Done! Glory to God
After years of Insomnia, Anxiety, Debt, Hospitalization, stress, DEBT and Prayer. I have graduated. First one in my entire family (Tias, tios and primos included) with a BA and def not the last. Had my stole for being apart of the Hispanic Honor Society too! As well as an outfit inspired by seeing college like a Prison bid haha ! The whole day was intense getting up early and wearing hella bobby pins for the cap to stay in my hair! It was hot today even when we all thought itd be colder but that is AZ for you! I was talking mad shit during the whole thing being funny and even the speaker told me off I just laughed as my professors hi five me ! Plus deeply shouting for all who were brown and indigenous like me receiving their degrees! Having my mom proud of me was the goal, I never wanted to go to college but was always told to and i made an experience out of it !Thanks to all who supported me and just let me vent to them haha Much love to you all on your own journeys and I am proof what you can accomplish with all odds against you and just having faith to push on even when the goal is not even what you necessarily dream of but what must be done! Now off to be Tony, The Swordsman Full time !   

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The thing about moving out of state for college is that it’s like a new beginning. A second chance to be exactly who you want to be. From Oregon to Arizona, geographically it’s only a 900 mile difference but emotionally, home feels light years away. However, it’s been my dream since I was thirteen. I’ve been here a total of 9 days now, but it feels like months. So much has changed. My best friend here is a girl I’ve known for merely a week. I left home with a boyfriend, a solid outlook on who and what I wanted to be here, and a positive mind. Nine days later, I’m lost.

No boyfriend. No idea what I’m going to do. And now, I’m sad. Simple as that. I am sad. What direction am I going? Business Communication major, is that really what I want to do with my whole life? Who knows. As for now, where are my friends? I thought, sorority… maybe. Surely I’d make it in to one, but do I really want to be around a bunch of girls that are forced to be my friend because we’re “sisters”? No, fuck that. Not at all. 

Where are the people that want to travel the world, open their mind and live life as free spirits? The kids with the tattoos and friendly smiles. That hang out and take bong rips while doing artistically stimulating things on the weekends. These are the people I want to be with.

Not the girls who wear pink on Wednesdays and shop at the most cookie cutter places possible. No thanks. I want to be an independent and I want to love myself and my life. I want to wear studded bustiers and camo pants. I want to make my own dresses and not do my hair in the morning.

The problem is, where on this campus, does that fit in?