching you in the last second as you gasped. “I left him behind.”

It took a while until you had collected yourself enough to speak in full sentences.
Sitting on the ground you were trying to breathe normally again, only just fully realising yourself what had happened.
But of course the first people had noticed by now that Paul wasn’t with you, and you distressed state didn’t leave many explanations why.

You realised that someone in the far back had started to sob.
A girl.

“(Y/n), what happened?”, Bellamy asked again, obviously thinking that he had given you more than enough time to calm down.
Taking a deep breath, you started to explain. “I don’t really know. I barely saw anything. I just heard a sound in the bushes, but I thought it would be some kind of animal so I didn’t give it any more attention. I… I didn’t tell Paul, why would I. And then suddenly…” Your eyes darted around frantically, and you breathing became more rapid as you tried to hold back the tears that threatened to overcome you at the thought of Paul’s terrified face. “I turned around and I saw the arrow in his chest and then… I ran.” Your voice was a mere whisper by now. “I just ran.”

For a moment everybody around you fell silent, progressing the fact that another one of your people had died. Even if he had survived for some time after the arrow hit him, now he certainly would be dead. 

You took a shaky breath, as Bellamy helped you up, and tried to maneuver you out of the crowd.
But suddenly someone spoke up, disrupting the glum silence.

“You let him die.”

Instantly you froze on the spot, and you could feel Bellamy tense behind you. You turned around, seeing a rather lost looking boy with blonde hair pointing his finger at you accusingly. Tears were glistening in his eyes. Whether of sadness or anger you couldn’t tell. “You just ran, instead of helping him!”

He was right. That was exactly what you had done.

You were just about to answer, as Bellamy let go of you, turning himself around to look at the boy.
„You have barely been out there“, he snapped at him, visibly angry. „It’s another unnecessary loss, and I’m sorry, but if you try to tell me that you wouldn’t have run for your life, but wait there until the Grounders would have killed you, too, then you can get your ass out there and show me how brave you are. Now.“

Immediately it became silent, and half of the people around you were now looking at the ground, some were even shuffling away. But there were still the angry glances, the hurt faces.
The people that knew as well as you did, that you could have prevented all of this from happening.

You decided to leave the camp and head for the nearby lake.
The whole day you had to endure the glares, listen to the whispers, and the occasional shoving when someone walked past you.
And that mostly from the two people who used to be Paul’s best friends. The blonde guy from earlier, Jared as you should learn later, was the aggressive type. The type that saw you, and only you, fully responsible for the death of his best friend, who could have been saved if it hadn’t been for your incompetence. And Aron, a lanky guy with dark brown skin and a piercing gaze, who – in contrary to his friend – didn’t actually seem to blame you. But the glances he was darting at you, not filled with hate, but with worry and grief for his friend… They were almost worse, than anything that Jared had said to you so far.

And this was exactly the reason you needed to get out of camp for at least some time.

A search team was sent out for Paul, two of them with guns, but who actually went to get him in the end, you didn’t know. You didn’t want to think about it.

You didn’t tell anybody that you were leaving, and it didn’t look like anybody would actually care for that.
To you it felt like every single person in the camp would blame you, everybody talk about you, and even though you knew that this was probably mostly your imagination, you just needed some time for yourself, some time to calm down.
And on the Ark – in the short time periods you had been allowed to do so – taking a shower had always helped you to get your head clear again.
At least a little.

It didn’t take long until you had reached the river with the small waterfall that was softly dabbling down, never allowing the water to stand still for even so much as a second.
Alone the sound was enough to calm you down a little.

Inhaling deeply you stripped off your shirt and pants, leaving you only in black sports bra and briefs. Fortunately the underwear you got in the Sky Box had always been more practical than anything else – what on Earth definitely could only be counted as an advantage.

Taking a deep breath to prepare for the cold, you slowly began to wade into the river, approaching the waterfall, until you could feel the first tiny drops splashing onto your skin. You shivered, but quickly adjusted to the cool water, as you took another step, now standing directly underneath it.
For a few seconds you didn’t move, and just enjoyed the feeling of the icy water on your skin, which let you concentrate for a moment only on yourself, on your body and the cold sensation on your skin, until all of a sudden the image of Paul appeared without a warning back on your mind’s eye. 
Pale, slightly greyish skin and his eyes wide open, he stared at you accusingly.

 You gasped, and stepped out underneath the waterfall, for a moment just staring at the tiny waves it caused on the surface, while you tried to ban the image out of your head.
Something hot ran down your cheeks, and only now you realised that you were crying.

Slowly, suddenly scared that you would slip on the sleek stones underneath your feet, you waded back to the riverside and sat down onto the pebbles, burying your head in your arms, the image of the boy still burnt into your retina. When suddenly you heard something behind you. 

Immediately you jumped up, searching for something you could defend yourself with, as whoever had made the noise was definitely coming closer.
„(Y/n)?“, the person asked you, and you relaxed as you recognised the familiar voice and shortly after the man became visible between the trees.
„What are you doing here, Bellamy?“, you asked, hoping that he wouldn’t notice your tears, considering that your face was still completely wet from your rather short attempt at a shower.

„I could ask you the same.“
„Oh, I was just…showering“, you answered, only now realising that you were still in your underwear. Luckily it was still pretty warm outside, and since the practical Sky Box underwear wasn’t really revealing you realised that you actually didn’t care. 

