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The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona opens today! Closed for snow during the winter, visitors can now enjoy sweeping views of this natural wonder from Point Imperial, Cape Royal and Bright Angel Point. Fewer than 10 percent of visitors come to the North Rim, it invokes a sense of solitude and serenity. This is a place that invites you to slow down, to ponder, to feel your own innate creativity and to fall in love with this amazing landscape. Photo from Cape Royal by Michael Quinn, National Park Service.

Auston Matthews - Fourth Of July

anon request: Hey can you do a bunch of cute Auston Matthews imagines? I’m so sad about their loss but so extraordinarily proud of them and how they’ve played this season especially in this series! Some Auston imagines would be much appreciated right now!

i liked this one alot although i dont know much about austons family i made much of it up other than his parents and my spanish is all google translate since im canadian i learn french:))

requests are open:))

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“aus stop” i grinned at hit as he kept trying to throw me over his shoulder. today we were on vacation in arizona visiting austons family. since i was canadian it wasn’t like i was missing anything this week. as of right now we were in austons huge backyard waiting for all of his family to arrive for the party.

it was about half hour till people began arriving. i was in the kitchen helping ema bring out some finger foods. “so how’s auston been?” she asked breaking the silence. “he’s been good,was stressed during the off season” i laughed awkwardly although she nodded agreeing with me.

“tia!” was yelled from across the room. all i could see was the blonde hair of a litte girl running through. “hola bonita niña” (hi pretty girl) ema spoke in spanish to the little girl, she just smiled in response. “do you want anything to eat kayla?” ema asked and she nodded. ema brought kayla outside to the backyard for some food, i stayed in the kitchen to cut up some more vegetables since someone brought in an empty tray.

“i always thought a girl who knew her way around the kitchen was hot” i heard the deep voice that sounded all too familiar from behind me. i turned around and saw auston standing there with open arms. “where have you been?” he asked after i accepted his embrace. i took a look at the clock and saw i’ve been in here for forty five minutes.

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Tonight I am especially grateful for true friends….that and it looks like the ants might be moving on.

This weekend I get to show a wonderful friend around Arizona. Reconnecting is always wonderful. As is important reminders about of true friends. True friends let you be You. In fact encourage the authentic you. They realize we are all in different phase of growth and take turns leading.

Such a beautiful night.

the best parts of the foxhole court (feat. me crying)

- i’m not saying love at first sight exists but… the first time they meet andrew almost breaks neil’s ribs <3333

“Andrew smiled down at Neil and tapped two fingers to his temple in salute. “Better luck next time.” this is… gay

- ““I’m not good enough to play on the same court as a champion.” “True, but irrelevant.” a new voice said.” Okay i know we have all acknowledged that kevin day is the queen of being extra but like…. nothing will ever top this

- “Where the court is, Kevin is.” “I didn’t think the court is what Kevin was staying for [talking about Andrew]” #gay

- “You have a nice car for someone who thinks he’s poor,” “That’s why we’re poor.”

- Andrew pretending to be Aaron when he picked Neil up from the airport

- “”I did.” Neil said. He tapped two fingers to his temple, copying Andrew’s mocking salute from their first meeting. “Better luck next time.” you know what this is? gay. 

- “Keys meant Neil had explicit permission to be here and do what he liked. They meant he belonged.” Neil has a key kink

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Missing You

It’s almost 9.00pm when Arizona settles on the sofa and picks up her cellphone.  Callie answers on the first ring.  “Is Sofia okay?” she wants to know.

“She’s fine,” Arizona reassures her.  “Her flight was good and she said the chaperone was lovely.  We watched a movie, ate too much ice-cream and now she’s in bed.”

Silence falls between them and Arizona knows Callie is wondering why she called.  She pictures her in New York, happy and relaxed in her new life; dark curls framing her face and eyebrows raised as she waits for Arizona to say what’s on her mind.

She has all these thoughts in her head that she wants to share with her - about Baby George, Baby Cristina and Baby Izzie; about the way Mark has been in her head all day since her conversation with Liza.  Because Callie is the one who will understand, except Callie isn’t that person to her any more and it’s moments like these that make the aching come back.

