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I just don’t get why….

Everyone’s like rooting for Meredith and happy for her for working on moving on with her life with Riggs.

But then at the same time everyone’s like so pissed that Arizona’s trying to do the same thing.

Derek’s gone. Meredith should move on.
Callie’s gone. Arizona should move on.

Moving on and living life is part of life!! So celebrate it for both people!

I get Derek died and Callie didn’t. But Callie literally tore Arizona apart (after single handedly deciding to try and take their daughter across the country with no regard for how Arizona felt about it, btw), and took off with her latest girlfriend. So like….there’s no reason why Arizona shouldn’t be allowed to move on with her life.

Will she always have love for Callie? No doubt. But Callie’s not there. And she sure as hell didn’t take a second glance back when deciding to move to New York, so why should Arizona stand around and wait for her to MAYBE come back?

Like no…..that’s stupid. She’s with Minnick. She’s happy. She’s smiling. And their relationship seems a hell of a lot more healthy than Calzona did at their end.

So either get on board or get over it. Unless Sara Ramirez decides to come back, Calzona is done. There’s no “Calzona will rise”, especially if she never comes back to the show. And if and when she does…they would have a hell of a lot of work to do to get back to a healthy place to even begin a relationship again.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Apologize- Jakob Chychrun

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Ok y'all I’m literally at the end of my rope so sorry this is coming out late. I’m trying to get caught up but every time my mood picks back up, something else kills it so I’m sorry guys! Anyway I hope you like this one! Enjoy!

Warning: cussing

Anon Request: Hi! Can you please write a Jakob Chychrun imagine of how y/n got a promotion at work but she has to attend meetings for 2 weeks in Cali and she has to give her boss an answer now so she said yes and has to leave tomorrow and tells Jakob about it thinking he will be happy for her but instead he gets mad cuz she didn’t tell him b4 answering her boss and he leaves so while y/n is in Cali she watches his games and in one of them he gets hurt really badly part 1

Part 2 of Jakob Chychrun imagine. He gets hurt really badly so she flies back and cancels the meetings before they even started. Y/n arrives at the hotel where Jakob is at and he’s shocked she’s there and they kiss and makeup. Thank you!


              You sighed as you fell onto the hotel room bed.

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“Oh my god, I can’t believe him. I’m so mad I could punch something. No, you know what? – I’m going to punch him, he deserves it.”

Callie clenched her right hand into a tight fist, eyes flaring in anger and a scowl settling in deeply along the crease of her brow.

“Right in the nose. He can have his precious plastics posse fix it up for him.”

Making a beeline from the bedroom, still clad only in her pajama shorts and a Johns Hopkins tank top, the brunette made her way across the small apartment with determination in her stride.

“You’re not nothing! You’re everything. You’re my fiancée – you are Sofia’s mother. You.Are.Her.Mother.”

Arizona scrambled from the bed, bare feet hurrying along the hardwood floor as she followed the other woman. She’d finally told her about the heated words that had been exchanged between her and Mark after the car crash and during their daughter’s traumatic birth. Mark had apologized of course, profusely, but she’d always known she would have to tell Callie someday – she had wanted to – but until her fiancée had made a full recovery, Arizona hadn’t been willing to upset her any further than the last four months already had.

It had been a quiet morning, a peaceful morning. Sofia was still miraculously asleep in her bassinet, and the two of them had been cuddled up happily under the covers talking – it had seemed like as good a moment as any. Arizona had anticipated that Callie would be upset, and emotional, but she hadn’t anticipated the outburst of furious anger that had lit up the other woman’s face almost immediately.

“Mark should consider himself lucky to parent a child with you. I can’t believe him, I can’t—oh, he is going to hurt when I’m done with him…”

“Callie, wait.”

“I’m serious, Arizona,” the brunette whipped around, hair messy from sleep, fist raised again at the ready, “it’s not okay. Just one good punch, right in the—“

“Calliope Torres you are not going to punch Mark in the face.”

