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“Because I love you god damn it!”

Arizona had barely opened the door before Callie came crashing through it.

“Hey!” she tried to object, but Callie was already there, in her house, pacing up and down with a look of determination on her face as if she wasn’t going to leave until she’d said what was on her mind.

“Do you remember when you went to Africa?  We were in the middle of the airport and it felt like we were falling apart, and you thought it was the right thing to do.  You thought that I would be happy if I stayed in Seattle and you would be happy over there.  Except you were wrong, and we were apart and miserable.  And eventually you came back.”

“Okay,” Arizona said, confused by the unexpected trip into their past.  “Callie…?”

“New York,” Callie interrupted.  “New York was my Africa.  I felt like we were constantly falling apart and walking away was the right thing to do.  I met someone else and I convinced myself that I could fall in love with her.  I thought that if I went to New York and I could make it work, I could make everyone believe - I could make myself believe - that I was over you, that I had really moved on.  Except I’m not - I haven’t.  So I came back from New York because…”

Arizona felt her heart beating faster in her chest.  “Because?”

“Because I love you god damn it!”

Her words hung in the air, the adrenaline that had been pumping through her suddenly disappearing as Arizona stared at her, taking it all in.  Callie felt herself starting to panic and she opened her mouth to apologise for the intrusion, only stopping when she saw a wide smile spread across Arizona’s face.

* * * * * * * * * *

Thanks Anon!  You didn’t give me a character or ship, so I guessed at Calzona since it’s what I’ve been writing lately.  :) 

Things I want from 14b:

  • Amelia to get a girlfriend
  • Jo to get a divorce and that shitfaced loser to get everything that’s coming for him
  • Jolex baby
  • Amelia to get a girlfriend
  • Meredith to either get quality screen time with her kids or a nice new non complicated love interest or both
  • Amelia to get a girlfriend
  • Amelia to get a therapist and work through her trauma and issues and literally everything
  • Amelia to get a girlfriend
  • Jackson and Maggie to put an end to whatever tf this is even if it’s just out of respect for their parents
  • Amelia to get a girlfriend
  • April to get a girlfriend (or a nice new uncomplicated bf but a gf would be better)
  • Arizona to get a girlfriend
  • Amelia/April/Arizona threesome
  • Maybe
About Arizona...

@juanitawritings and I were talking about this last night after the episode aired and I thought I should share it with everyone.

First things first, Arizona Robbins is a DOUBLE CERTIFIED FETAL AND PEDEATRIC SURGEON, that means she deals with babies when in utero and once they are born, until they are 18. She DOES NOT deliver babies as she is NOT AND OBGYN

Many write her in as an OBGYN in their stories which unfortunately unless there is an issue with the child in utero or after birth she would have no contact with the parents during the pregnancy. 

Confusion may have been caused after Japril’s baby Samuel as Arizona was involved in that, but Stephanie Edwards was on the OBGYN services and only involved Dr. Hermann and Arizona when she noticed and abnormality on the ultra-sound. It is only once the OB has noticed something unusual or suspicious that Arizona would be called for a consult. 

This may also be confusing as Addison, has a very similar specialisation - however Addison IS an OBGYN, fetal and neonatal surgeon as well as having a specialisation in genetics. Addison is a trained OB unlike Arizona. 

So to quote the human rainbow herself:

“I did not go into ladies vaginas because I don’t like mixing work and pleasure!” 

Hope that cleared a few things up as I’ve seen a few posts indicating people are confused about what Arizona actually does!