“Sofia misses you,” Arizona says eventually.  “I miss you and I’ve had one of those days where I just wanted to hear your voice.”

Silence falls again, leaving Arizona to wonder what Callie thinks about her confession.



“I miss you too.  And I’m really glad you called.”

Review of 14x03 “Go Big or Go Home”

“She’s still grumpy, huh?”  If you read my season 13 reviews, you know that I often criticized who Meredith had become, or more accurately, who the writers had written her to be.  Meredith, at her core, is dark and twisty, but in earlier seasons she still had basic kindness.  Seasons 12 and 13 Meredith did not.  She was bitter, snarky, and unrelatable.  Season 14 Meredith has, so far, been written much better.  And even though she spent most of this episode being angry, it was written in a way that was human.  She acknowledged her anger and dealt with it instead of just being nasty to everyone in her path.  This is a huge improvement in the writing for Meredith, in my opinion.  And since they are letting Meredith acknowledge and deal with her emotions, it makes sense that her patient would also be her therapist. Kill two birds with one stone, right?   This way Meredith can practice medicine and process her feelings.  I would have appreciated the “I am done with triangles,” line if the first major promo of the season hadn’t been solely about love triangles.  Instead, it just made me yell at my TV.  The blood clot that the psychiatrist has represents Meredith’s inability to tell Nathan how she feels.  His heart is blocked.  Her heart is blocked.  Until it isn’t and Meredith’s feelings spill out.  “You don’t have to lie.  You have to fight.  Show her that you love her.  Remind her of why she fell in love with you.  Make her see that she is your first and only choice.  Please don’t blow this.”  Not one line of that was about Megan.  

Speaking of Megan, she looks rougher recovering from surgery than she did after being held captive for ten years.

Benley – Once again, I am 100% here for them being the side couple who are happy to rub each other’s feet in a cute little scene but not be a prominent storyline.  Side note – Do Benley have a foot fetish?  Last week it was the shoes, and in every bedroom scene he is rubbing her feet.  I mean, whatever works.  I’m just wondering…

Arizona and Carina – They are having great sex, guys.  They really want us to know that.  Better than Eliza sex. Skilled sex.  Incredible sex. And good for Arizona.  Go on girl, get yours.  But…I’m not invested in them yet.  I want to hear about great sex with a couple I am rooting for.  I need more from this to fully jump on board this ship.  

Webber – I don’t think I mentioned this last week, but I am happy to see Webber back as the wise old sage.

Jolex – Yay for kissing in the elevator.  And the parking lot. And Alex moving back home. Like I said last week, I love happy Jolex, but I can’t help but wonder when the other shoe will drop.

Maluca – I was a Maluca shipper before we wanted Maggie as far away from Jackson as possible.  I said last week that I thought we should watch these two because of Carina telling Maggie that Andrew thinks she’s beautiful and Maggie clearly reacting to it.  And in this episode, they have two scenes together, one entirely discussing their relationship that leads to, like last week, Maggie calling Webber her father.  Plus, in the promo for next week, they are standing next to one another in Amelia’s room. Nothing is completely clear yet, but I still say that this may be something.  

Amelia – Caterina is playing this story well.  Amelia questioning every decision she has ever made over the last several years is heartbreaking.  And can I just applaud the writers for moving this story along?  If this story had happened last season, no one would have found out about her tumor for at least eight episodes.  I cannot be more thankful for continuity and movement this season.  My favorite scene was when Owen realized he was looking at Amelia’s scans.  Owen moving from anger to realization to pain in seconds was captured perfectly.