But Bellamy didn’t look convinced. Quickly you kept talking.
„I just needed some time for myself. And I needed to get all that dirt off of me, and my hair…“ You ran a hand through it, just to realise that it remained stuck halfway. It was still completely covered in mud and dirt.
Annoyed you sighed. Even your excuses sucked.
Bellamy still hadn’t answered, so you tried to not look at him, and instead focused on your hair that you now separated strand by strand, trying to get out at least some of the dirt. You sat back down on the ground, rinsing it every now and then with a little bit of water.

„Let me.“

For a moment you just stared up at him, surprised by his offer. But then you just shrugged. You were actually too tired to care about the fact that Bellamy Blake was offering to wash your hair for you. Although you were sure that in every other situation you would have freaked out by now.

But since this was the way things were right now, you didn’t say anything as he knelt down behind you, carefully starting to somehow untangle your hair.

It was silent, just the dabbling of the waterfall and the rustling of the forest could be heard, when you closed your eyes, trying to concentrate on nothing else but the sound, and Bellamy’s gentle fingers in your hair.

Until he started to speak.

„It wasn’t your fault, you know that, right?“

You sighed deeply, but didn’t answer. You felt the tears sting in your eyes again.
„He had the gun, you were unarmed. Running was the right thing to do.“

But what if it wasn’t? What if they didn’t mean to kill you, after all no one had been following you, had they? Too many questions were racing through your mind, all boiling down to one essential question. The one you had asked yourself since you had arrived back in camp. The one that was devouring you alive.

„But what if I could have saved him?“

Bellamy stopped moving for a second, but quickly resumed in his task of untangling your hair. At the same time you could feel a tear running down your cheek and dripping off your your chin. „What if he wasn’t dead.“

Bellamy sighed, stroking over your chin to prevent the next tear from falling.

„There was nothing you could have done. And if Jared says or does something stupid, doesn’t matter what it is – I’ll have him banned faster than he’d like to.“

But you shook your head, wiping your hand quickly over your cheek. Your skin was still tickling where Bellamy had touched you not even a minute ago.
„No. It’s not his fault. He just lost his best friend… He needs to blame someone. At least for now.“

You heard Bellamy sigh behind you, and again he stopped, but this time he didn’t resume his task, but shifted instead so he could sit next to you.
„You know, I always admired your way of thinking.“

Confused you looked at him. Bellamy simply continued talking.
„You see the good in everybody. You’re barely ever annoyed, and you are one of the most selfless people I have ever met.“

„Am I“, you mumbled, not really believing what he just said. „Then what do you call leaving a friend behind?“

„I call that making sure not to die. I call that a natural instinct.“ He sighed. „I know this is hard. But you can’t let this break you. We’ve all done things we are not proud of. But the important part is that we are still alive, and we have to make the best out of it. We owe that to the dead.“

You understood. 

„And I hate to see you like this, (y/n).“

That you had not understood.
Surprised you lifted your head to look at him. He looked sincere, worried, and he gave you a sad smile, which somehow managed to actually lift your spirits a little.
And all of sudden you realised that Bellamy completely understood what you felt. Of course he did, you scolded yourself for your ignorance. If there was one of the lot of you, that knew what it was like to be responsible for someone else’s death, then it was him.

„Thank you“, you whispered, and looked back at the river. And after a short while you decided: „We should head back to camp.“

You turned your gaze at Bellamy, who nodded, waiting for you patiently, while you put your clothes back on. 

Smiling slightly you looked at him, walking alongside him back to the camp.
You hadn’t been at the river for longer than thirty minutes, yet, in this short time you had understood that Bellamy really seemed to care about you.

And to have someone by your side who was there and understood how you felt made you feel good and kind of invincible. Holding your chin up, you looked in the direction of the camp and even though you were slightly afraid to go back, a warm feeling spread out in your body.

Because you were not alone. And that was all that mattered.

requested by @ly–canthrope

                       – before you say anything —–  

          he figures there’s a  way  to  make  it  clear
          that he’s not spending the next few weeks
          locked up  in  the  hollow  husk  of  the  ark. 

                                      short of words,  he’s  found  walking
                                      around like  he’s  invincible to be the
                                      best option. even if it didn’t  fly  well 
                                      with clarke.

                         ( that could’ve had more to do with the torn stitches )

                 i’m not going back in there.  

      he  manages  a  vague  and  pointed
      gesture over his  shoulder,  muscles
      slack like he’s inviting the argument,
      even   if  he  plans  on  standing  his 

I just… didn’t have much of a reaction to the Halo Wars 2 trailer.

It looks good, I’m sure it’ll be interesting, but… eh.

Cutter looks… literally nothing like Cutter? It says ‘Cutter’ on his uniform, that’s the only thing that gave his identity away to me. It’s not even just “he got older”, he looks like he’s gone and regenerated…

It’s set post-Halo 5, so that means the Created are likely to make an appearance (*groan*), if only to just get Serina out of rampancy (*double groan*). I like that we’ve got a new faction with these former-Covenant client races, but ‘the Banished’… who is naming these factions at 343?

Oh, and how on earth are they going to get to the Lesser Ark? Short of a hand-wavey explanation with some kind of Forerunner portal, there’s no way that they’re going to literally just drift out of the galaxy and magically end up at the Ark.

Atriox looks cool, I hope they remember to make him an interesting and complex antagonist too.

And I’m still annoyed at Reed’s implication in the Escalation Library Edition that the Flood being loose on the SoF is going to be “resolved” in Tales From Slipspace - that they’ll literally just handwave away THE FLOOD because they just seem to view all of Chris Schlerf’s plot points as superfluous baggage. We’ll see…