arizona thunderstorms

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Timelapse video of a summer monsoon storm spitting out a rainbow in the desert near Tucson, Arizona


Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, Arizona

Lost Time
Photo Credit: (Josh Wallace)
The Power And Beauty Of Nature
Photo Credit: (Saija Lehtonen)
Mooney Falls Vertigo
Photo Credit: (Mark Gvazdinskas)

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Epic night sky timelapse over Vermillion Cliffs National Monument - if you get to the 2nd half you’ll get a thunderstorm, star trails, and really creepy effect from clouds passing in long exposure/timelapse.

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Roiling Arizona Desert Thunderstorm


Filmmaker Mike Olbinski condensed several weeks of storm chasing in the US Great Plains region into this 6 minute time-lapsed video. If you like weather or clouds, this has something for you. Some amazing views of shelf clouds (I felt like screaming as one came at me), lightning, classic thunderstorm shapes, and apparently 6 tornadoes (a couple are hard to spot in the clouds). Mammatus clouds look amazing in time lapse!


There are some amazing photographs out there in the world of a microburst thunderstorm that formed over Phoenix last week. This videographer captures this amazing looking storm from a number of angles, in timelapse video.