 Maggie/Jackson – I didn’t watch live so when I saw the tweets about Maggie touching Jackson I thought it was much bigger than what it was.  There was no ambiguity in their looks.  They looked uncomfortable, and he looked mildly annoyed.  I have a guy at my work who hugs me without asking.  I give him the same look that Jackson gave Maggie.  There was no flirtation, sexual tension, or spark.  Just awkwardness.  The writers had to do something with this story because it was brought up in the finale, so they decided to try and make it funny.  We know it is failing, and I think they do, too, whether they admit it or not.  But I see why they went this route.  It’s all part of fixing what was broken with the writing.  The way they are “fixing” the writing issues of last season are all pretty clear: make a joke out of it (Jackson/Maggie), a brain tumor (Omelia), pretend it didn’t happen (Jolex), or correct major writing flaws (Griggs).  I think that because there is such a reaction to this story, the writers thought they could bank on that and use it for comedy. They were wrong, but I see the thinking behind the decision.

Harper Avery/Jackson/April – The ONLY reason Harper Avery is in this episode is to say what he said to Jackson. He says he is there to discuss some issues he has with how the hospital has spent money, but all of that is glossed over and the focus is only on the message Harper has for Jackson.  Think about it.  They could have killed Harper off screen, and just told Jackson and been done with it. Instead, they purposely chose to bring him on screen and let us watch him call April Jackson’s wife and tell Jackson that he is like his father.  And, I know this is controversial, but I partially agree with Harper on this.  April should not have gone to Jordan the second time, but I don’t see her going as a reason for divorce.  You divorce someone because they are mean, violent, a terrible person, or they cheat.  You don’t divorce someone who is mentally broken over the loss of their child.  She absolutely hurt him, but he used that as his way out.  Whether Jackson wants to admit it or not, Robert taught him that when things are tough, you leave.  And he did. Yes, he is still there physically (for now?)  but he still walked away.  (I am ready for the messages telling me I am wrong on that point.  Go ahead.  But I will always believe Jackson has some Robert Avery inside of him.) If I am right, Jackson’s journey this season began with finding and confronting his dad last season.  He thought he needed to do that to deal with and close the trust and abandonment issues he has in his life, but I would argue that seeing Robert just ripped the hole inside him wide open.  Finding his father after just becoming a father has sent Jackson on a journey to figure out what being an Avery means to him.  Is he like Harper who seems cold, distant, and unfeeling but has unparalleled business sense and values family?  Is he like Robert who always felt not quite good enough to carry the Avery name and decided it was easier on the Averys, his wife, and his child if he was no longer a part of the picture?  Or is he someone else entirely?  Does he have the ability to be a strong business man and a strong family man?  I think Jackson will find out this season who he is as an Avery and what is ultimately important to him.  He is still under the shadow of his father and grandfather, but Harper’s death will change that.  We will either see a reappearance of Robert trying to step back in or Jackson stepping up and doing things his way.  If I am right, I think this is the perfect story for Jackson, and this journey is necessary for him to be able to have a meaningful, lasting relationship.

We have been told April has a complicated journey this season.  I think this journey started with April telling Jackson she was in pain last week and is a little clearer this week.  I think April’s journey is a mental health journey.  I am not saying April is crazy.  Far from it.  However, she has been through multiple deep traumas, and she hasn’t fully dealt with any of them.  Speaking up for what SHE needed last week was the first time, maybe ever, that we have seen April make a decision with her best interests above everyone else’s. This doesn’t mean she does not love Jackson anymore or wants to move on.  She clearly still loves him.  But for once, she is taking care of herself.  Good for her, because like Jackson’s journey, she has to fix what she is dealing with before she can be in a meaningful, lasting relationship.  This episode, in a way, walked the audience and April back through many of her traumas.  The brought up several of the major things April has dealt with over the years for a reason.  They are reminding us what she has been through and what she still needs to deal with. We see that April is hurting from the beginning when she is (as always) a supportive friend to Arizona, even though it hurts.  April has been a shoulder to lean on for many of the other characters, yet she hasn’t had one in return.  Jackson is the only confidant and support she has had, but she cannot lean on him right now. The Nicole Herman mention is used as a part of Ameila’s story, but we can’t hear that name and not flash back in our minds to April and Jackson holding their dying son in that dimly lit hospital room.  The Matthew flash-mob proposal mention hints at another moment that April has to be still dealing with mentally.  In no way do I think she regrets marrying Jackson, but leaving Matthew, who whether you like him or not is a good man, went against everything she believes and tested her moral compass.  (Side note: I saw all the tweets praying that Matthew doesn’t come back.  You might see him again.  Don’t make it more than what it is.  Closure for April.)  I think at this point April is questioning herself, her choices, her actions, and everything she believes.  Because “No matter how many vows you make, you still end up in a new apartment and don’t see your kid half the time.”  April believed in promises and vows and happily ever afters.  But did any of that work out for her?  Is that her fault?  And where does she go next?  In the end, the camera focuses on April as the voiceover asks, “How do we save lives when ours may be falling apart?”  And that is exactly how April feels right now.  Her life has fallen apart.  And what is she supposed to do about it?

