seventhgolgotha  asked:

Witch newbie here. Where can I get crystals that are suitable for spells and my altar and such. :)

Hey seventhgolgotha!  Thank you so much for the question because oh my gods I just found the best answer to this. has 40 small tumbled stones for $19.95 USD + $6.99 USD for shipping.  Here is the list of stones, as listed on their website:

Stones Include:
Amazonite - Madagascar
Apache Tear - Arizona
Banded Amethyst - Namibia
Black Chalcedony - Mexico
Blue Lace Agate - Namibia
Blue Tiger Eye - South Africa
Botswana Agate - Botswana
Brecciated Jasper - South Africa
Carnelian Agate - Botswana
Chrysocolla in Quartz - Namibia
Citrine Quartz - Brazil
Citron Chrysoprase - Australia
Clear Quartz - Madagascar
Dumortierite - Mozambique
Gold Tiger Eye - South Africa
Green Aventurine - Zimbabwe
Green Moss Agate - India
Hematite - Brazil
Kambamba Jasper - Madagascar
Leopard Skin - Mexico
Lilac Amethyst - South Africa
Orange Quartz - India
Picasso Stone - USA
Picture Jasper - Namibia
Pink Aventurine - Canada
Pink Botswana - Botswana
Prehnite - South Africa
Red Jasper - South Africa
Red Tiger Eye - South Africa
Rhodonite - Madagascar
Rose Quartz - Namibia
Snowflake Obsidian - USA
Sodalite - Various Countries
Sunstone - India
Tree Agate - Botswana
Unakite - South Africa
White Moonstone - India
White Quartz - South Africa
Yellow Jasper - South Africa
Yellow Quartz - India

Note: Citrine may be Amethyst that has been heated. Red Tiger Eye may be Gold Tiger Eye that has been heated


So even with shipping, it comes out to less than $0.75 USD per stone.  Now, a few of the listed stones can be purchased for less - but from my experience, you’ll be paying a little bit less than normal for many of the stones than you usually would.  Also, the package comes with: “… a card that contains the names of the stones, the countries where they were found and a URL where you can download and print a stone identification chart.“

This set doesn’t have everything, but it has a lot of common and unusual stones (I think this is the first time I’ve seen prehnite or pink aventurine included in a set).  The stones should be about an inch in size, so they should work well in spells, crystal grids, or as small altar displays.  

I haven’t gotten this set yet, so I can’t personally vouch for the quality or anything - but I know that I plan to order one asap ^_^  This set can be found here!

And then here are a few other tips as well:

  • A lot of nature or historic tourist sites have tumbled stone bags in the gift shops.
  • Look for business that own ‘for fun’ pan-mining set ups.  The one that I go to has a sluice set up behind the shop (it’s in the middle of a neighborhood too), and allows you to buy buckets and keep everything that you find - it’s usually a great way to get a whole bunch of rough or tumbled stones at once, but you may have to identify them yourself.
  • Buying loose undrilled stone chips is another great way to get a lot of variety at once, but again you may have to identify them yourself.
  • Check to see if you have any local rock / mineral shops, new age or metaphysical shops, or any actual local mining operations.  With the latter, some mining sites allow customers to purchase a bucket and dig for their own gems, much like the less official pan-mining set-ups mentioned above.
  • You can usually find some sort of minerals that occur naturally in your area, so be sure to read up about local rockhounding information ^_^
  • Many craft stores carry stone chips, though they may be drilled to be used as beads.  Some craft stores supposedly also carry larger tumbled stones, but to me that’s still an urban legend since I have yet to find one that carries any.

I hope that helps a bit! ^_^