“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”~Helen Keller
Happy Wednesday Yogis! Gotta say to the guy yogis - I just picked up a new pair of #lululemon shorts and they’re amazing to practice in. Big thanks to the team at Biltmore Lululemon! #yogawithgordon #phoenix #arizonayoga #yogashorts

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Day 17 #inspiredyogis
Compass Pose

Oh the places you'lll go… @monkeymix wanted us to share a favorite place to travel to. Here’s one of my favorite spots to just be. Over the past year I’ve developed a new appreciation for Sedona, Arizona because of IGyoga and the hours spent there shooting photos alone and with friends and family. It truly is a magical place. Yogis let me know if you’re going to Sedona and maybe we can meetup someday.
Watch @rachelanna_yoga for her to drop day 18 tonight.
Stay inspired yogis! @monkeymix @rachelanna_yoga @kikasanayogi and I love you! ❤️💣❤️💣 #yogilovebombs #yogawithgordon #sedonayoga #arizonayoga #arizona #werkshop #teamwerkshop (at #InspiredYogis 5 -Day 17)

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“You can’t start with imbalance and end with peace, be that in your own body, in an ecosystem or between a government and its people. What we need to strive for is not perfection, but balance.”~Ani DiFranco

Day 24 #inspiredyogis
Utthita Parsvakonasana or Extended Sides Angle Pose

I love this pose because there is so much subtle detail and energy firing from the back leg up through the top arm. From the 90 degrees of the front leg to the rotation of the top arm and gaze at the top hand. It’s not about perfection it’s about balance. Knowing where your body is today and doing the pose to the best of your ability. Kenny @kikasanayogi proved this point with his Day 23 pose.
Stay inspired yogis- we’re in the final week. @monkeymix @rachelanna_yoga @kikasanayogi and I love you. ❤️💣❤️💣
Watch for @monkeymix to drop Day 25! #yogilovebombs #yogawithgordon #yoga #arizonayoga #asu (at #inspiredyogis 5 - day 24)

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Fierce yogis in the mountains near Phoenix with Sarah @sdharamr -

Yoga is more fun off the mat with @yogapaws and if you’re skeptical about trying them you’re clearly not going far enough off your mat.😂😁 If you wanna pair use my code:Gordon for 15% off at

This shot is Day 19 for upward facing bow for #MayPeaceLoveYoga and Hanumanasana for #MayYourBackBend

Happy Monday Yogis! #yogawithgordon #arizonayoga (at Arizona Desert )

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#yogafeedsamerica Day 10
Rockstar Pose

Happy Sunday Yogis- get out and play like rockstars today!😎👊 This Rockstar lineup was from the weekend @kikasanayogi @rachelanna_yoga and @livebongandfrosthair visited Arizona to attend an@walteryoga class. Hope you all make it back for Sept 20! @sdharamr and I miss you guys!! #yogawithgordon #arizonayoga #rockstarpose
Here’s what you need to know about this challenge -
As a co-host I’ll be offering my suggested pose for each day in August.

🌟 Post a new photo to Instagram of a yoga pose of YOUR choice
🌟 Use the hashtag #YogaFeedsAmerica - Each photo entry equates to donating one meal to Feeding America. You can enter as many times as you like!! Must be new photos.
🌟 Tag all the hosts and sponsors on each entry- tag the photo not just in the comment. (@robinmartinyoga @bryceyoga @gordonogden @antonyoga11 @thetattooedyogi @silver_cloudss @fit_influxr @spiritualgangster)

(at #yogafeedsamerica Day 10)

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In a deep twist from our opening class @walteryoga this past Saturday.
Still buzzing from that event and can’t wait to share all that’s planned in the months ahead.
#walteryoga #yogawithgordon #arizonayoga for details.
Photo credit: Robert Farthing (at for Details)

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