Jackson and April’s journeys, if I am right, are tough this season, and I think we will see them mostly face their obstacles alone.  Because they need to.  Jackson needs to learn how to trust, and April needs to make herself happy before they can come back together.  Otherwise, they will have the same problems and end up right back where they are.  For those of you that think they are done, go back and look at the scenes they were in.  Japril is the underlying message, the elephant in the room, the unspoken word in most, if not all of them.  Harper Avery’s dying message to Jackson was to bring his WIFE and CHILD to dinner and not to be like his father.  That line is completely unnecessary to a Jackson storyline that is only about HAF and does not involve April.  April easily could have helped those sixteen-year-olds go to the dance without relating it to her personal story.  Sarah plays comedy well and those scenes could have been written that way if her storyline is not going to involve Jackson, but they weren’t.  I see everyone’s frustration, and I get it. However, I THINK we may be at the beginning of a beautiful story of Jackson and April finding themselves, and then each other, if we are patient enough to wait for it.

Monument Valley is a region of the Colorado Plateau characterized by a cluster of vast sandstone buttes, the largest reaching 1,000 ft (300 m) above the valley floor. It is located on the Arizona-Utah state line.

Monument Valley has been featured in many forms of media since the 1930s. Director John Ford used the location for a number of his best-known films, and thus, in the words of critic Keith Phipps, “its five square miles have defined what decades of moviegoers think of when they imagine the American West.”


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The Foxhole Court, Chapter 11 – Orange Sportsball Gets The Fuck Real

In which the Foxes play their first match of the season, I have questions about American college sports, my Percy Jackson obsession has a brief cameo, and I’m sadly less excited about Actual Sportsball Games than I should be.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Kisses Cost Extra- chapter 4

Arizona pulled up to the hotel and handed her keys to the valet while she watched as the other attendant helped Callie out of the car. She seemed a natural as she extended her hand up and he guided her out of the car. Arizona took notice that everyone was staring at the brunette, she turned heads that’s for certain. Her black dress was perfect for the cocktail party and Arizona noticed she now had a matching clutch, as she crossed over the driveway to meet up with Arizona.

Callie immediately placed a hand on the small of Arizona’s back to gave her a little nudge to get her going but instead it stopped Arizona in her tracks. It had been awhile since she had been intimate enough with someone to have that sort of connection with another person.

“I think we should start now,” Callie explained when the blonde looked at her. “I need to touch up my makeup do you mind if we stop at the restroom?”

“Of course not,” Arizona started walking with the hand on her back and the brunette occasionally bumping into her as the walked. The whole thing was very comfortable she noted and blinked a few extra times as she tried to bring herself back to reality. Having the brunette close to her, this close, was certainly not a hardship, and she found herself constantly checking the other woman out.

Callie popped open her clutch and pulled out some makeup and started to apply her mascara, Arizona couldn’t help but notice the clutch and when she looked in, she could clearly see condoms in the bottom. While she had personally never used one, she did know that foil packet anywhere.

A: she has condoms in her purse!

T: why are you going through her purse?

A: I’m not, I just saw them in there. What does that mean?

T: that she wishes to be disease free. Give her the benefit of the doubt please! You aren’t even trying.

