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Kisses Cost Extra- chapter 10

Arizona was disappointed. Disappointed in the situation, disappointed that Callie had left but more than anything she was disappointed in herself. How could she have been so stupid? Leaving that note out in the open had been remarkably dumb, but altogether forgetting about had been a whole new level.

She had run to the lobby after she found the empty room and the note and money, desperate looking for Calliope but she was nowhere in sight, she then ran to the valet and looked but didn’t see her there either. She went back into the hotel and asked to see the manager.

“Do you know where Ms. Torres went?” She asked him, but he remained tight lipped this time. Not letting on where she had gone, this had come a little too late for him since he had received a rather harsh tongue lashing from the brunette once she found out he had told her true identity to Kate.

Arizona was at a loss of what to do since the manager wasn’t telling her anything, not even if the brunette was in another room or if she had left the property altogether. As she stood in the lobby she looked at the party that was going on and decided she didn’t have the energy to go back in, and instead went back up to her room to pack.


Arizona was grumpy on Monday morning, and everyone knew it. The residents on her ward were scattering when she came around, while they had been under the impression she went away for the weekend it was apparent she didn’t have a good time.

“You going to the attendings meeting?” Teddy asked causing Arizona to jump when the woman startled her.

“Damn it Teddy,” she slammed her chart down and walked off down the hall. Teddy let out a sigh, put her head down and followed the woman. She had heard Arizona come in on Sunday, surprisingly early, but the woman never left her room that day so Teddy hadn’t had a chance to ask her about her weekend.

“Would you like to talk about why you’re being such a pain?” Teddy asked after she caught up to the woman.

“Nothing is wrong,” she continued walking, not looking at her friend and Teddy rolled her eyes as the words came out.

“Don’t be that girl. Okay?”

“What girl?” Arizona stopped and looked at her friend.

“The thirteen year old girl that wants me to drag it out of you. ‘Oh, Arizona! I’m so sorry you’re upset! Please tell me who hurt you’” Teddy said in a high squeaky voice while Arizona glared at her friend and just started walking again.

“I already told you, nothing is wrong, Teddy,” Arizona told her with great authority as they walked on.

“Fine. So I haven’t talked to you, how did things end up with your weekend with the hooker?”

Arizona stopped and pointedly looked at her friend, and there Teddy saw it, her features softened and she could see hurt in her eyes. She immediately felt bad for poking her friend and forcing her to talk.

“Hey, Arizona in sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“I don’t want to talk about this weekend, okay? Please? I just…..I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Sure,” Teddy complied and opened the door for the two of them to attend the monthly Monday meeting.

Teddy walked into the room behind Arizona, they scurried off to the back where they normally hid in there things. It was a crapshoot as to the sort of meeting it would be, sometimes it went for thirty minutes and other times it could go for two hours. They had learned along the way to get comfortable in case it was the latter.

“Okay people let’s talk budgets,” Webber said walking through the door with a large stack of papers in his hands. Arizona looked at Teddy and rolled her eyes, glad they had chosen the back, it was going to be a long one. They all had turned in their budget proposals the week prior and had been wondering when they would find out about them.

Dr Webber went through each of departments asking for budget numbers and how they were doing comparing them to the data they had already supplied and what they had proposed. Arizona was on top of her numbers and he quickly went past her since she didn’t have any changes to hers.

“How much longer is this meeting going to last?” Teddy whispered to Arizona, who just shrugged her shoulders and checked her phone for the hundredth time in two days for a text that wasn’t ever going to come through. She desperately wanted Calliope….Callie…. to send her a message just letting her know she had made it. She had been overly worried that first night, where had she gone to? She had been so sick and Arizona hated the thought the woman had to pack and leave instead of nursing her ailing head.

Arizona had a long tongue lashing for herself over the whole thing. She was mad at herself for jumping to so many conclusions. She was mad at herself for allowing the thoughts to get in her head. But she was also mad at Callie. She could have told her early on that she didn’t normally escort people. She could have been straightforward that she was in fact a doctor and not anything else. She had to wonder why the woman didn’t just say something from the beginning, it certainly would have been an altogether different weekend if she had.

She looked down at her budget proposal and couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to get the money she had asked for. She had big plans for the hospital and had put in for a new clinic. It would be a children’s clinic, free of charge, she needed the space now and the initial funding, but she was hoping that if she got the okay to start the project she would be able to work on investors. She was also going to need the help of the other surgeons in the hospital, asking them to donate their time when a social case came along. It was going to be a lot of work, but it had been a dream of hers for a very long time.

