ark 2


can we talk about keith’s dream please

can we talk about the fact that it starts with him losing the bond he forms with the red lion … being seen as her enemy

can we talk about the fact that keith has probably guessed he was galra long before he knew he was galra, likely ever since he recognized that the symbol on ulaz’s blade matched the symbol on the dagger he’d been given by his mother

can we talk about how many times keith must’ve had nightmares like this


Infantry Tank Mk.IV, A22 “Churchill”

A20, a prototype of the tank “Churchill” tank turret “Matilda”

Sea trials of the prototype A22.

In the foreground - tank A22 Churchill Mk I in the background - tanks modifications of the Mk II and III.

A22 Churchill Mk III Tunisia, 1942.

“Churchill” Mk. V, armed with a 94mm howitzer

the use of tank bridge layer Churchill ARK, North Africa, 1943.

А22F Churchill Mk VII, our days, Israel, Latrun.


Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2
Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I’m doing small pieces of art for each episode of Season 2 Part 2! Originally done with ink and markers. More to come soon. 

UPDATE ½/2017 1557 - Added link to Part 3!
UPDATE 3/2/2017 2305 - Added link to Part 4!


No… No. That’s not right…

“The Ark of Time” has an intro that mirrors the intro of the original GR. Here, the apple “falls” upside down. We also get the only good look at what appears to be the massive gravity storm at the bottom of the World Pillar. The fact that the apple starts there and “falls” upwards further symbolizes Raven being a mirror to Kat. Note the end scene as well. Kat would have instantly jumped in to help the woman. Raven, on the other hand, is a reluctant hero. Her main concern was getting the thugs away from the machine. Even if she wanted to help the woman, she never stated as much.

This attitude makes sense, as Raven grew up not receiving any help from others. Her strength came from solitude and a belief that she had to accomplish everything herself. Kat, on the other hand, draws strength from helping others and being recognized as a hero. This is why it’s so important that Raven encountered Kat, because Kat was the one person who could genuinely help her.

In that regard, it’s a pivotal moment when Kat offers her help to Raven. Even though Raven still refuses her help at the time, Kat simply can’t “not” help Raven. From there, you can see Raven gradually change throughout the rest of the story, right until the very ending of Gravity Rush 2. I don’t think one can overstate Kat’s role in Raven’s life. Raven was a broken and disillusioned individual when she first met Kat. Through Kat, Raven started to interact with other people again. This adds to the significance of GR2’s epilogue.