“Oh yes I am—“

“Well not with that kind of fist at least!”

Callie blinked once at the sudden outburst that interrupted her, looking down as the blonde woman’s smaller hand grasped onto hers. Arizona mimicked her action of making a fist and held it up between them, thumb tucked under the edge of her forefinger, and she tilted her head with an almost exasperated – albeit slightly amused – expression.

“This is how you break bones, Calliope, and you can’t just go around breaking your million dollar surgeon hands. Any wife of mine is going to learn how to punch like she means it.”

Arizona blew some stray hairs from her face and shifted her fingers, stretching them out and slowly curling them back into a proper fist as she held it up for Callie to see. The brunette was simply gazing at her with a dumbfounded look on her face, the anger ebbing slightly from her darkened eyes, and Arizona smiled sweetly, nodding her head affirmatively.

“Always keep your thumb on the outside, like this.“

She picked up Callie’s now slack hand and formed it into a fist for her – nudging her thumb to curl around the outside where it should be.

“This way, when you hit your target, you’re going to hit him right across the proximal phalanges and your metacarpals will take the brunt of the pressure. They’re much stronger than your thumb, which you were about to crack with your first hit.”

The blonde looked perfectly innocent despite the words coming out of her mouth, and Callie looked at her closed fist, eyebrow arching slightly.

“Aren’t I supposed to be the bone doctor here?”

“Well, I thought so,” Arizona’s dimples appeared with a grin, “but clearly your fighting skills aren’t as advanced as mine.”

Arizona shifted her stance and sent a forceful, fast punch out into the air in front of her, and her fiancée’s eyes widened perceptibly at the clear strength behind the fluid motion. She knew Arizona was strong, obviously, having long ago memorized every perfect, toned muscle in the other woman’s body – but this was an entirely new revelation.

“I grew up with the name Arizona surrounded by a bunch of military brats. My dad taught me how to punch hard and fast so I only had to punch once.”

Callie’s hand unclenched from its own fist and she brought her fingers up to trail along the bare, lightly freckled shoulder in front of her – she traced the blonde’s bicep, completely unable to help herself, and bit back a small smile as she looked up to meet blue eyes.

“So…did you go around punching people out often, or?”

“Well…” Arizona paused a moment, considering her answer, “not often.”

Licking her lips almost unconsciously, Callie slid her hands to the smaller woman’s waist, tugging her closer across the small space between them.

“That’s kinda hot.”

“Just make sure you remember – thumb outside. I like your fingers to be in working order…”

Smirking slightly, Arizona slid a hand over one of Callie’s and tangled their fingers together, wrapping around the strong digits as she ran her thumb lightly over warm, soft skin.

“I’m furious at Mark…I still really want to hit him for saying that to you.”

The anger and aggravation flared across brown eyes again, but Callie let out a slight sigh at Arizona’s gentle touch – the hand still on her waist tugging the blonde firmly against her own torso.

“I know, and I love you for that. But how about…”

Glancing backwards in the direction of the bedroom, Arizona lowered her voice a touch and listened for any sounds from the tiny sleeping infant behind them. Hearing nothing but silence, she brought Callie’s hand up to her own and pressed a kiss against her fingertips, slowly and ever so lightly letting her tongue flicker out to trace around them.

“…we make better use of this hand right now?”

Swallowing almost audibly at the look in her fiancée’s eyes and the low, sultry tone of her voice, Callie could only stare for a moment, her body suddenly tingling in anticipation as a warm, wet tongue darted out to trace along her finger again and a pair of soft lips wrapped around it, sucking lightly.


Her eyes fixed on the blue ones in front of her, Callie stuttered slightly, nodding as a slow, satisfied smile tugged at Arizona’s face. Suddenly, her anger from earlier was definitely forgotten for the time being.

Anger could wait. Arizona was always a priority.

“…I can punch him later.”