Arizona glanced back over at her date and watched as she applied the lipstick. Yeah, this was almost too good to watch. Callie oozed sex, and Arizona found herself in a bit of a conundrum with the woman. While she found her beyond beautiful and would love the chance to get to know her, she couldn’t help herself when she kept going back to the fact that the woman was…if nothing else, an escort. She was carrying condoms in her bag, which add her pause. She supposed it meant the woman was active with men. She hadn’t considered the woman’s sexuality up until this point? Was she even into women?

Callie glanced over at the blonde and saw her staring again. She did that a lot, Callie noted.

“You have a smudge,” Callie told her and leaned into Arizona, getting as close as they had ever been up until this point as Callie gently wiped right under Arizona’s eye at the black smudge from her mascara. Then, she leaned in a little closer and blew very gently on the eye of the woman, trying to clean up the mascara.

Arizona was mesmerized as she stood still and let the brunette be so intimate with her. She couldn’t help but be completely turned on right now as the woman was being so gentle and kind with her. She couldn’t help herself when her hand reached out and landed on the hip of the brunette, slightly pulling her closer, their faces were but a few mere inches from each other and once the brunette stopped blowing on her eye, she turned her head and their lips were almost touching. Arizona rapidly blinked a few times then pulled back, looking at the brunette that was trying to catch her breath.

Callie hadn’t meant for the moment to go the way it did. She wanted Arizona to make a lasting impression tonight and just wanted to help her out in any way she could. The woman was absolutely stunning and needed no help but she wanted to be there for her at every step. She knew how important it could be to have your head held high when you saw your ex again. Especially in a situation such as this where there was a new love and a wedding. But when Arizona turned her head and their lips were so close to each other’s, it took every single ounce of willpower that Callie had not to kiss her. She had been noticing things about the blonde that afternoon and she certainly liked everything the blonde had to offer, she was smart and beautiful, carried on a good conversation. Apart from her very bad texting and driving habit she hadn’t found much to complain about the woman up until this point.

Callie pulled back from the woman and put all her things back in the clutch before looking at the blonde in front of her. Damn she was beautiful, it was too bad that she was going to have to keep her hands off.

“Come on, let’s get you in there,” Callie said, grabbing Arizona’s hand and pulling her along. It wasn’t until they were walking through the lobby that Callie get the hand in her own and noticed how she loved the feel of it. Arizona’s hand fit perfectly in her own, fingers linked as they walked across the lobby. “You ready for this?” Callie asked as they reached the door.

Arizona looked up at the brunette and nodded her head. She noticed that Callie was holding her close, she was playing the part very well, maybe too well, because Arizona knew without a doubt she was attracted to this woman and that was a very bad thing.

“I’m ready,” she nodded her head and watched as Callie opened the door and walked in next to her.

Arizona scanned the room and saw a few people she recognized from being with Kate for so long. They had dated for around two years so the friends and family that would be here were people Arizona knew, but wasn’t actually friends with. So most of them she wouldn’t need to speak to, but along the way she knew a few would probably stick out more than others. She saw Kate standing just a few pods of people over and when Arizona entered the room she saw Kate look at her right away, she gave Arizona a little smile and wave then turned back to her group.

“That her?” Callie asked and received a nod from her. “She’s pretty,” Callie told her, “but she’s got nothing on you that’s for sure,” she gave Arizona a smile.

Arizona tried to figure that out for a little too long. Was she just being nice to her when she said things like that? She was really good with flattery but that was part of her profession, she was trained to do things like this. But when Arizona looked at her she couldn’t help but think the woman was being sincere.

“Thank you Calliope,” Arizona gave her sweet smile, wanting to believe she had been earnest when she said it, and let herself think that. She wanted this woman to actually think she was beautiful, not telling her that because she was paid to do so.

“Arizona?” They head and turned to see Kate and a woman that must have been her fiancée, Sarah standing in front of them.

“Kate it’s so good to see you,” Arizona said and leaned in for a small hug from the woman. Callie and Sarah stood still giving each other obligatory smiles while the other two women caught up.

“How’ve you been, Arizona?”

