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I say it’s about time.


I loved this kiss!! 😍😍 It’s been awhile since Jessica didn’t acted a kiss so well as she did on this scene
Grey's Anatomy's Marika Dominczyk Dissects That 'Hot' Arizona-Eliza Scene | TVLine
By Michael Ausiello

We can’t be sure but we think Arizona and Eliza just went to first base without actually going to first base.

In Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona (literally) peeked under her new colleague’s hood and (also, literally) grabbed hold of her horn wire — and it was arguably the pair’s most intimate moment to date. Even Eliza’s portrayer, Marika Dominczyk, admits with a laugh that her onscreen crush’s sudden swing into grease-monkey territory was “kind of hot,” adding that she and co-star Jessica Capshaw “laughed so much about that. I said to her, ‘Wow, since when did you know how to work on cars?’ You find out something new every day on this show.”

All joking aside, the duo’s latest parking-lot encounter represented something of a turning point. “Arizona extended a little bit of an olive branch to Eliza, and she didn’t have to do that,” Dominczyk says. “It was a nice little crack-the-door-open moment.”

The scene came at the end of a rollercoaster day for Minnick that initially showcased a lighter, gentler side of the steely doc (that Stephanie hug!) before tragedy struck in the operating room when she lost her first young patient. “When I read [the script] I was so blown away,” the actress recalls. “And I was so thankful at the opportunity to peel the layers back and show a more vulnerable side to her.”

As Dominczyk notes, “It’s the first time you realize, ‘Oh, she’s a person,’ instead of being this hard ass who just bosses everybody around.”

Back to the Arizona-Eliza of it all, the Grey’s newbie teases that their nascent relationship will remain “complicated,” adding, “There are lots of peaks and valleys coming.”


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#8. “Ortho, right? I’m Arizona Robbins, Peds surgery. I’ve seen you at the hospital. You just, you look upset. And I thought that you should know that the talk is good. And when you’re not upset, when you’re over being upset, there will be people lining up for you.” (5x14: Beat Your Heart Out)