“And I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life.”

It’s indescribable. The fear in the pit of her stomach she’d felt all evening. Something telling her that something was desperately wrong. And no matter how many hours she’d spent trying to work out exactly what it was, she’d been left in the dark. Completely unable to settle the nervous feeling and wondering why the hell she constantly wanted to throw up. And why her hands seemed to ache to touch her wife.

She just, she wanted to see her. To find her, to run her fingers through her blonde hair and gently run a finger down a dimpled cheek. She wanted to run her hands along the body she had come to know better than her own and find a comforting familiarity in soft pink lips pressed against her own.

It’s not that it was unusual for her to miss Arizona. Callie had often found herself quite literally craving the closeness of her wife and it was something that warmed her heart when she’d learned Arizona was just the same. Tonight though, something was off. Just plain wrong. The need to see her, to hear her voice and just touch some part of the other woman to ground herself, it was near unbearable.

And that’s why she found herself on the peds ward, eyes scouting for something, someone, her Arizona.


Callie quickly turns on her heels and lets out a deep breath, closing the short distance between them and wrapping her arms around her wife.

“I’ve calmed down now Callie, you didn’t have to come check on me.” Arizona mimicked her though, fingers gripping at the back of her wife’s scrub coat and telling Callie everything she needed to know.

“I know, I do know. I just needed to see you. I’ll miss you tonight.” Damn Boise. And damn Karev. Damn him to hell.

Arizona’s smile was futile but she offered one anyway, fingers gently tucking brown hair behind an ear, “I’ll miss you too, Calliope. Kiss Sof’ for me.”

Nodding, Callie kisses her forehead, lingering for as long as she can, “I love you.”

“I love you, too”

She thought that would be enough, she really did. But scrubbing in for her next surgery and still everything just felt wrong. And finally, the word formed in her mind and settled in her chest and she understood. It was dread. All evening, even after finding Arizona, she’d been filled with dread. But whatever she was dreading, how could she stop it when she has no idea what it was?

Callie pulls her scrub cap from her hair and throws it to the floor, groaning in frustration. She can feel unwanted tears sitting on her lashes and she just wishes she could understand what her body was trying to tell her.

Fingers fumbling around, she quickly pulls out her pager and finds someone to take over, unable to take someone’s life in her hands while feeling so unstable. While feeling like the world is going to crumble around her she’ll be all that remains.

“Left leg amputation, the patient is a 36 year old female, brought in after a car crash.” She nods at the surgeon before pushing hard on the door, walking out and taking in as much air as possible.

It’s not enough. Nothing seems to be enough. She checks her watch and groans, a stream of words she’d never say in front of Sofia leaving her lips.

Before she can think about it, her feet are moving of their own accord. She barley knows where they’re taking her but she knows where she’ll end up. The same place she always ends up.

“Arizona! Arizona wait.” She pushes through the crowd of surgeons, her friends, her family, about to head off for a life changing surgery.


"Please don’t go.”

Eyebrows furrow in confusion and Arizona sighs quietly, “what? Callie it’s one night-”

"I know. I know that, I do. And I know you’re angry and pissed at Karev and you want to punish him or whatever and I actually get that, I do.” Callie grabs her wife’s hand and pulls her closer, using her other hand to hold Arizona’s chin so their eyes meet in some bid to share whatever it is that’s going on with her, “I just need you not to go. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it but something’s wrong, Arizona. Something’s wrong and I want you to stay with me, I need you to stay with me and with Sofia. Please. Don’t get on that plane.”

Arizona watches her wife, the anxiety obvious in her wide, tearful brown eyes. She doesn’t understand what’s happening but honestly, she’s absolutely exhausted. She’s hurting, she’s miserable and she’s exhausted. She’s good at running. She’s run all her life. She’s even run from Callie. But now? Running doesn’t seem like such a good idea. Not when she could go home with her wife and daughter and just… just be. Just breath and just be.