“I’ve been great, congratulations on getting married, you must be Sarah,” Arizona turned to the other woman and extended her hand to her.

“It’s nice to finally meet you as well, Arizona,” Sarah told her and Callie caught the dig. They had obviously talked about Arizona, probably discussing the fact that she didn’t want to marry. Callie placed a hand on Arizona’s back, to give her the courage to muster through this, knowing she would need it.

“We weren’t sure you were going to be able to make it,” Kate told her.

“Oh yeah it was funny because I just got the invitation the other day, my roommate had dropped it and we just found it.” At the word roommate Callie gave her a little squeeze on her back and Arizona realized her faux pas when she said it. Damn.


“I meant my girlfriend, this is my girlfriend Calliope, also my roommate.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Callie extended her hand to both women and watched as they sized her up.

“Girlfriend huh? Good for you Arizona I’m glad you have found someone. And what do you do Calliope?” Kate asked. Callie took note that the woman was not her cup of tea. She was slightly condescending towards both of them and found it hard to believe Arizona had been in a relationship with someone so cold.

“I’m a medical consultant,” she said and saw Arizona flip her head towards her. This wasn’t the plan. The plan was she was a corporate lawyer. Why was she changing things up?

“Oh that’s interesting, is that how you and Arizona met?”

“It is, I was consulting on a pediatric case and we met, and it was love at first sight”

We took notes!!!! Arizona was screaming in her head at the brunette. Callie felt Arizona stiffen as she spoke and knew she was throwing a loop at the woman. But she noticed that both Kate and Sarah had on matching necklaces that were the cadeceus, the symbol of Hermes or the symbol for doctor. She was afraid that she might eventually know both of these women in a professional setting and how would she explain down the road why she had lied saying she was a corporate lawyer. She had to think fast and told them her real profession.

“What sort of consulting do you do?”

“I’m an education consultant with a specialty in Orthopedic surgery, which is how we met, we had a special case on a child and that was it for us. How about the two of you? What do you do?”

Kate flipped her eyes to Arizona quickly wondering why she hadn’t spoken of her in the past. Arizona however was on high alert as Callie spoke, what she was saying was bad, bad, bad.

“I’m an orthopedic surgeon as well, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of you,” Kate said looking closely at the woman. “What did you say your last name was?”

“And what’s your specialty?” Arizona asked loudly at Sarah trying desperately to change the subject.

“I’m a cardio surgeon,” she told her and the four stood still for a moment.

“We should let you go,” Arizona told them. “I’m sure you have a lot of people to talk to still.”

“Thanks for coming again, Arizona and it was nice to meet you Calliope,” she gave the brunette a look again, staring for just a second too long, one that actually made Callie take a gulp. What were the chances that this woman was also an orthopedic surgeon. She’d put two and two together sooner or later and realize just who Callie was. It was lucky they had made names for themselves on opposite sides of the country, but Callie was well known, using her full name was probably the only thing saving her right now. “Tell your parents thanks again for coming.” Kate said and walked off with Sarah.

“I’m sorry…” Callie started but was dismissed by the blonde immediately.

“Wait, did she say my parents?” Arizona looked up at the brunette with fear in her eyes.

“Arizona!” She heard and turned to see her parents walking towards them. The need to throw up was on her instantly and she also had the need to pass out.

“Oh. My. God. This is bad,” Arizona told the brunette as she watched her parents getting closer. “Hey! What happened to our story? Why would you change our plan? And an orthopedic surgeon!? Are you kidding me? You should have talked to me before you pulled something like that out, Kate isn’t going to let that go. You’re lucky she didn’t press you on theory. Okay quick! My parents. Daniel and Barbara, he’s retired military, she’s a retired nurse, I have a brother named Tim, oh god this is so bad!” Arizona said and watched her parents finally descend upon them.

“Arizona! Why didn’t you tell us you were coming this weekend? And who is this beauty next to you?” Her mother asked sizing up Callie.

This couldn’t possibly get any worse, Arizona thought to herself. While all Callie could think was, I wonder when Kate is going to realize who I am.

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