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Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction Everything Change features twelve stories from our 2016 Climate Fiction Short Story Contest along with along with a foreword by science fiction legend and contest judge Kim Stanley Robinson and an interview with renowned climate fiction author Paolo Bacigalupi. Everything Change is free to download, read, and share: …

Out of 743 submissions from over 60 countries, the winner in a blind process judged by scientists, editors, and Kim Stanley Robinson, was “Sunshine State,” an explicitly solarpunk story written by Adam Flynn (yours truly) and Andrew Dana Hudson (the “political dimensions of solarpunk” guy). Take a read, we’d love to see what you think. 

White privilege

I’m scared. Heading to a peaceful anti Trump protest on Campus. Wearing my “Black Lives Matter” shirt for the first time in public. But my fear of being attacked for voicing this truth pales in comparison to the fear that non whites must feel every day just stepping out of their houses. Especially in a world where a man who is publicly known as a rapist and bigot has not only not been ridiculed but has actually been elected president, their fear is not something I experience. But it’s my duty to support them and speak when they are silenced.

Dallon Weekes | Yahoo! On The Road (Phoenix, Arizona)

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About the Book

Inspired by New York Times bestselling author Neal Stephenson, an anthology of stories, set in the near future, from some of today’s leading writers, thinkers, and visionaries that reignites the iconic and optimistic visions of the golden age of science fiction.

In his 2011 article “Innovation Starvation,” Neal Stephenson argued that we—the society whose earlier scientists and engineers witnessed the airplane, the automobile, nuclear energy, the computer, and space exploration—must reignite our ambitions to think boldly and do Big Stuff. He also advanced the Hieroglyph Theory which illuminates the power of science fiction to inspire the inventive imagination: “Good SF supplies a plausible, fully thought-out picture of an alternate reality in which some sort of compelling innovation has taken place.”

In 2012, Arizona State University established the Center for Science and the Imagination to bring together writers, artists, and creative thinkers with scientists, engineers, and technologists to cultivate and expand on “moon shot ideas” that inspire the imagination and catalyze real-world innovations.

Now comes this remarkable anthology uniting twenty of today’s leading thinkers, writers, and visionaries—among them Cory Doctorow, Gregory Benford, Elizabeth Bear, Bruce Sterling, and Neal Stephenson—to contribute works of “techno-optimism” that challenge us to dream and do Big Stuff. Engaging, mind-bending, provocative, and imaginative, Hieroglyph offers a forward-thinking approach to the intersection of art and technology that has the power to change our world.