"Karev!” The young surgeon is just leaving the hospital, making his way to his car and he frowns, not in the mood for another lecture, “screw up this surgery and I swear you’ll never work in this hospital or any other til the day I die,” she shoves the folders in his arms without another word and slips her hand into her wife’s. They need to pick up their daughter and go home.

And that’s what they do.

Callie shudders and fights off another wave of tears. She doesn’t know how to breathe, what to think, what to feel. Because yesterday had been something she knew she’d treasure forever. Waking up in the post love making glow with her still naked wife, so wrapped up in each other, skin clammy and sweaty and pressed together in the most intimate of ways. Arizona had opened up to her in ways she never really had before and somehow she loved her even more. She would forever be grateful that she had stayed when she’d ask. Phoning in sick from work and spending the day with her two girls had been the icing on the cake. Until the phone call.

And then dread had turned to realisation.

Because Arizona’s plane had fallen from the sky and now they were lost. Lost presumed dead.

But Arizona wasn’t on it. Because she had been sitting across from her at the table, too caught up in feeding their daughter to even notice Callie’s face fall. She was making aeroplane noises and grinning widely at her baby’s smiles and oh god, it was almost too ironic.

When Callie had put the phone down, she’d pulled Arizona up from her seat and clutched her checks and ran her hands through her hair and almost collapsed against her as she’d tried to take in every ounce of her wife.

“You’re here,” she had whispered, “oh my god, you’re here. You’re okay. You’re safe. I love you, I love you so much. Your plane fell out of the sky but you’re here. You’re okay.”

And now, the blonde sleeps beside her, as equally naked as she had been last night. Both had felt the need, through tears and declarations of love and need and want, to just feel. And so they’d felt.

Tomorrow, tomorrow they’d talk about the guilt and the fear and utter disbelief. Tomorrow, they would talk. But now?

Callie rolled over gently, an arm wrapping around Arizona and pulling her against her front, nose nestling into the back of her neck.

Because she is here and she is okay. And that is so much more than enough.

For Better or For Worse

Inspired by the song Old Friends (Jasmine Thompson) - I think you will all recognise this song from the elevator scene in 13x21 - enjoy!

People who matter don’t mind
They don’t need all of my time
Somebody told me to light up every room
Make them remember you
But nobody here knows what I’m going through
No they never do

She had broken down in my arms, no words, not one. The only sound that filled that elevator was that of her heaving breathing due to her crying. She was crying, I had only seen her break down like that once before and that was after Derek had died. This was more, there was more to the situation than I could have ever anticipate. But in true Amelia style she was burying it, ‘managing it’ as she had put it in the past.  Even though she hasn’t been home and had barely said two words to me, I don’t care; she is my wife, I love her, I love her so much. I need her to be ok, I need to know that she is ok. Even though I love her and will be there for her no matter what, I need to recognise my own limitations, there is only so much I can do at the moment. As I walked past the OR board I noticed Amelia’s surgery being wiped off, then I noticed who she had been in surgery with.

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Alex Karev Imagine

Alex Karev Imagine
619 Words
Suggestions: Reader is Pregnant with her’s and Alex’s first child. Some fluff.
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You sat around, doing nothing for the time being. You were tired, ready sleep all of this out, but you couldn’t. You were in labor. You bounced around your hospital room until Alex got there, but tired yourself 15 minutes in. It’s your first child, and you were honestly too tired to continue. You were offered support by your one trusted friend Meredith Grey, but then she had surgery to go to, so you turned to Cristina Yang, who also had surgery. So, you ended up alone. You heard a rush of footsteps and saw Alex run in, panting.

“Why did you run,” You asked, yawning.

“I just got out of surgery,” He said, sitting on your hospital bed.

“Really? I mean, it’s not the end of the world. I’m just-.”

“Giving birth. Yeah, I know, I’ve seen plenty of those. C’mon, how far are you?”

