A Calzona advent calendar - December 3rd

“What do you want for Christmas?”


Arizona looked up from the book she was reading, shrugging a shoulder as she watched Callie climb into bed and get settled beside her. Callie rolled onto her side, facing the blonde where she sat up against the headboard, and she sighed in exasperation at the other woman’s non-response.

“You have to want something.”

“I have everything I want. I have you.”

Setting her book aside, Arizona smiled down at her wife of nearly two months. Despite the fact that they’d been married once before, they were very much enjoying the newlywed stage again, and Arizona truly did have everything she wanted – she had Callie, she had Sofia, and they were all together under one roof. That was all she needed to be happy, and it was all she really cared about.

“You know I’d buy you any jewels or trips or new cars your heart desired, right? Are you sure you don’t want anything?”

Callie teased now, her eyes alight with mischief, and Arizona could only laugh as she shifted up to her knee and rolled the brunette onto her back, moving to straddle her waist. She settled her weight comfortably on the woman beneath her and leaned down to press a soft kiss to her lips, one hand along the curve of her waist and the other roaming slowly into dark, silky hair.

“I can think of one thing I want…but you can’t buy it in any store…”

She kissed the brunette again, nuzzling her jaw as her lips trailed down over the soft, warm skin of her neck, and Callie sighed happily in response, her own hands sliding up to her wife’s thigh and along the side of her neck, holding the smaller woman gently in place.

“I guess I’ll just return that one gift, then…”

Arizona leaned up then to meet her gaze, a grin tugging at the corners of her lips, and Callie could only laugh as her blue eyes lit up with a sudden delighted expression. She knew this woman all too well.

“Wait. I mean, if you already bought it.”


you know what i still don’t get

why did they make Penny refer to Callie as “Calliope”??

like really…what was the thought process behind that??? 

what was the purpose if they planned for Penny/Callie to be endgame? They had to know people would draw parallels between Calzona and Pallie (or whatever the fuck their ship name is), and they also had to know that mimicking a known Calzona thing would make Calzona shippers angry and less accepting.

they even drew attention to it and had Arizona be like “oh i used to call her that”

like REALLY?

R E A L L L Y ? 

the writers didn’t think having that scene in would make the Pallie ship seem less genuine and more like a shitty replica???

I’m sooooooo confused 

Lawson Crouse #3

Requested by Anon:  Can you do a Lawson Crouse smut after a big win please 😘😘

*Hiiii!! I hope you know by now how I feel about writing smut. Anyway, I tried my best so I hope you like this. This isn’t situated after a BIG win but after he scored his first NHL goal. I wouldn’t clasify this as smut, though, but definitely STEAMY. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 721

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You opened the door to a grinning Lawson, “I have something for you,” he said, shaking his coat off.

You beamed, “is it something I can eat?”

He chuckled and shook his head, “even better,” he said, walking further inside the house.

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Chasing your dreams isn’t about the endpoint, it’s about randomly finding yourself in the middle of an African desert on a camel.

Or in other words… it’s about the journey. 🐪

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Holiday season || calzona and Sofia

Callie brought down another big box from the attic and put it in the living room. “I think that’s the last of it.” She breathes out and falls on to the couch. “Are you two enjoying your hot chocolate?”