“And finally, I’m glad you’ve all come in ready with your budget needs but we need to talk about education. Our numbers have been sliding and that’s on you! You need to be letting the residents and interns take the reigns more. This is their introduction to the surgical field, we need to know in year one or two if they are cut out for this. No pun intended. I don’t want to find out in year three or four that they can’t even do a basic appendectomy! We have lost our sight here and we need to get our numbers up so that we don’t lose our funding. If we lose our funding then you don’t get as much of your budget. See how this works?” Webber was certainly in a mood this morning, Arizona looked over at Teddy and rolled her eyes as they all listened to the man speak and lecture them on their teaching.

“So I’ve decided we need help. We can’t do this on our own anymore, I’ve hired someone to come in and help us get these numbers back up. We need this, the hospital needs this and most importantly, our students need this. The person I’ve hired is going to be attending your rounds, your consults and most importantly your surgeries. You are to comply with this and I don’t want to hear any grumbling, or complaints or just all around passive aggressive behavior. She is here,” and when he said the word “she” Arizona perked up. No. No. No. “to help us and to help you. So please allow me to introduce you to Dr Calliope Torres,” Dr. Webber started clapping and the rest of the room followed as the door opened and in walked none other than Arizona’s date from the weekend.

“Thank you, and let’s just leave it at Callie please,” she grinned sheepishly around the room, and let her eyes pass right over the blonde sitting the back. She already knew the woman would be in the room and she as prepared for it.

“Dr Torres is joining us from The university of Miami hospital, she is board certified in orthopedics as well as an education consultant. Her papers on teaching in the hospital are well published and I can’t tell you just how lucky we are to have her here.”

Teddy glanced at her friend and saw Arizona sitting with her mouth open, which confirmed her suspicions that this was in fact the woman she had spent her weekend wedding getaway with. A large grin came over Teddy’s face as she wondered how the two of them were going to survive this.

Arizona watched the woman at the front of the room and wished she would make eye contact with her. She couldn’t believe that this was the person Webber had hired. She had heard rumors that they were going to bring someone in, but up until now it had just been a rumor. It now appeared the rumor was in fact true and the woman in charge would be the one woman she was hoping to not ever have to see again. Why? She was certain she was being punished now. She thought her parents showing up at the wedding had been her punishment but she was wrong. This was it. This right here was her actual punishment.

Arizona stared hard at the woman, willing her to look but she never did. She talked about her goals and priorities, none of which Arizona heard, looking at everyone while she spoke. Everyone but arizona of course.

Callie was keeping her voice steady, she actually hated to speak in front of people and this whole thing was way too much talking for her. But she had made notes, lots of notes and had spent all of Sunday practicing. She hadn’t gotten out of bed the entire day as she was still slightly sick from her migraine the day before, so she stayed in bed and prepared for her first big day at the new hospital.

She had loved her time in Miami, but here she was going to be allowed so many more opportunities than she had at the old hospital. Here, she was going to get a clean slate and be able to run the program she had written about so many times from the beginning. It was going to be an amazing experience for her and she was beyond excited for the opportunity that was being afforded her.

But, she had a problem, and it was blonde with the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen, had amazing runner legs, liked to hold hands when she slept and she was sitting in the back of the room staring at her. While Callie wasn’t making eye contact with the woman on purpose she did have good peripheral vision and could see the woman out of the corner of her eyes and knew she was staring. But Callie was doing her best at not letting herself cave and stare back at the woman, which is exactly what she wanted to do.

No, she was going to enter this new venture in her life with the absolute most professional decorum she could. She was happy to just pretend that the weekend had never happened. It didn’t bother her in the slightest.

“So…ummm, that’s her. Right?” Teddy whispered as they all for up. The doctors were all surrounding Callie and welcoming her to the hospital, but Arizona was laying back and waiting. She wanted to talk to the woman but she didn’t want to do it in front of everyone else. She needed to get the woman alone so they could talk about what had happened.

“Yeah…that’s her.” Arizona stared and watched as Mark Sloan approached the brunette and held her captive. He was throwing out all his best charm, big smile, and trying to keep her engaged. Arizona now found herself not staring at the brunette anymore but instead was staring at the man instead. While she and Mark were friends, she also knew his reputation and how much he loved a new woman, especially one that looked like Callie.

“stop glaring at him,” Teddy told her with a laugh, knowing exactly what the woman was doing.

“Well it’s just gross, I mean look at him. He’s even…god…he’s leaning in and whispering in her ear. I mean could he be any more obvious?”

“She doesn’t seem to mind too much,” Teddy noted as she saw the brunette place a hand on his arm and laugh, holding her head back as she did. “She’s really quite stunning, isn’t she?” Teddy asked watching the brunette. She certainly had captivated the doctors already, they were all standing around her, listening as she spoke.

“What could she possible see in him? He’s a man whore,” Arizona stated and looked at her friend then back at them. She saw Callie link her arm in Mark’s arm that was offered to her and the duo leave the room together with about five other doctors hit on their trail. Everyone wanted the ear of the new doctor, and no one wanted it more than Arizona.