“Still waiting for Arizona. She was also in surgery.”

“And you didn’t call me?”


“Why not?”

“Because you need to stop freaking out.”

“Well, this is my first child-.”

“It’s mine too. So, you can shut up about that. I wanted you to take it easy, instead of passing out as soon as the baby’s here. I want you to hold them first.”

“Well, I’ll always be here to do that-.”

“No, because you look like your heart rate has gone up a billion beats per hour. Also, your face is flushing red. You should take a nap.”

“And miss this? No thanks.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Whatever Karev, you need to sleep.”

“Hey Guys, who’s ready for a baby,” Arizona walks in with a smile.

You both look at her.

“I’m ready to get this baby out,” You smiled.

“Alright, that’s what all mothers say.”

“I’m ready to see if it’s a boy or a girl,” Alex nodded.

“Can you tell him he needs to sleep,” You ask.

“Can you tell her I’m not missing this?”

“How about as soon as the baby’s out, you both sleep? Okay,” Arizona asked.

“Okay,” You both nodded.

As Arizona checked her face turned from calm to surprised.

“You’re ready. How long have you been here?”

“About 20 minutes.”

“You’re far from ready. You need to push now.”

“What,” You squeaked.

You grabbed Alex’s hand and squeezed out your anxiety.

“Yep. Push.”

You blinked twice.

“You’ll be okay,” Alex nodded.

“Me? What about you? Because your face is now blue!”

“You’re squeezing my hand really hard.”

“Oh, sorry.”

You let it go and started to push. You forgot the next few minutes until finally, you stopped.

“Congratulations, it’s a girl.”

“Sweet,” You nodded, shutting your eyes.


You and Alex leaned on each other, both snoring away.

When you woke up, you turned your head and saw Alex holding your baby, making cute faces at her. You frowned.

“Give me my baby,” You held your hands out.

“No, she’s my princess,” He said.

“Okay, she’s going to be my baby surgeon, where she’ll be learning all her techniques through Mommy, not the Peds doctor.”

“Yeah, think about that. She’s a daddy’s girl.”

You picked up your baby and smiled.

“She’s so cute. She’ll have your charm and my looks.”

“Yeah, guys will think twice when they see me after her.”

“Nope. You’ll scare them.”

“I won’t.”

“You will.”

Alex inched closer to you, a smile increasing on his face.

“Yeah, I won’t. I’ll be there giving them a warning.”

“Oh yeah, a ‘warning’.”

Alex rolled his eyes and soon was next to the both of you. You leaned on his as you both looked at her.

“She’s so adorable.”

“Yep, she’s the second best.”

“Am I the first?”


You kissed his jaw and smiled.

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Headcanon: What do you think Calzona's first time was like? Also what did Callie say to Arizona when she was wiping something from her mouth in that scene?

Calzona’s first time was…breathtaking. Mindblowing. For both of them.

It was hot as fuck. It was sensual and slow and intimate. There was lots of kissing. And lots of laughing. And lots of quiet conversation between rounds. Callie was a little nervous about it happening, but as soon as she saw Arizona naked she lost all rational thought and nothing else mattered. Arizona had been waiting FOREVER for this moment (although willingly – which was a new feeling for her, frankly, because she usually never waited to sleep with someone past the second date and usually lost patience if it didn’t happen) and her hands were all over Callie all night long. So were her lips. She couldn’t get enough.

There were lots of orgasms. For both of them.

Callie was kind of floored with her second experience with a woman. Arizona was secretly kind of smug about that fact.

It felt like they’d been together forever. Like they’d been doing this forever. They were at once both completely exploring the other, yet already intimately comfortable in each others’ embrace.

When Callie reached up to wipe a smudge of pizza sauce off Arizona’s lip later on, she was simply blown away by everything the other woman made her feel.

“You have a little something…”

Arizona quirked her eyebrow at the gesture and grinned.

“Pizza, or you?”